Cherishing Max & Liz! #383
'Long ago and far away, I dreamed a dream one day…'

Perhaps a love story epitomized by Season 1 Max and Liz. For some the perfection of that dream has been forever tarnished by the events of S2. Whatever your belief regarding S2 events remember this … to dream is to feel hope…. to hope is to be able to embrace today and it's imperfections… I have been vocal about my disappointment in some of what the writers have written for these beautiful gentle, brave soul mates. But I will not let my disappointment tarnish my dream or force me into hopelessness. I do not believe this makes me foolish or unrealistic. It merely makes me a dreamer. And that is a good thing. Some comments from my fellow Dreamers…

Long ago and far away,
I dreamed a dream one day
And now that dream is here beside me
Just one look and I knew
That all I longed for long ago was you.

from "Long Ago and Far Away" by Jerome Kern

the above brought to us by fallen princess

He holds her like a lifeline when she steps into his arms, and he strokes her hair like he always does while he apologizes. She soothes him and he tells her, "I'll never leave you, Liz." The camera pulls away to reveal them clinging to each other, Max in tears, and a single, hauntingly beautiful line from the past keeps ringing in my mind:

"Knowing you has made me human." And it has-at last. By Tasyfa
"The more you embrace your alien side, the more you're going to lose" Loved that line, by the way. Cal pretty much gave the mission statement for every 'alien(or half-alien) living on earth' story ever told. You see, humanity, it's not specifically in a person's genes. It's in their soul. It's in how they care about people. It's in how they love. And I am relieved that Max finally realized this. Kalel
Max finally realized that he was out of control, that he was becoming the selfish, arrogant king that everyone has been telling him he was in his past life. Uncaring and unfeeling of who he hurt. We also found out how important Max's human side and Liz is to making him a better person. By saphire99
It felt so good to hear Max say he's sorry. I didn't think I cared if he never said sorry or not but I realized I did and it felt really really good. By rudydh18 by cosmicdream