What Happened to Future Max?

I imagine Future Max going back and Iz, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Tess and Alex are all sitting around laughing, but we don't see Liz. Max sits down with a serching look on his face. He notices that Kyle and Tess are holding hands. They ask him "how was your trip?", he looks confused. Suddenly he hears a sweet voice scream out "MAX," your back. He stands up as Liz jumps into his arms and covers his face with kisses. She tells him, "Oh God I missed you", he wraps his hands around her face and kisses her so hard that the gang all clamps and whistles. Alex writes down the number 10 and holds it up for Max and Liz to see. Maria hits Michael and tells him why don't you ever kiss me like that, Michael smiles and says why don't we go practice.

Max walks over to the jukebox and turns it on with his powers. He walks over to Liz, you hear I Shall Believe begin to play. He says, "shall we finish are dance." Liz smiles and goes into his arms. He says "Thank You Liz," she says "For What?" "For never giving up on me, on us." Liz says "I couldn't help it, my heart never gave me any other choice." He twirls her around and she comes back in to his waiting arms.