Cherishing Max & Liz! #364:
When your world falls apartů

Well Max's world began falling apart in Destiny when Liz walked away from him and went downhill from there. Liz's world fell apart when FMax made his visit and she did what she felt she had to do and give up Max! Our Dreamer world started to crumble about the same time as Max's but really took a tumble in those last six episodes of season two.

by foreverdreamer

But the good news is - worlds can be rebuilt! And that's because we haven't given up our hope. Max never fell out of love with Liz. Liz never fell out of love with Max. If you have faith that your world can be rebuilt - if you never give up on what you believe in - if you fight back - if you love deep enough - your world, our Dreamer world and the love story of Max and Liz can be restored! It will be different perhaps - changes to deal with - but as long as they have their love - whatever else happens - we can deal with it. It just takes faith in what we know is right.

by fallen princess