Cherishing Max & Liz! #358:
For every soul has a mate…
A line from sandman's latest poem.
Loneliness is not God's way
For every soul has a mate-
We sometimes find them very soon-
For some others, they must wait!

But in good time it comes to us
When all is said and done-
For love soon makes all souls complete-
Each and every one!

Max and Liz affect us all in ways that remind us that we have found our soul mate and renew our joy or convince us that we are the ones who must wait - but we wait with renewed hope. Our hearts opened up by experiencing what the love story of Max and Liz bring to us!

ms roswell wrote recently…
I love how much Max and Liz give me.. They make things more interesting, when I watch a movie that's filled with love , I think of them, when I hear words or sentences they have said, i think of them. When I see things they have done, I think of them. Most of all, when I hear love songs, I think of them….
And gij wrote
Why is it that we are the ones out of several million people who watch the show, who can specifically pick up on the beauty of the dreamer love story? Because everyone else is so used to their true love being in the background while the rest of the show goes on. Their beauty was never realized by a great many people until it was torn apart in EOW …

The love story of Max and Liz inspires each of us in a different way. They bring us to Cherish for many different reasons. Max and Liz embody all our hopes and dreams for what love is or will be for us when we do find our soul mate!

by foreverdreamer