Cherishing Max & Liz! #339:
It's all right to live your DREAMS!

Yes it is! And I hope that all of you will do everything you can to live your dream! Because living your dream is most likely where you will meet your soul mate who is living his dream! Max and Liz are a fictional TV couple. But they have come alive for us in a way most Romantic TV Couples never do! They epitomize our fondest hopes and dreams of romantic love - their story weaves the best of the romance and innocence of awakening love with the traumatic and painful experiences of learning its power over their hearts, minds and bodies. And to make it even more intriguing in the words of dreamer Heaven Sent it 'encompasses impossible odds represented by two different worlds' and the choices they must make for their love! And so we watch, become enthralled, inspired or perhaps awakened to the possibilities in our own lives. So dream - and don't be afraid to make your dreams come true by whatever choices your heart tells you to make!

by addict2roswell

Cherishing Max & Liz! #330:
Knowing Liz has made Max human, Loving Liz has made him a better man!

And that is his Destiny! Whatever faults Max may have had in his previous life that led to the fall of Antar, were meant to be tempered in this life - by being part human. It occurs to me that the POINT is that humanity with all our faults can at our best offer something to the universe! It is knowing Liz that keeps Max's human side strong and it is loving Liz that makes him a better man. She challenges him, keeps him on his toes, questions his motives and makes him think! Liz helps Max see the consequences of his actions. Yep Max was right when he whispered those words to Liz - 'knowing you has made me human!'

by evry1saysiloveu

Cherishing Max & Liz! #327:
Liz IS "The One." The only one.

That is a given. This scene (better known as the 'rain kiss') when Max tells Liz 'you're the one, the only one. I could never be with anyone else' - Is one of my favorites. His voice is soft and gentle - but a little urgent and intense. And when he gently tilts her head up to him saying 'look at me.' Ahhhhh, I melt. Then he kisses her as a seal of his love and commitment - short but firm, yet still so sensuous and loving. He gently presses her head to his shoulder and holds her close - she is precious to him! He speaks to her, touches her, kisses her and holds her like she is precious beyond compare - the scene is simply amazing. And no matter what may have happened since - I hold onto this scene. It is such a heartfelt moment and I still have faith in Max's words.

Cherishing Max & Liz! #323:
It's all just magic when Max thinks of Liz!

The man is so in love with Liz that his world lights up with her in it. His life literally began when he saved her life that day. He has loved her all his life and probably several lifetimes before this one. Where once he was alone and lived in the shadows in fear, now he lives in the light of her smile and the warmth of her love and all things are possible. His life is simply magic when they are together! Liz completes him!

by Flycat

Cherishing Max & Liz! #325:
Max didn't think anyone could feel that way about him!

Little does Max know! by foreverdreamer

And this is the basic insecurity of Max. Even though he felt what Liz felt Max still is quick to believe that Liz would rather have a normal life with a normal boy. It's why even though his heart told him she would never betray him with Kyle, his head reverberated with her words 'a normal boy'. But Liz had left normal. She left normal so long ago and now knows there is no going back! Hopefully they both know that now - that leaving normal and following their hearts is the only 'normal' they need.

by CherryCoke!

Cherishing Max & Liz! #326:
It feels right in a way that it has never felt right before.

It sure does Liz. For we Dreamers too! Something about Max and Liz 'just feels so right!' And hopefully in Season 3 'that feels so right' feeling will reach the same fevered pitch of SH! It's been way too long. It felt right to us, right from the start! Whichever Max and Liz moment was your first - whether from the Pilot or SH or EOW - you felt it - right from the start! And even in Season 2 - where our Max and Liz moments were wrought with pain and suffering and anger - somehow through it all when Max and Liz reached Departure - and stood together on that hill - it still felt so right!

by foreverdreamer
by Dreamgirl7