Cherishing Max & Liz! #224:
All the qualities that we love in Max are at work against him

For some reason I just can't hold it against Max. It being what tess and the writers are doing to him! I am sympathetic to him. That was Max tossing garbage cans around.

The sensitive and caring Max, the honorable and responsible Max overwhelmed by events and 'emotions' he doesn't 'connect to' but have some how trapped him!

He says 'I know it's supposed to happen, it's our Destiny'. How can you hold any of this against him? Sure we all want him to be able to fight it because he loves Liz so much - but it is extremely difficult to fight what you don't know is happening! And he did fight for her! Most of the season. Until she pushed him away again on the dance floor. Oh but he was supposed to know that all she needed to hear was that he didn't want to give up on them! Maybe. But can you blame the guy for not wanting to get kicked in the gut again? Liz was obviously in pain. He's 18. He probably thought - I'm causing the pain because I won't let go - I don't want to cause her pain - I'll walk away. And who is waiting for him? The manipulative tess ready to pounce on his weakened heart.

No I did not enjoy watching him kiss tess. Especially since we haven't seen Max and Liz kiss since EOW. No I hate seeing her touch him or Max, even awkwardly, put his arm around her or take her hand or hug her or say things to her that he should be saying to Liz! But then again this is Max trying to make the best of a bad situation. Trying to make someone he doesn't know is using him, feel better! All the qualities that we love in Max are at work against him in this situation!

He woke up with her naked in his arms - he has memories of having had 'hot alien sex'. Something is off, but here he is....he is responsible. So what does the kind, gentle and sensitive Max do? He tells her (don't forget he doesn't know she has her own agenda, he doesn't hate her like we do!) that everything is fine, even attempts a smile and a kiss, and when she can't see his face - we see him wonder how did he ended up here!

I just love the character of Max so much and after I got over my initial shock and anger at what the writers were doing to him I am trying desparately to 'see' the Max I fell in love with where ever I can, however I can!

[quote]As for the reunion between M/L--like the rest of the Dreamers, I feel that the writers have cheated M/L this entire season. JB/SA have such enormous chemistry and appeal together, that it is a joy to watch them--even when they argue, as they did in ITLITB.
And for that reason, I think a true reunion between them will be wonderful--even without the cement we all wanted. I just keep remembering the hug at the end of Leaving Normal,

the hand-to-hand through the glass in the maze at the carnival in Max to the Max,
the meeting between them outside the Crashdown in SB.

Unlike other actors who have to wiggle their lips, bat their eyes, scrunch up their faces (gee, wonder who that might be??), JB and SA are both understated and powerful actors. We will know what they are trying to say to each other. Yes, I could watch an hour of them with no problem--but at this point, I just want to see them together, in love, and on their way back to a permanent relationship. By Rookie [/quote]

Me too - let's not revile Max so much that we won't enjoy what reunion we will see because I know whatever it is - it will be as wonderful a moment as JB/SA can give us!