Cherishing Max & Liz! #355:
Liz knew it wasn't like Max.
And that's the thing…so did we! Abusive side? Max wasn't acting like Max. There was no precedent for his behavior - it was out of character! Sure he was feeling lonely, but he was used to feeling lonely. Yes, both Michael and Isabel weren't there for him. That isn't really new. Sure he didn't want to believe that anything alien was the cause of Alex's death. And certainly, feeling the loss of his friendship with Liz would make him vulnerable - but abusive? No - this is behavior very unlike Max and so the viewer must ask - what is going on with him? This is why we all believed that it must be a mind warp making him behave in a manner that would alienate everyone close to him - especially Liz. That the writers now seem to have something else in mind is bad story telling. Or worse, story telling that would keep the door open to go either way! To have Max say something as ridiculous as 'one hour culmination' - were the writers smoking something when they wrote this? Did they think this was funny? alien? Or were they trying to tell the viewer that something isn't right? And if they weren't - once again this is lousy story telling because Max wouldn't say something like that. Not to mention the fact - how could Liz ever live up to that? Or Maria? And don't get me started on Michael and Maria's sudden night of 'culmination', or the messages being sent to an impressionable audience by both these story lines.

I know this is going over old ground. But as an intelligent viewer I am annoyed when the writers so obviously condescend to that intelligence by assassinating Max's character just to serve some pet story line. And it annoys me further that I the viewer am left to rationalize the outcome so that Max and Liz being together still makes sense to me! It is the ultimate compliment to Jason and Shiri that I am so enamored of their portrayals - that I will rationalize what the writers perpetrated upon their characters. That I willoverlook Max's behavior and pretend it never happened. The writers of Roswell count on us a great deal for that. To overlook and conveniently forget what has gone before! And they get away with it because the love story of Max and Liz for most of us transcends the chaotic and arbitrary pens of their writers.