Love Poems by sandman

Volume 12

Keeper of the Key

Close to Heaven

I'm close enough to heaven now
To be above the rain-
After all the suffering
After all the pain-

It is our time now my love
To share what's in our hearts-
The destiny we knew was ours
Gives us this brand new start!

No explanations necessary-
No excuses- no complaints-
We don't profess to be so pure
We claim not to be saints!

We only claim that which is ours
A love sincere and true-
Your heart belongs to me my love-
And mine belongs to you!

It is as it always was my sweet
From the first day I heard your voice-
You gave all that you had to me
Because you had no choice!

Your fate was to be there that day
While mine was in your hands-
It is all a part of some great plan
Darling do you understand?

The essence that created you and me
And this strange, beautiful love of ours-
Is no less than that which God had used
To make the universe and stars!

And when I kneel beside my bed tonight
I'll thank him once again-
For being so farsighted
by creating such a perfect plan!

For in this endless line of time-
And never ending space-
He hurtled your little speck of dust
To be with ME here in this place!


Listen to your Heart

Listen to your heart
And follow where it leads-
You'll not be disappointed
By the planting of it's seeds!

For it is led by fate-
Known only to your soul-
It takes you, "the incomplete"
And makes of you- "a whole!"

It will take you on a journey
To where you were meant to be-
Yea, go to where it beckons you-
There, you'll find your destiny!

Then, nothing else will matter
When your heart strings feel the pull -
For only then and then alone
Will your life be rich and full!

Loneliness is not God's way
For every soul has a mate-
We sometimes find them very soon-
For some others, they must wait!

But in good time it comes to us
When all is said and done-
For love soon makes all souls complete-
Each and every one!


Once I was a monument
standing proud and tall-
I stood for peace and unity
but what I stood for most of all-

Was a tribute to man's ingenuity-
His ability and his quest-
to show all of God's creation
That he can do his best!

But there are always those
through their hate and jealousy-
Who would be tempted to disrupt
Our hopes of world unity!

But they in their attempts shall fail
For man's resolve is strong-
The good of them will always prevail
Over those who would do wrong!

So where I once stood proud and tall
A phoenix shall arise-
A memorial to those who passed
Along with my demise!

For those who gave their very all
That others may be saved-
This a sacred spot beneath the sky
Will be their resting place-their grave!

So please take note, you evil ones
In this, your problems were not solved-
But more you have created
For you have given them resolve!

So crawl back into you little holes-
Your burrows in the ground!
And savor the time that you have left-
Before all of you are found!

The wheels of justice may grind slowly But as it always does it will prevail-
And from my ashes will arise new hope
So once again your cause will fail!

Artwork by..Melodious1

Lost in you

When the world gets so surreal
That I feel that itís a dream-
And I can't comprehend what's real
And lose all my self esteem-

You're always there to comfort me
And drive away my blues-
You take me in your loving arms
And I get lost in you!

There are times I feel so small
Like one whose lost their way-
When things can get as heavy
As they have today!

But I can always count on
That special place I fall into-
Where I can take seclusion
And just get lost in you!

You have always been there
And I'm sure you'll always be-
You've been my "Gibraltar"
You've been a rock for me!

You do it all with confidence-
Everything you do-
So is it any wonder
Why I can just get lost in you?

I have no reservations
When I leave you in control-
For only you can take command
of my very heart and soul!

And it isn't any secret
For you know that it is true-
That I find peace and solitude
When I get lost in you!

But if darkness falls upon you
And you find it hard to see-
Come and rest your troubled heart
And just get lost in ME!


Two Hearts

These two hearts that beat as one
Forever may they share-
A warm and tender love within
That goes beyond compare!

There never was one quite so sweet
And there likely never will-
Til' the universe ceases to exist
And the hands of time stand still!

These two hearts that beat as one
United, were meant to be-
For neither time or space between
Could deny their destiny!

All the wonders of the world
Will have to share their fame-
And the heat of all the stars above
Are paled now by their flame!

These two hearts that beat as one
shall never cease to be-
A tribute to the truest love
Known to our history!

By Heaven's looms and golden threads
This love of theirs was spun-
May all God's angels hover close
To these two hearts that beat as one!


I never cared much for the water-'
Till I went swimmin' with the Parker's daughter-
Then suddenly what it was, that my bones once chilled-
Became the source of all my fantasies fulfilled!

To feel her skin so warm and wet-
Pressed to mine made me forget-
The frigid cold surrounding me-
All of that was ancient history!

Our arms and legs were so entwined-
that all of that was left behind!
In innocent but sheer desire-
Our hearts and souls were set afire!

The water from our necks to feet-
Like magic, turned into liquid heat!
And then that which came over us-
Was nothing less than amorous!

She placed her arms around my neck-
And by then I was a total wreck!
As she pressed her lips against my mouth-
Only my toes were pointing south!

But then we stopped and thought for a minute-
Of this step we were taking before we begin it!

Are we really ready to go that far?
For if we do the chances are-
We might regret what we do now-
And spoil that magic moment somehow!

For there will come a day in time-
When her name will be as mine!
And on that magic day we wed-
She'd give herself to me instead!



One could only ask himself
just how long could true love last?
Could one not live, but love forever?
Or would the love too be someday past?

I'm not a soothsayer or philosopher
But I know what's in my heart-
I know not when love ends- nor
do I know exactly when it starts!

I only know that I'm in love with you!
But not just when my love began-
It's just something that came over me-
And I guess I'll never understand-

How long this feeling that I have for you
Will go on after my demise-
For I am just a man in love-
I'll leave such questions to the wise!

But I will promise you this my love
For as long as I'm aware-
My heart is yours and yours alone-
For only you to share!

And I will love you till I cease to be
Till my body turns to dust-
Beyond that, It is in God's hands
But it is in him that I trust-

That it won't be the end for us
For this feeling is so strong-
For the "essence" of this love will last-
Long after we are gone!

Till the sun no longer rises
And the moon shall lose it's glow!
My love for you will linger-
And never cease to grow!

Till all the stars fall from the sky
Till the rivers stop their flow-
Till time itself shall come to end-
Still, I will love you so!

So if the question still is haunting you
Just how long our love will go-
When all else has failed to exist-
Still- My love for you will grow!


In Dreams

I told you that If I had the chance
And If we could rekindle our romance
The one thing I'd most want to do-
would be to make all your dreams come true!

If we could go back to those happy times
When my love was yours, and yours was mine-
I'd find a way to win back your trust
And erase your pain of my night of "lust!"

I would never place you in harm's way
And promise by your side I'd always stay-
But then the flashes come again
And the intrigue-the danger now begins!

I sense him calling me from afar-
My son out there on a distant star-
And the dreams I thought I'd make come true-
Turn into nightmares now for you-

But because of who and what you are
when I look for you, I need not look far
You're as strong as ever standing there-
And whatever comes you vow to share!

I could never ask from someone more
their faith and trust, of that I'm sure-
For you never hesitate, not for a minute
When I have a problem- you jump right in it!

And if I ever lost the love of you
I don't know what this guy would do-
For me to continue on alone
Would be the hardest test I'd ever known!

So this my love, I promise you
For loving me the way you do-
Before these lives of ours are through-
I WILL have made all your dreams come true!


You're my poem!

My darling daughter,
You asked about my poetry
and if I'd show you one-
Well I have none left I've written
But when all is said and done-

You may understand me better
And in a different light-
When you learn more about me
And what we talk about tonight!

At times I may be overbearing-
And forceful too it seems-
But you will never know the horror
of my re-occurring dreams!

I have made mistakes you know-
And old memories of my past-
Still haunt me from those wild days
Of living life too fast!

My selfish over indulgence
had cost me something dear-
And now this road I see you taking
Is the same as mine, I fear!

At times I feel so helpless
As you now become of age-
I no longer can protect you
And my head gets filled with rage!

For something inside tells me
That you're in danger with this guy-
But your heart is filled with love for him-
I can see it in your eyes!

He must be someone special
For no one else would ever do-
What ever caused these feelings
That have now come over you!

But you, my precious daughter
Are a gift that I've been given-
A second chance at life for me
My reason too for living!

I only want what's best for you
And every night I pray-
That my overwhelming love for you
Isn't driving you away!

I once lost something special
And I don't know what I'd do-
If something dreadful happened
And I somehow lost YOU too!

You are your fathers only child
And such pride in you I take-
And as harsh as I may sometimes sound
It is only for your sake!

And I haven't written poetry
In quite a long, long while-
But I often see and read it
On your face, and in your smile!

So sweetheart, please don't hate me
For trying to keep you safe at home-
Because you are the world to me
Darling Liz, YOU are my poem!

Love, ~Dad~

I don't hate you!

Dad, I understand now
where it is your coming from-
And I don't really hate you
But credit- give me some!

You think of me as your little girl
And in truth, I guess I am-
But in my heart the time has come
For me to love another man!

You don't think very much of him
But I know someday you will-
He's kind, and warm, and gentle
And you must trust me dad, until-

The time arrives when we can share
our special love with you-
Then you will take him in you arms
The way I want to do!

There's nothing in the world dad
I'd do to break your heart-
But think of what you're doing
By keeping him and I apart!

For he means all the world to me
He's my sun, my moon and stars-
And trust me dad, there's magic
In this fantastic love of ours!

Max Evans is my destiny
Believe me dad, it's true-
I love this guy with all my heart
And I want YOU to love him too!

In time these things will all work out
But dad until they do-
Just have faith in me, your daughter
And be rest assured, I DON'T hate you!

Love, ~Liz~

Hold Me Close

Hold me close! Don't let me go
I was meant for you, you know-

So patiently I've waited here
Knowing someday that you'd appear-

And when you came, it was no surprise
For when you looked into my eyes

I saw the one whom I've waited for
The one guy with the heart so pure-

That he'd give up all he had to lose
For me to live, that's what he'd choose-

He would complicate his life for me
Cos' that's what love's about, you see-

To give through sacrifice and loyalty
When created by serendipity-

A "fortunate accident" you see
Has brought about what's meant to be-

We'll have times of sorrow, and of joy
But we're not your normal girl and boy-

We'll take what ever comes our way
But in each others arms we'll stay-

So hold me close- don't let me go
For I was meant for you, you know!


Among us

Misunderstood, and often feared
They lived their lives fearful too-
They look like us, and blend right in
And did all that they could do-

To remain anonymous to us
But then I came along-
And foiled their plans to "rule the world"
Now my heart to one belongs!

Once he ruled his own world
In some other time and place-
But now he's just the boy I love
With the most adoring face!

He came into my world one day
And I fell in love with him-
For he made the greatest sacrifice
As my eyes were growing dim!

He looked into my soul that day
And I saw into his-
For the hand of fate then took control
And what was meant to be, now is!

The sweet times are the sweetest
The tough times, really tough-
But through it all, true love persists
Because it's strong enough!

Sometimes they're hard to deal with
But they're really not that bad-
And ya, although "they are among us"-
I for one,........ am glad!