Cherishing Max & Liz! #336:
Everything Max felt in his heart that first year WASN'T a lie!

I refuse to believe that everything WE felt that first season is a lie; that what we still feel is a lie! Even though Max and Liz spent the entire season 2 not together - every scene they were in together spoke volumes about how much they wanted to be together! No matter what we go through with this love story of Max and Liz - we still know in our hearts that this is one special magical love story. From the moment Max healed Liz at the Crashdown and he saw into her soul their love story has permeated almost every breathe I take concerning Roswell! Their love story inspired me, involved me, enticed me to participate in ways I never imagined; to believe again that love stories are possible. Yes, I'm with Max, I refuse to believe that everything we felt in our hearts watching Max and Liz acknowledge and experience their special bond, their poetic passion and magical mystical mating dance is a lie - because it touched something in me that is real, is true and will not die!

by Roswellian47