Love Poems by sandman

Volume 13

Dear Liz,

We have shared your love with you;
Through the better and the worse.
And consistently more times than not,
We’ve watched you put him first!

We have come to know you by first name;
One that’s sweeter never known-
And tho’ sometimes it did seem so,
You never were alone!

We were always there beside you;
Although I’m sure you never knew-
There to share your joys and pains,
And all that you went through!

We watched your love evolve by fate;
A love sincere and true-
And just like Max, we dreamers-
Never lost our faith in you!

We saw in you the courage;
Of someone older than your years.
Often wondering how one so young,
Could shed so many tears!

And still respond with the loyalty;
That only a soul mate could-
Because that we are dreamers too
We knew why, and understood!

The times the two of you were parted;
We dreamers shared your agony-
But just like you we kept the faith,
In your ultimate destiny!

Nothing in this world or any other;
Can ever break this “soulmate” bond-
For “normal” rules do not apply,
When one has gone beyond!

“Leaving Normal” was the point;
Of YOU never turning back-
For only those less in love,
The courage they would lack!

So keep that faith alive dear Liz;
As ours we keep in you-
Eternal love has it’s own reward,
And is worth all it puts you through!

The Gift

How precious was that gift you gave
That day so long ago-
Not knowing that the time would come
When I would get to know-
The beauty and the meaning
Of what we two truly share-
A gift by no means or measure,
That could ever be compared!
Soul mate love is special
That, no one can deny-
But even more so is the gift
That’s shared by you and I!
It scared me first I must admit
For we “earth bounds” never knew-
The power of this special love,
Shared only by we two!
Never in my wildest dreams
Could I have ever known-
The beauty and the magic
Of the love for me you’ve shown!
I thought I could forget you
If I moved away and tried-
But all too soon I realized
To my heart, my mind had lied!
You gave again yourself for me
As I fell into despair-
Like always when I need you most
You seem to just be there!
And now we’ve come full circle;
We can start again brand new-
For that which you have given me,
I now give back to you!
My heart and soul are yours alone
As I breath them into you-
Come share the life you’ve given me
As only you can do!


I never dreamed that I would be
The one who would survive-
Of all the scenarios in my mind
It was never you who'd die!

Never in my wildest dreams
Did our story end this way-
ME surviving all of this
And mourning YOU today!

How did all this come to be;
Me so far from home?
Perhaps you'd still be with me,
If you hadn't been alone!

I'd trade places in a minute
If I only knew I could-
Fate once had chosen me to die;
But let me not, you would!

I might as well be now though
For I feel so cold inside-
So hollow and so empty-
Dried out from tears I've cried!

I should have stayed with you
Right to the bitter end-
And in someway protecting
My true love and best friend!

I shall never shed this feeling
That I've caused this in some way-
And if you had never met me;
You'd be still alive today!

I've caused the world to be without
The greatest treasure it ever had-
A treasure unbeknown to it
Even more, makes me so sad!

I wish that I could tell you now
To you I give no blame-
And I wish that it was I
Who would have helped
to carry on your name!

But your son is out there somewhere
And I know he's just like you-
I pray someday he comes to me

As he wonders what we went through-
And asks if his father had a noble soul
A kind and gentle heart-
And I will surely tell him
That is what made me love you

From the start! ~Liz Parker~

Parker, E

Not with me now; I must relent
Oh love of my life are you content?
To be not in my arms to share,
The softness of thy eyes and hair!

Will thy hand not yearn once more
to touch; this empty one of mine?
Must I forever spend my heart;
in empty, lonely time?

Did I smite your love with love not pure?
Or with foul passion I confess?
For in my weakest state she came;
this one whose name is "Tess"

That angry night consumed me;
and it darkened all my will-
And all I lacked and thought to gain
remains still un-fulfilled!

"Parker, E." is how they know you there;
It is indeed your name-
Your conscience bids you save yourself;
regardless of the pain!

Change your life, and change the way,
you think you ought to be;
But I can't be what I am not;
Believe me, Parker, E.

The true love that my heart desires;
to me that one day came.
In the form of who you are;
not just in your name!

You know of my all strengths;
and now my weaknesses too.
But I'll never know what was the cause;
for me to place the latter ones on you!

Love makes fools of everyone it seems;
look what it's done to me-
For I can't go on without you Liz,
I miss you, ,"Parker, E."



She says that’s what they call her
So that’s what we should call her too
She claims to have no past
But I doubt that it is true-

She seems to have a troubled mind
A dark secret that she keeps-
She doesn’t care to talk too much
And she tosses in her sleep!

She comes from “California”
Or so that’s what we’re told-
When we talk about old boyfriends
She gets distant and so cold!

She says that she don’t have one
But she won’t look into our eyes-
And that look she gets upon her face
Is a rather thin disguise !

How could anyone so beautiful
Not have left someone back at home?
Something must have caused her
To come here on her own!

What could he have done to her,
To make her act this way?
Is being so far from home like this
The price that she must pay?

Did he hurt her bad somehow,
Or was she the hurtful one?
Was it all a misunderstanding?
What all was said and done?

She’s not being truthful
When she tells us who she is
For there’s someone who keeps calling
Who says he wants to talk to Liz!

We don’t know what she’s hiding
By her acting so un-couth-
But her big brown eyes get misty
When we press her for the truth-

I guess we’ll have to wait and see
What this Beth (or Liz) is all about-
But there’s something strange about her,
Of this we have no doubt!

Lost Love

As my body grows more weary
My mind fills more with doubt-
And as I analyze the options
I can see there's no way out~

It seems like it's been forever
since we had any peace of mind-
And all those happy times we had
Have all been left so far behind!

They can hardly be remembered
As I reflect back on the past-
Those sweet and precious moments
All went by so very fast~

The world is closing in on us
Much faster than we know-
And there can't be any doubt left
That it's time for me to go!

You'll be so much better off
Soon after I have gone-
You'll not even remember me
In time, as you move on!

I told you once so long ago
I'd rather die than bring you pain-
And for us to be together
We would lose more than we'd gain~

Oh how that premonition haunts me
As I prepare to leave you now-
And I wish with all my heart and soul
I could remain with you somehow!

But that's just a foolish notion
In the mind of a desperate man-
For love alone can't help us now
I pray my love, you'll understand~

The odds are stacked against us
Tho' we tried, still we have failed-
The destiny we thought was ours
On cruel fate's sword is now impaled!

We gave it all we had to give
And we each did do our part-
But there are times that life's realities
Don't give way to love filled hearts!

To leave while you were sleeping
Was what I was going to do-
But my heart just wouldn't let me
For I owe more than that to you~

Let me look into those eyes once more
Upon that face I'll truly miss
Let me take you in my arms once more
And thank you for each smile, each kiss!

There's a place within my heart
That was created just for you-
When God made me he left that space
For he, in his wisdom knew~

That you would come along someday
And my life would be fulfilled-
Oh, what would have become of me
If that he hadn't willed~

Ya.. I had other dreams of sorts
Childhood wishes that I'd made-
But fate unkind had other plans
and with one bullet, mine forbade!

Little did I know back then
What was In store for me-
For to me it was still yet unknown
This thing called "destiny!"
But in that sweet yet somber moment
I came to understand-
That spot within my heart was filled
By the touch of your warm hand!

Suddenly it became so clear
So positive and sure-
In my heart you took your rightful place
And I found mine in yours!

From this time forward where you go
Well, that's where I go too-
For that spot that God placed in my heart
Would still be empty but for you!


Gates of Heaven

I approached the gates of heaven once
But fell short of passing through-
Not at all by my intention
but through just the touch of you~

The blinding brightness filled my eyes
but still yet I could see-
Beyond the realm of pearl and gold
What there awaited me!

All the promises the book proposed
lay there at my feet-
Angels white, hovering within
Awaiting me to meet~

The sound of glory filled the air
if air is what there it's called-
I heard the sound of trumpets too
As I fumble to recall!

I tried to look beyond the wings
of all those blessed souls-
But failed at my attempt you see
as they hovered oh so close!

With haloed heads they waved at me
chanting words I couldn't hear-
One by one they smiled at me
And then, slowly disappeared!

They faded away so gracefully
Until no more, them I could see-
Replaced then by hazel eyes and a plea
of Liz...You have to look at me...........