Journal entry 1: I`m Max Evans and 5 days ago Nasedo died. After that, things got REALLY weird. You know when your life suddenly does a 360 degreee turn? It`s when you suddenly find yourself burning a corpse and pretending to live a normal life. This after you have been kidnapped and tortured by the FBI. But that`s only a 90 degree turn. When you find your Alien mother telling you you`ve lived a past life before and died, and the new girl at school who mind-raped you and wears too much make-up and not enough clothes to suit you, turns out to be your young bride from said previous life you hit another 90 degree turn. Add another 90 when your soulmate the love of your life, your heart gives you up for this conjured destiny and goes away leaving you pining and half the man you used to be. BUT you know your world has ended when your lover`s best friend starts calling you girlfriend. That`s when you hit the 360! Stick a fork in you pal, YOU are done. Written by Romantic@Heart