Cherishing Max and Liz! #316:
Calling All Angels and Dreamers!

Breaking temporarily from the norm to bring you this from sandman
Calling all angels..... We're trying, we're hoping, we're hurting, we're loving! We're crying, we're calling- But we're not sure how this goes..........

You DREAMER you!!!! Do you feel that Jane Siberry and K.D. Lang were singing the creed that binds you to the rest of us?

Ever since the end of "Destiny" were you not TRYING to find the strength within the depth of your dreamers heart- to cling to the belief that the true love of Max and Liz would indeed persevere over any and all obstacles thrown into their path?

And were you not HOPING that the very next episode would find them safely and comfortably back within each others arms?

And were you not HURTING along with all the rest of us, when Our beloved heartbroken Liz Parker had to deceive Max by faking infidelity to prevent the "End of the world?" Not for her own sake mind you! For in her case and hers alone, it was the end of her world! She would purge herself for the sake of those whom she loved and cared for!!

Were you not LOVING Max Evans for never really believing in his heart that his darling Liz would ever do such a thing? even when she claimed that she wasn't the "perfect girl" he thought she was, who made a mistake, and "didn't belong on the pedestal he had placed her on"- Still in his mind-that is where she remained!

Were you not CRYING when Max would utter such words as "She's not one of us-Let her go!" Or I can't help myself...I love her!" Or when Liz told Tess "Have you ever been in love? Well I love Max!" Or when Liz told Ava "You lost Zan! Please don't let me lose Max! I LOVE HIM you know, and I love him just as much as you did Zan!" Or when Max said "There's one thing I have to say, One thing I have to ask, and I promise I'll never ask again!" "Did you sleep with Kyle?"------------ "OK, I'll see you tomorrow!"

Or does this not bring a tear to your eye?

My God you Dreamer you, Just how many times have you cried This past season? How many times will you cry in the third? No matter how many times that is, you will still remain in this family of DREAMERS! WHY? Because you FOLLOW YOUR HEART! And your heart tells you that you will eventually be rewarded for the pain, hardship and suffering that you have gone and will go through! Just how sweet will that reward be? A thousand times sweeter than the "First kiss"

The "Sexual healing kiss"

Are you not CALLING out now with the rest of us who believe we have paid our dues to the tear mister? Well then the welcome mat is out for you! You belong in here! Just be sure to wipe your feet when you come in! And bring your own tissues!!!!!

This intro written by ...sandman Thanks!

animations compliments of redhawk

Cherishing Max and Liz! #310:
Redemption! To love is to be vulnerable. C.S. Lewis

To recover ownership of by paying a specified sum; to turn in and receive something in exchange; to set free, rescue; to make up for.

Originally the definition for redemption was either monetary or spiritual but has also come to mean 'to make up for'. The question of redemption in Max and Liz's relationship takes on an interesting slant if viewed in terms of 'paying a price' for redemption or 'exchanging' something in return for redemption. Because it begs the question, Is there a price you can put on love? Is there something other than love in return that can be exchanged for love? For love is what is being 'redeemed' here is it not? My answer is that love is not a commodity for sale or exchange and therefore 'redemption' has no role.

Certainly there is much for both Max and Liz to 'reconcile' in their relationship but questioning their love for one another or their motives for the choices they made does not serve this end. It is not a question of how much Max grovels or for how long and only then can he be forgiven, taken back because he has paid for his sins. The question should be how long will it take for Max and Liz together in compassion and forgiveness using the hard won knowledge of their love for one another, to bring them full circle. To bring them back to that ironic sense of safety their love gave them in that van in Destiny when they acknowledged the depth of their love and commitment and were secure and happy in that knowledge despite the reality of extreme danger surrounding them.

It is with this concept of 'exchange' that love fails. It should not be sold or priced for redemption. Love can only be felt and freely given and graciously, gratefully and joyously received and forever cherished. Max and Liz do have to 'reconcile' their actions - but certainly neither has to 'redeem' their love!