Cherishing Max & Liz! #372:
Are we really ready to go that far?

That is a line from sandman's most recent Cherish Verse! With the new promos and what they seem to suggest does beg this question. Are we - Dreamers - really ready for Max and Liz to actually cement? Sure, we love that they are back in each other's arms. Oh yes, we do so love our 'abs-solutely' Max! And we thrill at the thought of more wonderful soulful, tender, hungry kisses to add to the Max and Liz collection. But don't Max and Liz, don't we, need a little more time before 'they go that far?' Time to heal. Time to share. Time to love. Time to enjoy the simple wonder of being back in each other's arms?
So yes, I want kisses but I also want romantic moments! Yes I want passion, but I also want to feel that magic, that glow of 'meant to be' again - I want to feel their anticipation as they grow together to find that moment when that far will be here.