Love Letters by Sandman

Volume 1

"Our Love"

If our love was like a candle,
it would, beyond a doubt-
dwindle in it's final stage,
and eventually burn out.

But our love is not like that at all-
(although it's flame burns hot)-
the love that we share is eternal,
and burn out- it shall not!

For it was born out of compassion,
unselfishness and fate-
and to say it shall last a lifetime,
I wouldn't hesitate.

This intersteller love we have,
transends the universe-
and nothing can offend it,
not death or even worse.

When God created what we two have,
these two hearts he combined-
and for any way to separate,
no one could ever find.

For in your little cupcake dress,
years ago- even then I knew-
that no matter how much time it took,
I'd wait---for always, "IT WAS YOU'..


Dearest Liz;

I don't know what he was thinking,
when he let you go that day-
I only know that if it were me
it wouldn't have been that way.

So brave of heart- you said goodbye
and then you turned to go-
not more than one minute would have past
before I missed you so.

With deep regret, and holding back your tears
all alone you walked away-
Nothing,or no one would have prevented me
from following and begging you to stay.

This confusion involving "destiny"
would play only a second part-
to these feelings that I have for you,
burried so deep within my heart.

Maybe I'm too sentimental,
and let compassion rule my life-
but to see you walk away like that,
cut through me like a knife!

I just could not have let that happen,
I would have found a way-
to make any doubts you had in me,
disappear and go away
If I had his good fortune,

and you loved me that way-
Every moment of my life,
this debt I would repay.

And if I had his powers,
the first thing I would do-
is to take every tear you ever shed,
and give them back to you.

But I'd turn them into diamonds first,
sparkling brighter than your eyes-
And promise on a solumn oath,
never again to make you cry!

love ..sandman...


"I hold her body so close against mine,
while the moon and stars so brightly shine-
At this moment they exist for just her & I,
and together, we alone own both earth and sky

Her lips pressed to mine means so much more
for I realize now what God made kissing for-
Each time that I gaze so deep into her eyes,
the love that I feel for her I cannot deny.

This pain that I feel so deep inside my heart
each time that comes when we must be apart-
becomes more rampant as time goes by,
until once again, she is here by my side.

This need that I have to hold her so close,
is because her very existance is my hearts own true host.
For I never again want to leave this place,
the heavenly warmth of her embrace.

With the rhythm of our hearts intwined,
our love will withstand all tests of time-
and long after we're gone,it's essance remain
and shall forever burn like an eternal flame.

For those who follow behind in our wake,
we can only hope that this advise they take-
the love that you seek may not live right next door,
make patience your virtue-wait for the one you'll adore.

It may linger before you and you not even know,
or to the edge of the universe you might have to go-
It might have to travel from some distant star,
but be assured it will find you,wherever you are.

For when it does happen- this love pure and true,
that one that was created especially for you-
You'll know in a heartbeat that it has arrived,
you'll feel you've just awakened, just come alive!

And never again will an emptiness dwell,
in the place in your heart that love has made swell.
And you'll feel a re-birth taking place in your soul,
for now you've become one half of the whole.

These are my feelings, matter not what comes next,
for true love can withstand the most strenuous test.
The trials placed before you are merely bumps in the road,
and a chance to show each other the love you've bestowed."


A poem to Max .... from Liz.

They say I must forget you,
but I don't think that they understand-
How can I do something
that completely out of my hands.

When you came into my life,
behind you-closed that door-
I can never go back to being-
the girl I was before.

This fire that burns within me,
comes not from "puppy love"-
It's something more majestic-
more like a Godsend from above.

So how could life play a joke so cruel-
as to take you from me now?
Thinking that I must move on,
and start a new life somehow!

And how could life lay waste
to something so beautiful and true-
How could I be expected to just forget,
what there is between me and you?

So I think that there's a purpose,
to what is happening to us now-
a test of wills to certify,
each others love somehow!

You've shown me yours my darling,
by risking all for me that day-
and every day forever more,
I'll show you mine this way!

I will wait for you forever,
if that is what it takes-
for there's no other option,
lest my heart should break.

So when they say I must forget you,
they don't seem to understand-
for it is now as it was in the beginning,
you hold my life within your hands!!!

I Love You!... Liz

Did you guys ever wonder what Liz posted into her journal after
leaving the pod chamber that afternoon? Well I thought that it might
be something like this!!

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
so far out there in space-
this sadness deep within my heart,
I wish you could erase.

From you he came to change my life-
on one fateful autumn day-
and for the shortest time- we shared true love-
and then he went away.

Not by his own choice-I know,
but still it hurts so much-
to know I'll never again share his kiss,
or feel his gentle touch.

I know that I must carry on,
in my life without him somehow-
I just don't think it's possible,
knowing what I know now.

For me a love like this comes only once,
just look how it began-
and this I know for certain,
I could never love anyone this way again!

I'm Liz Parker and it's May 15th.,2000

Inspired by Liz Parker..

"A Beautiful Red Rose"

Since lifes forces have parted us,I spend my lonely days-living in past
memories of all the many ways-you made me feel so special by the
things that you would do.The way you held and kissed me, with a
passion warm and true.
The tender way you understood at times when I was sad-the times
when you were always just the best friend I ever had.

And every time you came to me, your love for me you'd show-from
behind your back you would surprise me with a beautiful red rose.
But now I only have you at nighttime in my dreams- and to share you
with another,makes my heart and soul just want to scream.

And still my darling in my sleep,when finally my eyes I close-you come
into my heart again,with your beautiful red rose.
The night flies by so rapidly,with me snuggled tightly in your arms-that
I can hardly stand the thought, of waking up to the sound of my alarm.
For I know that I must start another long cold seemingly endless
day-and wait for evenings shadows to take my pain away.
When once again you'll come to me and present to me a rose-I guess
I'll have to live my life,in this fantasy I suppose.

And sure enough here you come,through my sleepy purple haze-and
erase the pain and suffering,of my long sad lonely day.

But this time it feels so different-It's hard to believe that it's a dream-
my senses so aroused,that how sweet and real it seems.
But then mornings reality arrives-I awake and of course you're not
there-So I climb out of bed,and wash my face and comb my hair.

Time to make the bed now-can't be late for school-have to put on my
discuise and make myself look cool.
I throw the pillows onto the floor,toss back the wrinkled sheets-and my
heart starts beating rapidly,and I feel a rush of heat.
For underneath the covers,beneath the crumpled throes-lies a single
crimson petal,of a beautiful red rose... ..sandman...
My Darling Liz;

Though overwhelming circumstances
have driven us apart-
Don't think for a moment
that you're not still in my heart.

The thought of you still gets me through
the turmoils of each day-
and I know deep down inside my heart,
we'll somehow find a way-

to make it through this problem,
that we could not forsee-
I just want you to know that
you still can count on me.

I love you more than ever,
you're my "dream girl" Liz you know-
and every day that passes,
my love for you still grows.

This thing that's come between us,
is something that I must resolve-
but I must do it gracefully,
for there's another life involved.

I love you for your patience,
I know that you think a lot like me,
neither of us has any faith
in a "written destiny".

we'll get through this problem,
we will work it out you know-
so rest well tonight my darling,
just knowing that I love you so.

Will write again soon--
XOXOXOForever yours, Max

Another week goes by without you,and to me it seems like a year.So many times I ask myself-just what is my purpose here? Why have I been chosen to lead this rebelious war? It's not inherent for me to fight-so what did they pick me for? I'm a healer Liz, not a warrior,this not what I feel that I was created to do. The thing that I do best- is what I did for you.

I must have been a different person in my other life- a leader and a soldier? A man who had a wife? None of this can I remember- none of this at all. If a single part of me was that guy, than why can't I recall? Is all of this a fable? Is all of it a lie?Will we ever learn the truth-in time as it goes by? Why have you and I been separated? I ask the lord above-What's the purpose in all of this- if it's not for love?

By the way- there's something else I want to mention- I've been working on with my sister Is.- I'm learning how to dreamwalk,but it's so difficult dear Liz. I tried to come into your dream-and leave with you a beautiful red rose, but when I returned to here,it came back with me- so I failed somehow I suppose!

I'm not even sure that I made it through- but it seemed so real to me. Perhaps it was just my imagination,That for one night again,I held you close to me.

But if it never really happened- If I never did transpose-- than why is there a petal missing from this beautiful red rose??

Forever Yours;Max..

Dear Liz...

by sandman

I don't know what's in store for you in the upcoming year-I'm sure there'll be some times of joy,and times you'll shed a tear..Times you'll show great compassion when your friends in you confide,times you'll show great strength of character,when you have to step aside..Times to show how much you love, and never hesitate,Times you'll envy other ones but never ever hate.. but he'll be back just wait & see,he knows he's a lucky fella..cause there's something quite endearing,about a girl whose favorite flavor's vanilla..

The one you love, well he loves you too this no one can deny he's just confused by things right now, we need not ask him why..The task that he's been given, is an awful lot to bear-so you'll give him room as well you must, because thats how much you care..and when all of this is over, & his mission here is through,he'll be coming back to stay,because then, now, and forever, always.….. "IT WAS YOU"


My Dear Max;

I'm sitting here imagining
how it used to be.
when things were really simple
and good for you and me.

Not passing each other in the hallway
without sharing at least one tender kiss-
Yes my darling, most of all,
that is what I miss.

Standing on my balcony,
looking down at the street below-
with those soulful eyes looking up at me-
God I miss that so.

Having you climb up to me,
and holding me so close-
These were times when words weren't needed-
These times I miss the most.

Walking hand in hand,
with your fingers laced in mine-
my head upon your shoulder,
these thoughts lay heavy on my mind.

What has become of those simple times?
Will they come to us again?
The obsticles that devide us now-
can we overcome and win?

I'm sure we will my darling-
our love grows stronger as time goes by-
For it's fate that brought us to this point,
but it's on our faith we will rely.

So until you're in my arms again,
and I'm holding you so close-
I'll be sitting here and thinking,
of the things I miss the most...

Forever Yours... Liz

"For Celestialangel* (hope this helps you get over the flu) sandman..

dear Max;

I don't look at the stars the same way
that I once did as a child-
I haven't since that fateful day,
you held my face in your hands and smiled.

For now I know there's a world out there,
where the one I love comes from-
Tho' it's just a twinkle to my eyes,
it's the place that you call home.

Your loving mother sent you here,
to have a second chance-
at a life that once was taken-
by an untimely circumstance.

And only by the grace of God,
for of all the places there could be-
in all the vast expanse of space-
she sent you here to me.

Oh! How I wish that I could tell her,
and of her worries set her free-
How much I will love and care for you-
and how much you mean to me.

I'll cherish and protect you,
and love you ever more-
If I could only tell her that,
of this she could be sure.

By sending me your beloved son,
you made my life begin-
and I will certainly never look,
at the stars the same way again.

With all my love..Liz

What Is A Dreamer?

To be a real true dreamer,
You'll need a lot of heart-
it's the number one prerequisite,
that from the rest-sets us apart.

We stick to our convictions,
and for that we'll sometimes take some flak-
but if you disavow our cherished ones,
then you'd better watch your back.

We stand by our favorite couple,
and give them all of our support-
and if needed we can become quite rabid,
so don't go sell us short.

We live for love, and love to live,
we come in all shapes and sizes-
we tell it like it really is,
so don't expect any surprises.

By nature we are dossal,
but for granted don't us take-
we stand up for what we believe in,
so don't make that mistake.

And if you care to join us,
we'll welcome all with open arms-
our thread is quite contageous,
and it's members kind and warm.

dreamguy sandman...