Cherishing Max and Liz! #435:
In the midst of our black hearts....

In the midst of our black hearts, the crazy gleams we light; And then believe in. Throwing caution to the wind, Not caring whether we are wrong, Then, only then, we are right! By unknown

He didn't care anymore and he let the tears fall as he mouthed 'I Love You' through the window. If she wanted him to go he would; if she wanted to run from him he couldn't, wouldn't stop her. But he needed to tell her at least one more time that he loved her. If she wouldn't talk to him at least he would leave her with that truth.

He turned then and walked toward the ladder. He could feel her watching him and he hoped that she wouldn't, couldn't let him go - at least not before they talked about it. As painful as he knew talking would be - they needed to get it out in the open. Needed to say what they felt and if it left them forever broken - perhaps then at least Liz could heal. That was when he heard the window sliding open. He stopped and waited, hoping. Had he imagined it?

'Max.' "

Don't' we wish Dreamers that she hadn't let him leave?

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