Animations by Dreamer redhawk!

Leaving Normal Alternate Ending!
The Connection
Blind Date Fantasy Kiss
Blind Date - What's so great about Normal?
EOW Sacrifice
End of the World Max Kissing Liz!
End of the World Max doing Pull Ups!
Destiny Van Kiss
with Max close-up

TSAP To Dream!
VLV Wedding
Departure Jeep Kiss
Departure Hug

Some Screen Caps from and Vidiot and!

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Animations by Dreamer 6thRock!

Christmas Promo
Fire Light Promo
First Kiss 1
First Kiss 2
SH StrawBehry Kiss!
The Eraser Room
Sexual Healing - Can't stop!
SH Desert Kiss!
End of Sexual Healing
Jason's Italian Mint Commercial!
VLV Max/Liz Dance!
Heatwave Party!
285 Jeep Scene
Kiss in EOTW
Shield Max!
Neon Sign Promo!

Animations by Dreamer evelyn!

Heatwave First Kiss
Fire Promo

Animations by Dreamer cosmicdream**!

Destiny - Bridge Jump
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