Cherishing Max & Liz! #371:
They're like no one else on Earth!
(thank you karbear!)

That's the tag line UPN is using to promote Roswell - and you know what? They are so right! Max and Liz are absolutely like no one else on Earth! Their love story is definitely unique and not just because Max is an alien - mostly what makes their relationship unique is because of Max's all too human qualities of compassion, gentleness, thoughtfulness and his total love for Liz! Not destiny nor lies stopped Max from loving Liz! Max made some dumb decisions, he behaved badly definitely - but he never ever stopped loving Liz! As for Liz? Every action she took - every decision she made was for Max and those he loved! Misguided? Certainly! But she did it unselfishly at immense personal painful cost to herself. But the really amazing thing that separates Max and Liz from the ordinary is that despite all the bad decisions, the lies and the emotional cost - in the end, they only believed in each other! They were there for each other! And gratefully when season three begins they will be in each other's arms again!

by fallen princess
by Flycat