Cherishing Max & Liz! 356:
Max was right about one thing: . to love Liz!

And we are right to keep our faith in Max and Liz despite Season two! And despite the promos for some of you! Maybe the fast and furious start is just a way to grab the viewers - new viewers! And as I said Liz's behavior isn't all that strange. She may feel the need to somehow 'compete' with what Max has done. To be there for Max because she may feel she let him down by pushing him away. Hold on! She didn't let him down of course, but it is something she might feel! She loves him! However, I believe that once they get by the fast and furious start the writers will slow things down - and perhaps we'll see some of the resolution to season two that we crave.

In the meantime, let's rejoice in seeing Max and Liz together!
Max and Liz working as a team!
(Ok, ok, robbing a convenience store isn't what we had in mind however, perhaps this isn't what it looks like! )
Max and Liz having some fun,
Max and Liz loving
Max and Liz smiling!
Max and Liz kissing!
And Max saying '"i could never live with myself if anything ever happened to you"
And I just love this little ditty from noseedough!
Shirtless Max and Apples Peeling...
suddenly our heads are reeling!
Hope these promos do fortell...
the return... of Real Roswell!
If I'm dreaming...please don't wake me...
another Season 2 would break me...
Things are looking mighty good...
like in my dreams...the way they should!
And We've finished Alexis List!
Because Liz never slept with Kyle! Because Max does not love her like he loves Liz.
Because Max will never forget Liz no matter where he is! Because Max immediately runs to Liz's defense. Because Max was right about one thing: to get Liz into his life, to be around Liz, to love Liz.
Because Max loves Liz. Plain and simple
Because Liz and Max follow their hearts. Because it's Max and Liz.

from Melodious