Cherishing Max and Liz! #234:
the time is coming baby, I know their love will win…

The Time

The time is coming baby
for our love to raise it's head
for us to work past some of this,
for the doubt to be put to bed.

The heavens above are crying
overjoyed to see us here.
The moon and stars are smiling,
the sun is full of cheer.

Both our hearts our singing,
as we feel the time crawl in,
the time is coming baby
I knew our love would win.

From Ping
Yes the time is coming and it's only a weekend away.

The time is coming for Dreamers…..

To dance the Dreamer Jig with Behry Jigolo!

To dream of the cementing soon to come!

To rejoice in the amazing resilience of Max and Liz's love and our love for them!

To forgive both Max and Liz their mistakes that have caused so much pain as well as those who just didn't understand the awesome power of Max and Liz's bond!

To hope that the new season will find our beautiful couple in each other's embrace working out the devastation that this season has wrought!

To know without a doubt that we make our own Destiny and whether Max dies tomorrow or 50 years from now - His Destiny is Liz! Max Loves Liz and only Liz!

Cherishing Max and Liz! #218:
Dreamers aren't hopeless romantics, we are romantics full of hope

The title courtesy of Snow_White

lsty asked us on #217 'How do we envision Max and Liz in the future? I am assuming you mean the near future after the reunion? In addition to sugarbaby's wonderful images
All I can see when I picture Max and Liz in the future is...Liz and Max kinda running towards each other and Liz flinging herself into Max's body where he envelops her in a really tight hug as they both start to cry from hapinesss at being together again... then he strokes her hair and looks into her eyes...neither of them say a word and we are treated to the most amazing kiss in television history...
or the wishes of aldebaran
, I just can't escape the idea of an ep full of explanations and realizations, of Max finally realizing the excrutiating sacrifices that Liz made for him and the others out of pure and unadulterated love. The last scene would involve Max asking her why she did all of this, why she risked so much, and Liz would turn up her soulful beatiful brown eyes to him and say quietly but strongly - "It was you."

I see them clinging tight to each other - a million tears waiting to escape from behind closed eyes - not wanting to leave the embrace too soon because it's tangible proof that this EOW scenario is over, that the love still burns in the other - that the nightmare has ended and they do not want to leave this safe embrace because when they do even amidst the joy in their reunion they must come to terms with their new 'Destiny' and put all the pain and heartache behind them.

This was a hug that signaled that Liz had 'left normal' and given herself over to Max and his alien world. They weren't really an official 'couple' yet but they were the most important person in each other's lives - best friends and soon they would each acknowledge this. Here we are two seasons later - and we are hoping for a hug just this monumental! A hug signifying that the love is still burning, the faith in tact and their relationship though frayed under willing reconstruction.

Cherishing Max and Liz! #217:
'I'm ready to wake up now!'

Is this nightmare over yet? No? Oh Lord, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take! How much more can Max take? Or Liz? Gosh Liz is one great Lady if you ask me! Tough, strong, smart and yet compassionate and gentle even when she's telling Max to 'Wake Up!'.

Yes Max please wake up! And wake me from this horror before me. Apparently Jason Katims thinks we should be 'enjoying the journey'. And generally I understand that pain and suffering will make their reunion sweeter. But this! This is challenging my resolve, my patience, my understanding! So JK when we do finish this journey and wake from this nightmare you better make it up to us! And to Max! Give us, we who have given our hearts to this show and to Max and Liz, the sweetest, most tender, most heart wrenching, tearful, magical reunion ever filmed!

Because this Needs to be replaced with this:
and this from Babie Rachie

I am so happy that most Dreamers are recognizing that something is wrong - very wrong with Max! The evidence is mounting. I am so happy that Dreamers are taking this in stride and their belief in Max and Liz, though taking some pounding, is in tact! Your faith is shining through - I see it on Cherish everyday. And for those of you who are doubting, riding on the edge of giving up - try to hang in - come by and tell us your thoughts and we'll see what we can do to reassure you!

Reasons we know the event that shall remain nameless is all an illusion! Compiled by sugarbaby

  1. Because Max said Tess MADE him remember
  2. Max's attitude towards Liz varied depending on if Tess was present or not
  3. Because Max is an incredibly, incredibly honourable guy
  4. Because in CYN he said he would always be her friend and in ITL&ITB he's threatens to end their friendship - STEPFORD MAX
  5. Because Max said he believed in Liz and now he doesn't - STEPFORD MAX
  6. Because promos often feature events taken OUT of context
  7. Because as Liz said NOTHING is as it seems.
  8. Because when was any Roswell event not strange or alien related!
  9. Because Liz is, and always has been right!
  10. Because hello at night there would be people working at the observatory not to mention SECURITY!
  11. Because the man who threatned Isabel like that and grabbed Liz so violently was NOT Max Evans...
  12. Because Tess thought she'd find Max at the observatory? Umm Yeah cause she sent him there! 6throck
  13. Because were supposed to believe that Max...Mr Perfect would have his first time on the floor of a public building...NOT!
  14. Because hybrids cannot reproduce with each other!!!
  15. Because with Max and Liz it's natural not forced!
  16. Because Max and Liz are the heart and soul of the series ~ RM
  17. Because Tess can never be Liz
  18. Because it's Liz. She's the only one he could ever be with

Cherishing Max and Liz! #210:
Where Oh Where has our hero Max gone?

Where oh where can he be? That seems to be the question. His behavior isn't really what we have come to expect from him. But then these are extraordinary circumstances for our hero.

Conflict and resolution are what stories are made of and I don't disagree. I don't mind being emotionally manipulated - I watch because I want to feel something. However, I do mind when characters personalities and actions are altered without some basis for the character to change - Example; Angel this season became a bad guy. However the viewer knew the reason for the change in the character and therefore was rooting for him to get back to being nice guy Angel. The story line was given a different edge but we were still on the side of Angel. Max is the romantic hero of Roswell. He is a king. This season seemed to be about the growth of the character of Max. At first it seemed that Max's behavior was dictated by his anguish over Liz walking away from him and his insecurities about his abilities to be a leader. By MITC however, it appeared that Max was gaining strength and confidence and had even set out to patch up his relationship with Liz. In ARCC Max concluded that no matter what he believed in Liz and proclaimed to her, 'I believe in you'. Since that time it's been clear that Max is still very much in love with Liz to the extent that he is trying to let her go so she can grow. However since HOM Max's behavior especially toward Liz has been inconsistent and his motives confusing.

We do not know why Max is behaving the way he is. I think Max is turning to tess because she is there. He thinks she is responsible for helping him remember his life on Antar. He is feeling defeated and vunerable because the one person he could always count on has pushed him away and he doesn't really understand why. Why Max hasn't [b]questioned[/b] the behavior of others - especially Liz Parker! Why hasn't he questioned his own behavior in light of the fact that his sister and best friend and the love of his life are turning away. Our Max would have sided with Liz without question because he believes in her.

Where oh where has our hero Max gone? I believe we are supposed to question this very issue. We are supposed to conclude that something is wrong with this picture. But we are also supposed to continue to sympathize with the character and the fact that his world is crashing down around him - Instead, I see many of you turning away from Max! And I wonder if I were not spoiled if I too wouldn't be upset and angry with Max at this point.

I am asking that you indulge the character of Max. Perhaps view him as a 'fallen hero' as a friend recently described him. I believe we are supposed to question Max's behavior but still sympathize because everyone has turned away from him but most especially Liz and that this alienation is motive enough for what happens. I think you will see that this is not an act of love but of desperation and self-loathing. So, let's wait and see how it all ends up ok? Promise yourself and the Dreamers that you will give Max the benefit of the doubt here.

There is no doubt who Max really loves!

Cherishing Max and Liz! #202:
We cry together and ask why together …..

Well tonight's the night …. We are oh so happy that Roswell is back with new episodes but we are also dreading that, that…. Kiss!

Evid posted the lyrics to 'Afraid' by Princess. Thought it appropriate for us tonight.
This fairytale love overpowers my doubts and fears
Our love at its best is filled with joyful tears
We cry together and ask why together
A love like this endures forever
One Love

'We cry together and ask why together …..' as we try to make sense of all of this. Just as Max and Liz will be trying to make sense of all of this!

I think we need to remember that this is a story of how Max and Liz deal with the forces around them that might not be amenable to their love. If we accept and believe that Max and Liz have a bond, a love that [b]is meant to be[/b] then we need to be looking for 'why' this might be happening. If we believe then we cannot believe that Max would do this of his own free will! We need to have faith in Max and Liz just as Liz had faith last season - perhaps there is more going on than meets the eyes right now!

Remember what Max tells Liz….

I want you to know that I don't feel anything for her. I look at you, and I know you're the person I'm supposed to be with. I've always known it. What happened here that day, when you got shot, and how it brought us together……it's fate. Look at me! You're the one, Liz………the only one. I could never be with anyone else.

Max doesn't lie!
They've been here before remember....

and they survived. Their love will vanquish any and all that try to come between them!