Cherishing Max & Liz! #252:
'What Happens now, Max?'

Granted it's kind of a joke now - this question being asked of Max, but I kind of wonder what happens next myself. Only I mean - immediately after he answers 'I have to save my son!'
Perhaps it would go something like this …… Max turns back to look at Liz, to gauge her response to his answer, his eyes search hers - will she be able to do this with him? It is so much to ask of her! Should he even ask this of her! But oh lord he knows now how much he needs her in his life - how out of control everything has gotten without her there - giving him balance!
Max gently places his hands on her face - 'Liz, so much has happened. I can't ask you….' But Liz interrupts him. 'Max, we have so much to talk about, to understand... about things we've done…. ' Liz moves closer to him. Looks up into those beautiful, soulful eyes.
'I need to tell you why it was so important that you believe that I slept with Kyle.' Max drops his hands to put them around her waist and bring her even closer to him. Liz lowers her voice so that only Max can hear 'But let's make a promise to each other, right here, now. I promise you Max - that I will never lie to you or walk away from you again.' Max is moved by this … he had no reason to think that she would ever forgive him and here she is making this vow! His voice catches with emotion as he speaks softly, 'Liz, I promise that I will always believe what my heart knows is true - and that's that I love you. Have always loved you and I will never turn away from you. ' Liz lays her head on his chest again as his arms encircle her, one hand tangled in her hair. He kisses the top of her head - they are home!
Max then takes Liz's hand and turns to the others. 'We better let the Sheriff know what's happened!' Then hand in hand Max and Liz walk down that mountain… together this time!