Cherishing Max and Liz! #443:
Dreamers aren't hopeless romantics, we are romantics full of hope!

I see them clinging tight to each other - a million tears waiting to escape from behind closed eyes - not wanting to leave the embrace too soon because it's tangible proof that this EOW scenario is over, that the love still burns in the other - that the nightmare has ended and they do not want to leave this safe embrace because when they do even amidst the joy in their reunion they must come to terms with their new 'Destiny' and put all the pain and heartache behind them.

This was a hug that signaled that Liz had 'left normal' and given herself over to Max and his alien world. They weren't really an official 'couple' yet but they were the most important person in each other's lives - best friends and soon they would each acknowledge this. Here we are two seasons later - and we have been hoping for a hug just this monumental! A hug signifying that the love is still burning, the faith in tact and their relationship though frayed under willing reconstruction and finally we got it!