Love Poems by sandman

Volume 10

Loving Heart

Through a foggy purple haze-I could hear you call
my name- Somehow then I felt comforted- Even
through the pain!

The cotton clouds that I soared beyond- Were so snowy
white yet warm- While being held in flight by angels-
One at either arm!

Your voice kept getting stronger- Though I truly can't
pretend- There wasn't this fear I had within me- That my
life was at an end!

Again I heard you call me- And I gave a gentle nod-
As I prepared to surrender heart and soul- To the voice
I thought was God!

But it wasn't God now was it? It was you, with other
plans- The fear you had for me was in your eyes- And
my blood upon your hands!

As you knelt over me that day, You had given me
back my life- With a magic hand more skillful- Than
any surgeons knife!

As the clouds diminished from my mind- And the angels
were no more- All that remained was you and I- On the
cold hard Crashdown floor!

You took my pain upon yourself that day- For I could see
pain in your eyes- You must have cared for me much more
than I had ever realized!

Then you uttered something to me like- "Please Liz, Don't
tell anyone" But then again how could I have? For I knew
not what you had done!

And as I scrambled to my feet- Just in time to see you
run away- I realized that you weren't God- But he was
surely there with me that day!

He was Sending me a message- In in a strong and unique
way- That someone new was in my life- And he was in
my life to stay!

Troubles, we would have some- And more than just a
few- But there was nothing in this universe- That would
ever diminish me and you!

For after all, this was his creation- This love was meant
to be- And your heart which he had made from dust -
Was made for only me!

And although another tried to steal your love- It truly
was all in vain- For that which God has created-
Forever shall remain!

No treachery or deceit could breach- This love that
we two share- How bold it was for her to try- How
could she ever dare?

I know that! More than ever now- What we have will endure
all of time-For my darling I have locked you safely here- in this
loving heart of mine!


A dreamers season

So what I hear them say is true-They hired Melinda Metz-
To help them right the wrong they did- How much better
can it get?

Star trek's "number one" who tried- Just couldn't get it right-
With "skins, gandarium" &Trithium Generators-And things
that go bump in the night!

They finally had to face the truth- And submit to what we
wished- They had it right- right from the start Up until they
went and fished-

For some ungodly plots and schemes- To give what they thought
we needed- They wouldn't have made this grave mistake- Had us
they only heeded!

For we fell in love with Max and Liz- And Maria and Michael too-
But we didn't know what it was we wanted- So they had to go
and screw-

With all of our minds and kill off Alex- And mess up Izzy's
head - To create for us alien babies- And all that other crap

But I think that now the light has come- To those who thought
they knew- They opened up their ears and minds- And listened
to me and you!

They have a chance to change the course- Of the show in season
three- To give back to us the romances- That have captivated
you and me!

So fear not for the way I look upon it - You'll get a dreamers
season three- The four of us will see to it! Melinda, Max, Liz
......and me!!!............

Heart of Mine

You can make or break it-
This fragile heart of mine-
For I've lost all control of it-
I've known this for some time!

Ever since you came to me-
With your kindness and your smile-
Your gentle mannerisms-
And your soulful eyes and style!
You swept me off my feet that day-
Just by being you-
Little did I know back then-
How much heartache I'd go through!

Not because you meant to-
For you are not that way-
Neither of us knew back then-
That there would come a day-

Someone else would come along-
And lay claim to your heart-
Someone from your distant past-
Would pull us two apart!

This heart of mine was broken then-
And there was nothing I could do-
For ancient memories were surfacing-
That she belonged with you!

Tho' you fought to repel them-
Still those memories came-
So I had to step back from you-
Although you were not to blame!

So now I'm standing here alone-
And there's nothing I can do-
For she's part of your destiny-
And I can't be with you!

So all that I have left now-
Are the memories of better times-
That I shall keep forever-
In this heart of mine!


Dear Mom

I came here on a meteor-
At you loving hand-
When or why you sent me-
I didn't quite understand!

But I'm happy that you did it-
For the reason I think is-
You knew that Earth was where-
I'd meet my darling Liz!

How perceptive that was of you-
Now that I come to think-
So far across the universe-
You could see there was a link!

For the foundation that was laid-
on that fateful day-
Was for the future of our kind-
When you sent your son away!

I've grown into a man now-
But with compassion in my heart-
And I owe it all to this girl I love-
I've known that from the start!

She has the soul of someone-
who is so positive and so true-
She can see beyond tomorrow-
Mom, I'll bet she's a lot like you!

I know that it's not a coincidence-
That you sent me here to her-
She's my confidant and teacher-
Of that you can be sure!

I don't know when I'll see you Mom-
And I surely hope to try-
For every time I hold this girl-
I can see YOU in her eyes!

I'll be coming home someday-
And I'll bring to you my queen-
So you can embrace as well as I-
This vision you had seen!

Your loving son,

Disturbing Behavior

Please tell me that what Iím seeing-Is not what
it appears to be- You and Him together the way
you once were with me!

I know that things have changed for us - But still
it hurts so much- Seeing you moving on like this
Enjoying someone else's touch!

Does he make you feel as needed- As I once made
you feel? Does he stimulate your emotions- and
are they really real?

Is there something in your heart- That makes it skip
a beat? When he looks in to those eyes of yours- Does
it sweep you off your feet?

Jealousy must be a universal trait- As aliens feel it too-
For I feel dizzy and my stomach turns- When I see him
touching you!

I try so hard to make it appear- That it matters not to me-
But the tears that swell and sting my eyes- Show that Iím
failing miserably!

It canít go on like this much longer- Something must be
done- I have to find a way to convince you Liz- That youíre
the only one!

I fear that I will surely die- Without your loving touch-
Darling Canít you see it in my eyes- That I miss you oh
so much?

I yearn so much for those bygone days- Like when we first
began- And my aching heart wonít shed this pain- Until
youíre in my arms again!


Where do we go from here

Somewhere back in time long past-
You took her as your bride-
You promised her ďto have and holdĒ
As she stood by your side!

To the King and queen of Antar-
Fate would prove unkind-
And through greed and lust for power-
She had a change of mind!

Deceived by those you trusted most-
Cost you dearly, history shows-
And why she was sent HERE with you-
Only those on Antar know!

She has put thoughts into your mind-
That are hers and hers alone-
Thoughts of love thatís everlasting-
But her heart is made of stone!

She has come here to deceive you-
And to use you as she will-
She has an evil scheme in mind-
and a mission to fulfill!

You would have recognized her-
If her love was pure and true-
As any soul mate would have done-
(Like If it were me and you!)

No matter how much time has past-
or where fate has taken you-
You should have felt her presence-
Like someone you once knew!

She has the power of mind control-
And sheís taken aim at yours-
She seduced you and she tricked you-
And she led you on this course!

Now you have a child with her-
But itís so plain to see-
She planned this with another
In deceptive secrecy!

She has gone away now-
And I hope that itís for good-
I think that things will be again-
The way I hoped they would!

It will take some time now-
For my wounded heart to heal-
But our fate is now back in our hands-
So Iím sure that in time it will!


Has she ever

Has she ever held you close to her -
and told you how she cared?
And said sheíd love you ever more-
As into your eyes she stared!

Has she ever held your hand in hers--
And told you that she knew-
The very moment that you met-
She was in love with you?

Has she ever wanted any more-
Than to be held in your arms?
To feel so tranquil laying there-
And being safe and warm?

And has she ever promised you-
That she would always be-
The one to hold and comfort you-
When pain in you sheíd see?

Has she ever lied to you-
As the truth she tried to hide?
Deceiving you for purposes-
That she kept deep inside?

Has she ever done such a thing-
To protect you from ill fate-
And take the pain upon herself-
and not ever hesitate?

Has she ever willingly given up-
That what she treasures most-
To see that you are safe and sound-
While all her hopes are lost?

Has she ever brought you happiness-
Or must you say ďno never?Ē
Be honest with yourself my love-
I ask you, ďhas she ever?Ē


Study Hall

Iíll meet you in the study hall- But be prepared to be- The subject that I study most-For Iím sure by now you see-

That youíre the most important course- In my curricu- lum- For your life is my geometry-Your heart Liz, is the sum!

Your lips will be the topic that I choose to study first- And Iíll try to keep my composure just the way that I rehearsed!

Though I will long to kiss them- Iíll wait for you to ask- But to think of the sweetness of their taste- How great will be that task!

Youíll smile and say you love me- And that will be the end- My defenses will break down and then- No more can I pretend!

Iíll run my fingers through your hair- As the mood begins to grow- As once again I press my lips to yours- Iíll smother in the glow!

For loving you is everything to me- And I hope you understand- That life to me is emptiness - Until weíre holding hands!

Iím infatuated to no end- by the gleaming in your eyes - And My pride is saturated by- Those jealous looks of other guys!

Iíll wonder what it is Iíve done- that God made me so blessed- Tí would be so little for such a great reward- I really must confess -

Iíll place my hand upon the cheek- Of the one that I love so-And the affection in those chocolate eyes- Is just for me -I know!

And soon the bell will start to ring- And wake me from This trance- But not to signal any end to the warmth of our romance!

Love ~Max~


If I could turn back time,
I think I would change the past~
I never had a chance to think,
It happened oh! so fast!

Just what is it you would change,
if there was a way you could?
What would you make different Liz~
How could it do us any good?"

"If I had it all to do over!
Max I think I would!
I'd give you back your life
if I only could!
That fateful day you came to me,
your gifted hand you placed-
upon that mortal wound of mine
and suddenly erased-
All of your future dreams
all the thing you planned-
They all went up in smoke that day-
Max don't you understand?"
When you gave me back my life,
you traded yours for mine!
I'd like to change that Max!
If I could go back in time!"

"Listen to me-my darling Liz,
When I came to you that day-
That is when my life began!
I wouldn't want it any other way!
I have watched you from a distance
for many, many years!
And to never have you know me,
was my greatest fear!"
"When I placed my hand upon you,
for me that was the start-
For I not only gave you back your life,
I gave to you my heart!"
"Neither of us asked for ,
what now we're going through~
but to take away all that we are now,
Liz, you just could not do!"

"But look at what it's caused you Max~,
Look what I've done to you!
was it really worth all of what-
you now are going through?
I have given you nothing,
to compare to what you've given me-
I would like to repay you Max-
my darling can't you see!
You would have been much better off-
without me in your life~
All that I have given you-
is misery and strife!
So if I had it to do all over,
and I truly wish I could-
When you told me "I must look at you"
I don't think that I would!"

"Liz, don't break my heart like this,
you must know how much I care~
To have you think this way at all,
Is more than I can bear!
Fate has brought me here to you,
from a far and distant star~
It's fate that has control of us,
and makes us what we are!
We've bonded souls that day my love,
and matter not what we must go through~
I wouldn't want to have a life,
without a me and you!
Liz, the day that I knelt over you,
that's when my life began~
So please don't ever let me
hear you make that wish again!"

Who can say where the road goes-
where the day flows-----only time-
And who can say if your love goes-
As your heart chose----only time!" Enya

H3>Only Time Only time can heal the heart-
That aches with every beat-
And this one of mine was broken-

When laid at the King of Antar's feet!
But I really mustn't blame him-
For he didn't really know-
How this love of ours would blossom-
And into a hopeless romance grow!

His destiny is far from here-
On a world that he don't know-
With another at his royal side-
(But he doesn't love her though!)

How could fate be so unkind-
To lovers such as us?
Why is it we don't have the power-
To make this love less ominous?

Will we ever find a way-
Back into each others arms?
Is it possible for him to end-
Her quest for all his charms?

Will there come a day of reckoning-
When truth will then prevail?
When all the facts are brought to bear-
And what will they entail?

Will deception be the final straw-
To put the past to rest-
And friends that sacrificed their lives-
Have done it for the best?

Will I spend my life in joyful bond -
To the boy with whom in love I fell
Will the ending be a happy one?

...........Only time will tell!


Can't let him go

What is it that has taken control of me?
Just why is this my fate?
How can I love someone so much-
that sometimes I just want to hate?

Sometimes he makes me crazy-
With his apprehensive ways-
Can't he let nature take it's course-
And remove that doubtful haze!
I know he loves me just as much-
As I'm in love with him-
But he thinks that because we're "different"-
That our chances are less than slim!
I don't have much experience-
With boys and love and stuff-
But I never thought that it could be-
so difficult, so tough!

But I volunteered for this I guess-
So I'll just go with the flow-
Cos' something in my heart tells me
That I just can't let him go!


Circle of love

Our love is like a circle- With neither a beginning or
an end- There never was a time when I considered
us "just friends"!

I'm sure that you must know this-To be the truth in
fact- For every time I'm close to you- The vision
comes right back!

The school bus pulling up to me- And as I climb
aboard- Just to see you sitting there- Was in itself
a kind reward!

But then when you would smile at me- My heart would
skip a beat- And this feeling would rush over me- From
my head down to my feet!

My sister would just laugh at me- -And tell me to
"dream on" Our secret's too important- So we must
remain alone!

But I kept you in my circle- Although then you didn't
know- Constantly, protectively- This love I had for you
would grow!

As I watched you with your friends- Your heart so filled
with glee- I'd be happy for you- Even tho' you weren't
with me!

And then suddenly it happened- That day I saw you fall-
I felt your pain as tho' it were mine- And I knew that I'd
give up all-

I couldn't just do nothing- And let you slip away- There
was too much love within in my heart-Just to lose it all
that day-

So I had to then come forward- And reveal myself to you-
Against the wishes of the "other ones-" But it's what I had
to do!

But that's all ancient history now- And after all that we've
been through- I have never felt so close to you - As at this
time I now so do!

So step in to this circle my love- As only you alone can do-
Come take your place within my heart- I have Reserved
for only you!


A Glass Half Full

You must decide for yourself-
As only you can do-
Just remember friends-
It all depends on you!

You can see your glass half empty-
If pessimism blinds your way-
When doubtful shadows fill your mind-
And takes your faith away!

Or always see your glass half full-
The way we dreamers tend to do-
With sunshine on the pathway-
Lighting the way for me and you!

We see good in everything!
And look for happy endings!
Sometimes lending ourselves to misery-
But not things that are offending!

We have little use for second best-
And for answers don't take no-
We proudly wave our flag of faith-
Wherever we may go!

No need for anger or ill will-
We find no joy in malice-
Half empty never is our glass-
Half full we find our chalice!

We have no intent to force you-
Into our way of thinking-
But for your sake and peace of mind-
Consider from what your drinking!

Believe in what you think you must-
But give some thought to this-
There's more reward in pure true love-
Found simply in a kiss!

So if you find yourself in doubt-
And into the shadows you are pulled-
Come and sip from the dreamers glass-
It'll always be........ half full.

If ever

If ever I should meet you-
In some other life and place-
Truly I would know you-
Before Iíd even see your face!

Iíd know you in an instant-
As my soul mate meant to be-
Just from the aura you possess-
Not what my eyes would see!

For we have this connection-
Meant just for you and me-
Bound for life until times end-
Throughout eternity!

Appearance is not the factor here-
Although radiantly beautiful you are-
What it is that draws me to you-
Is what shines within by far!

And I devote my life to you-
My heart is yours alone-
For all that you have given me-
I promise to atone!

This promise that I make you now-
I swear that I will keep-
Forever more my love is yours-
And no longer shall you weep!

Youíve shown your love for me-
In oh so many ways-
I vow Iíll make up to you-
Those lost, but not forgotten yesterdays!

If ever you should need me-
In any way or form-
Be it to lay down my life for you-
Or just to keep you warm!

Iíll be there in an instant -
Without a second thought-
This is something I just know-
Not what Iíve been taught!

What I feel inside for you-
I know you feel for me-
So how ever I can comfort you-
Beloved, Just ask, .....and it shall be!

Max: I won't leave you!
Liz: No-no-no Max! You have to!
Max: If I'm successful, If I can do this- you and I won't exist ! Not as we do now!
Max: Thank you!
Liz: For what?
Max: For every kiss, every smile......................

On the other side

I rue this day and the God who placed-
This burden on my life-
I didn't ask for any of this-
Or neither did my wife-

My lover and companion-
The keeper of my heart-
The one whom I pledged everything-
And swore we'd never part!

Now I'm forced to leave her here-
I must travel through time's curtain-
What will now become of us-
We shall not know for certain!

Fourteen years is all we had-
Just fourteen years of bliss-
All of it is ending now-
With a single goodbye kiss!

I have to leave her standing here-
Alone and all forlorn-
To change the past that went awry-
And to have it be reborn!

The thing I dread the most-
Is my success at what I try-
If I accomplish what I must do-
That which we are now will die!

So If we fail to stop my love for you-
My darling Elizabeth, at least we tried-
But if we succeed, and pray we do-
I'll see you on the other side!


In Her Eyes

In her eyes I see the light-
Of a thousand blazing stars-
Radiant warmth that fills a world-
That's ours, and only ours!

I see a heart prepared to give-
All that she hopes to be-
To one she loves and treasures most-
To me and only me!

A gentle soul with ways so pure-
they're beyond imagination-
Meant for me and me alone-
I feel elation, pure elation!

So beautiful and bright-
So warm and loving too-
To deserve her in my life-
What ever did I do?

I couldn't comprehend-
My world without her in it-
Her love I needed most of all-
I knew that I must win it!

And now that she is mine-
I possess the greatest treasure-
That no other wealth on earth-
Could be compared by measure!

Safely here within my arms-
Is where she's meant to be-
It's all a part of God's great plan-
For it's so plain to see!

He has answered all my prayers-
I've now come to realize-
For she loves me with all her heart-
I can see it........In her eyes!!

Different people from different worlds- Call me, I'll be there for you- We belong together- You know it's true- Cos' there's something special- Between me and you! A special kind of love- Between me and you!" by.. Randy Newman (Overboard)


You took me into your confidence then-
And I took you into my heart-
Right from that very moment I knew-
That never again would we part!

I never had a reason to doubt what I felt-
I knew that our love was real-
I saw you as my one and only true love-
And no way to deny how I feel!

You've shown your feelings of love for me-
By your deeds and the thoughts in your mind-
Through them I could see a sweet gentle soul-
In a heart that was loving and kind!

Sure, we've had our moments of pain-
And we've witnessed times of despair-
We've seen the best and the worst of -
The ones in whom we most care!

But that is all part of what love is, and-
You must take the good with the bad-
You have got to measure your good times-
With more value than those that are sad!

You have got to look at the big picture-
Would you be better off with him or not-
There's not really much to consider, for -
Those are the only two options you've got!

So I choose to accept you my darling-
Only for that which you are-
For I can't only judge you from what I can see-
Like the mysterious glow of a distant star-

But I must consider that what I feel-
From the very depth of my heart-
Has led me to make the choice that I have-
And that I was right- right from the start!