Cherishing Max and Liz! #415:
'...each kiss is as the first...'

"If love is the best thing in life, then the best part of love is the kiss." Thomas Mann.

He was still amazed that it had felt so perfect to him, because it not only had been their first kiss it had been his first kiss! He had wanted to kiss her desparately. Had anticipated kissing her forever and when faced with the actual real possibility of kissing her, his knees shook and his heart beat so fast he wasn't sure he could take in enough air to actually do it! But somehow when he was finally standing there in front of her and focusing just on her, listening to her breathe and watching her eyes, he knew that she wanted him to kiss her, she was waiting for him to kiss her, so he had slowly and tentatively, softly, brushed his lips over hers.

He remembered the taste of her lips, the scent of her hair and how soft it was between his fingers. But the really amazing thing is that she hadn't pulled back from him! He was breathless in anticipation of her response. He looked into her eyes one last time, searching for any sign that this wasn't what she wanted! He was in awe of this beautiful creature standing before him with slightly wet eyes looking up at him and all that her eyes said to him, all he could feel from her was 'YES'. Then he simply did what his body, mind and soul were screaming at him to do and that was to kiss her again, show her how much he adored her by pressing his lips to hers with more urgency. His hands moved to her face instinctively, bringing her mouth back to him as he captured her lips in his.

When he opened his mouth she responded by opening hers and he knew it was an invitation to search her mouth with his tongue; to taste her, to feel her respond to him by pressing her body up to his and making this, this sound. Oh what a sound it was! This soft moan that struck him deep inside and spread sensations through his body he never imagined would feel this good. He didn't ever want to stop kissing Liz. As long as she wanted him to kiss her he would. He remembered pulling away from her, still holding her close, looking into her eyes and seeing … happiness, love radiating back at him.

He would never be able to describe the exquisite pleasure kissing Liz gave him…… the unimaginable torture if he never could again!

by Flycat!