Cherishing Max and Liz! #410:
The way that you love me…

IloveKevin posted a song pic on 409 to this song. It was wonderful and it brought back my most cherished memories of Max and Liz and the way I feel watching them! I stared at the caps and a smile came to my lips and to my heart. We have been so unhappy with what's happened to our couple sometimes but when I see them like this -

I remember what it's all about!

A love like this we haven't seen portrayed so beautifully before on television -

A love like this we have never felt so vividly before!

The way that they love! A love like Max and Liz that inspires such passion, such devotion, such beauty may never come again - but because we were privileged to share this love story together we will always remember it!

by Strawbehry Applesauce