Cherishing Max & Liz! 323:
It's all just magic when Max thinks of Liz!

The man is so in love with Liz that his world lights up with her in it. His life literally began when he saved her life that day. He has loved her all his life and probably several lifetimes before this one. Where once he was alone and lived in the shadows in fear, now he lives in the light of her smile and the warmth of her love and all things are possible. His life is simply magic when they are together!

Because Max can't stop thinking about Liz. Because Max sees Liz in slow motion. Because Max is a serious, dark-haired mystery man from an exotic place. Because Max couldn't just let Liz find another guy. Because ME + LP.
Because they saw into each other's souls. Because Liz is Max's Dreamgirl. Because Max wanted Liz to run away with him. Because as long as their together nothing else matters. Because it's all just magic when he thinks of her.
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