May 23rd.

Sometimes love isn't enough...they never tell you that...never warn you that sometimes it isn't enough to keep people together...not when the fairytale isn't for you. So you learn...sometimes love just isn't enough. It's funny - no, it's ironic and very painful...that our love isn't enough. Everything inside of me screams that it is...but no one hears, mocking me with silence...like the stars laughing at me...because it is enough - it's just not my fairytale.

I guess I should be proud of myself - so noble or something...but I'm too angry...angry at them...all of them...at everything. At the fact that I don't get the love strong enough to keep us together...No, I get the stronger one...

I get the love that creeps into ever crack and crevasse of the body - consuming it, changing it, so that it's no longer just yours, but part of his too. I get the love that invades the mind - so that your thoughts aren't your own and your dreams become his. It's that first love, the only love...the last love. The love that lets go because your life is no longer your own, your first thought no longer you...but him. What was you dies, but you live, as long as he does.

She stares down, and as the page begins to blur from the tears threatening to spill over she closes the journal, as well as her eyes. She sits there, still for a moment, then finally tosses the journal, completing the ritual. The journal bounces off the wall and lands splayed out over the rooftop. It's battered and beaten, as is its owner.

Written by na