Cherishing Max and Liz! #426:
'their emotions pour off the screen and envelop me….'

Thanks to audrey11 for the 'title' and inspiring me to watch SH again. I always try to fill in when the scene fades to black. For example:
Liz couldn't take her eyes off the 'orb' - it was mesmerizing. But Max's voice dragged her attention away from it, from wondering what it meant, what it was for. Had it somehow been responsible for the extraordinary changes she and Max had experienced these past few days? She looked up at him and was caught by the excitement and passion in his eyes! 'What, Max?' 'If it is a signal of some kind we should stay for awhile ' his gaze on her was direct, penetrating and always touched her somewhere deep inside, ' you know, to see if anything happens - anyone answers.' Liz smiled and nodded, 'OK'.
Max spread out the blanket and they sat together with the orb out in front of them. He put his arm around her and she snuggled into his shoulder. They were quiet. The rush of events leading up to now had left them exhausted but comfortable in each other's arms. So much had happened in only a short time! They were together! Finally Max had given in to his feelings. And the urgency and passion with which he had given in to them took her breath away. Every nerve ending in her had tingled with anticipation and made her ache for him in away that was both scary and exciting! Oh Liz wanted Max to kiss her - she always wanted Max to kiss her but after their explosive kiss in the backroom at the Crashdown Liz hadn't wanted to wait for Max any longer - she had been the one flirting and teasing and urging them forward into wondrous passion.
'We didn't finish what we came out here to do ….. ' He let the thought hang there. Yes they had come out here to make love - the need for him had been so urgent - overwhelming - she couldn't fight it, hadn't wanted to fight it - but now… 'Max - I ' she started but he stopped with his finger to her lips. 'I know, we're not ready yet - ' and he kissed her softly, sweetly . She snuggled back into his chest and sighed - Yes maybe they weren't ready yet despite the intensity of these past few hours, but they would be some day. Her eyelids drooped unbidden.
Max lay down on his side bringing Liz down with him. He draped his arm protectively over her. Liz snuggled back into him and sighed. She felt safe and happy. She and Max were together. They had plenty of time to reach ready, a time when they wouldn't be confused by visions and glowing orbs and - besides their parents were going to ground them until forever when they got back. Liz smiled and closed her eyes. Yes she thought some day ….maybe on a beautiful night like this, maybe here in the desert, or maybe up there among the stars .…