Cherishing Max & Liz! #375:
Our hope springs eternal…our love does not diminish.

The new season is upon us - so close now and yet I find myself almost dreading its arrival! At least while waiting I could pretend that everything would be made right. Season two left a terrible gash in this Dreamer heart. Though it had it's moments, though I was thrilled Max and Liz survived the carnage - I wonder, how can they now be that 'mythic' couple of legend, of fate, of forever after that season one promised? So much has been taken from them and I wonder if there is anything left.

Max's words to Liz from season one still reverberate through my mind and heart:
'I look at you, and I know you're the person I'm supposed to be with. I've always known it. What happened here that day, when you got shot, and how it brought us together…… it's fate. You're the One Liz, the Only One! I could never BE with anyone else.'

Max's touching declaration promised that his love for Liz was different, that they were destined only for one another…that in some way their love was mythic, perhaps prophesied...

And yet, Max was with someone else - and for not very good reasons - the writers let us down and they let us down big time. Merely to propel a story line they trashed most of what Max and Liz stood for. They gambled a new audience will find Max's search for his son interesting, that a new audience will not care that this son was not conceived out of love but out of grief and weakness. And they're gambling the old audience will get over it. I guess fidelity and love aren't very saleable commodities whereas sex is. So the writers stripped Max and Liz of most everything that made their love special and unique - and gave it away to others. And what do we now have left? The lingering and beautiful memories of what once was, the amazing chemistry between Jason and Shiri and the HOPE that somehow - this season will put back a little of what was taken from Max and Liz and from us. The HOPE that this season will somehow rebuild the love story of Max and Liz in a way that gives them back the feel of 'meant to be', gives them back their 'soul mate' status and restores the magic of a love so strong, so deep - we will continue to root for their love to survive.