Cherishing Max & Liz! #341:
Liz is the only one Max will ever dance with!

Dancing with someone you love is so sensuous. The full length of your bodies pressed together, arms draped over and around, hands caressing, faces close - you can breathe in the scent of each other and it's intoxicating. Slowly swaying to the music, looking into each other's eyes, every nerve ending on fire with anticipation and desire! and so it is with Max and Liz!

Our beautiful couple has danced four times now, the first time, so innocent and romantic

They have never been happier than they are in this scene! The love they have for each other - the joy they feel being in each other's company is evident in every touch, every look, every word …

Then there is the sad and poignant dance of Liz and FMax - Liz has sacrificed everything to save the world - she has caused the love of her life to turn away from her she thinks and knows 'there will never be another you' so she asks FMax for the wedding dance she believes she'll never have…

The third time they danced was in VLV! To see them so close again! So tentative, hopeful, sweet, tender…..their bodies tense and alive with the excitement of being in each other's arms again!

and the fourth time Max and Liz dance is so agonizingly heart wrenching as Liz tells Max how much pain she is in made palpable by being so close to him and believing that they can never be together! They are at their prom and they should be reveling in each other's love! Oh what might have been - juxtaposed with what would follow…

But never fear for Max and Liz will dance again - will feel their love and passion as their bodies intertwine to dance once again the dance of love!
by provence