Cherishing Max and Liz! #411:
Wouldn't it be wonderful if…..

While watching Roswell and Max and Liz have you ever screamed at the screen 'No no no.' Liz wouldn't [b]say[/b] that! Or Max wouldn't [b]do[/b] that? We have come to know these characters so well and it is extremely frustrating when we see them behave in a manner that is out of character or just downright, well, dumb! I mean Liz had already spent the evening with her Dad and he told her she could go! Come on our Liz would want to spend the evening with Max!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if….

Liz had asked 'Isn't this a bit drastic? I'll be sure to [b]just say no [/b]this time!

And make sure we all make nice with Tess'

Or if ….

Max had come through that window and asked 'What is this Liz? Do you really think I'd believe you'd do this? What is going on?'

Or if ….

In Harvest Max says when he confronts Liz in the street 'I won't believe that everything I've felt and believed this past year is a lie. Something else is going on here and I intend to figure out what it is!

Or if ….

In Max in the City, after Max hears Liz's voice and realizes she's saved his life he smiles?

Or if ….

When Max and Liz are in Liz's room after he comes back from the City Max asks Liz - 'How did you know about the Granolith?'

Or if ….

In ARCC if Max had said 'I love you Liz Parker - I will always love you and I don't care what may or may not have happened with you and Kyle!'

Or if ….

In the eraser room in WAF Liz said 'Max this is all wrong, I love you!'

Or if …

After the dance ended in VLV Max said 'What Liz? Tell me?'

Or wouldn't it be wonderful if Dreamers were actually consulted on storylines! We wouldn't have had the last six episodes of S2 or if we did we would have made it very clear that it was all a mindwarp! Then we could have maybe enjoyed Busted more because we would know that Max and Liz will find out that there is no baby!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we knew without a doubt that TPTB also believed that Max and Liz are soulmates, that their love is unique and magical …