Love Poems by sandman

Volume 3

Dear Mr. Katims

There’s Less Max and Liz
as the episodes pass-
And it seems like our Roswell
is loosing it’s class

The writers dump grief on Liz
until the poor girl smothers
Why don’t they put
some of that crap upon others-

She hasn’t seen happiness
since sexual healing
your abusing this girl
is what we are feeling

The dreamers united
to get her more time on the air
now we are thinking
maybe to her we weren’t fair!

You give her the grief
and maybe one lousy kiss-
while all of us watch
and think we won’t get pissed!

Because her beautiful face
appeared on the screen-
for five poultry minutes
in a couple of scenes!

Listen dear writers
here’s how it is-
we’ll give you our time-
if you’ll give us our Liz!

We don’t think we’re asking
for as much as you think-
just keep Liz on
for more than a blink!

Jeez Mr. Katems,
we trusted in you-
Now look what is happening!

the sandman is not a happy camper !


Just what would you do
if to you someone came-
and told you that you
must extinguish the flame-

of love that you have
for the one you adore-
and never again
can you have any more?

Just what would become
of the person you were-
you’d become empty inside
that is for sure!

You’d cry into your pillow
with each night that went by-
you’d wish every day
that you could just die!

For never again
because you were told-
experience the warmth
of the arms that would hold-

you ever so close
to his kind loving heart-
it would break you in two-
it would tear you apart!

To look into his eyes
the way you used to-
you can’t do anymore
it’s strictly taboo!

When he comes to you
and you wish he could stay-
you must say you don’t love him
and send him away!

from the angel of death
he stole you one day-
and now comes a time
that the price you must pay-

is to never again
because you were told
be near the one person
who’s the mate of your sole!

You have to give up
the love that you have-
and take the reason-
with you to the grave!

Every bone in your body
suffers in pain-
because never , no more

can you love him again!
And when he comes to you
with the question of why?
You must turn away
from him and just lie!

You’d love to tell him
if you only could-
the reason you decieved him
was for his own good!

But if you told him that,
he’d just love you more-
so you must be cold
to the one you adore!

To save him from death
this you must do-
If to you this would happen-
just what would YOU do????

~Liz Parker~

So Go Ahead Mr. Katims!

This is going to be a tough one,
you can rest assured-
but all of us are DREAMERS,
so listen to these words!

We're gonna make it through this,
trust in what I say-
For We believe in Max & Liz,
and they will find a way-

These two are the essence,
of the love that we so cherish-
and there isn't any way,
that it could ever perish!

Just let me remind you,
of their love of season last-
the sacrifice, the strawberries,
the joys of moments past!

Seeing Grandma Claudia,
give Liz those final words-
she told about a soulmate
I'm sure that we all heard-

about "if it's not complicated,
a soulmate he might not be"
come on guys remember,
that's ancient history!

We've seen them laugh,
we've seen them cry-
We've seen them at times
willing to die!

We've seen devotion to each other given
and never had a doubt-
that whatever these two went through
it somehow always would work out!

So why are we so worried now?
Have all of us lost faith?
Have they ever failed us before?
come on for heavens sake!

What is wrong with all of us?
In numbers we will stay strong!
And mark my words in future eps.
we'll find that we were wrong!

They will find their way back,
to each others loving arms-
and we will be enjoying,
their beauty and their charms!

So go ahead Mr. Katems,
give us all you've got-
you're dealing with the Dreamers now,
so make it your best shot!!!

sandman and friends are "Keeping the faith"
Dedicated to corner, thanks for the little "push"

For the shortest time I felt like
I belonged here on planet Earth-
I've never before felt like that,
since the moment of my "birth".

Always an outsider,
my distance I would keep
for fear of someone finding
my secret, dark and deep!

Then came this little dark haired girl,
with eyes that twinkled like the stars-
at that moment I then realized,
this destiny of ours!

I couldn't take my eyes off of her
from the moment I first saw,
that darling little girl in a cupcake dress
I just stood and stared in awe!

As the years passed by my love I kept,
buried deep within my heart-
I wanted so much to be her friend,
but didn't know where to start!

Hopelessly and deeply
, I began this headlong fall-
into a love so sweet and beautiful,
that I would give up all-

the secrets that I hold within
my sad and lonely heart-
for just the chance to be her friend
and in her life take part!

Then came a day I feared the worst,
her life was jeopardized-
and just how much I cared for her,
would soon be realized!

For by instinct I reacted,
and by running to her side-
Revealed my true identity,
and no longer could I hide-

She'd want to know the truth now,
It would do no good to lie-
but I couldn't just do nothing,
I just couldn't let her die!

My feelings for her were stronger,
than my fear of being caught-
and I was willing to pay the price,
without a second thought!

Our lives had grown together,
in a very special way-
and a bond had formed between us,
that got stronger every day!

But now all of that is history,
and problems plague us now-
something's come between us,
and she's lost her way somehow!

And all of my special powers,
all of the things that I can do-
just aren't enough to bring her back,
to the love that we once knew!

To win her back is my only chance
for happiness you see-
and we've come full circle, for now it's time
for her to rescue me!

and so much that I desire. So little time
to do those things as the days turn into years!
I think about destiny and what it means to me.
Where will life take me and who will I share it with?

Just look at her, I sure wish I had a chance with her!
I watched her grow from a pretty little girl-
into such a beautiful young woman, and
thought to myself so many times,"God if only

she would notice me!" "What could I possibly do
to make her care for me?" I'm not one of the
beautiful people! People who stand out above
the others. As a matter of fact I try not to for obvious reasons.

But I just have to wonder what it would be like
for someone like her to take an interest in me!
Gosh, I'd be happy just to be her friend, but she
doesn't even know that I exist! She is just too beautiful for words.

If ever it were possible for her to be mine, I would
cherish her and love her like no one else on this
earth could ever do. I would never let her be hurt,
never want to be apart, never let anything come
between us! God, just her smile makes me happy.

I just love to come here where she works and
watch her as she talks with her girl friends,
and laughs. She has such a cute laugh!

It drives me crazy to sit by her in class and not
even be her friend! If only there was a way- -- - - -
Oh my god, She's been shot!- - - - -
MICHAEL, LET ME GO.!!!!!!!!!!!............

..... sandman...........


An angel came from heaven
so many years ago-
Her purpose here on earth,
no one up to now would know!

Roswell has been blessed
I think it's pretty clear
Heaven opened up it's gates
and sent an angel here!

We call her Elizabeth Parker
and judging by what we've seen
she's here to help a friend of ours
and somehow come between-

a war of good and evil,
that is just about begin-
and for the sake of two worlds
the good will have to win!

Here now we find Max Evans
who also came from somewhere up above-
and he's destined to meet Liz Parker
with whom he'll fall in love!

This dark haired mysterious boy
from some exotic place-
in the little town of Roswell
will soon come face to face!

with Roswell's darling angel
and her captivating charms-
He'll long for when the time will come,
that he can hold her in his arms!

Their paths will cross by fate,
or destiny, call it what you will-
and the love that they fall into
by way of a gunshot will fulfill-

A plan created by higher powers,
to incorporate these two-
into a conflict in the universe,
that only they alone can undo!

With his strength and powers,
and her compassion and good will
and help from certain friends.
their destiny's they'll fulfill!

Thru' many trials and tribulations,
these two will surely go
- but never fail to keep their love!
For God has made it so!

Somewhere deep out there in space
lies a world that's yet to know
of their king and queen who's fighting here,
for the freedom they'll bestow
Perhaps someday the history books
of two different worlds will tell,
how heaven opened up it's gates
and sent an angel to Roswell!



I know that it hurts you so to see her that
close to him! But you must remember
that she is one of them, and there's
nothing we can do about that.
She will always be around the group.
We must remember the one most important
thing is that Max loves YOU and only you.

There are many things that she can do for him,
like heal his wounds. Protect him from his
enemies help him to discover who he really is.
But the one thing that she will never be able
to do is make him love her! His heart belongs
to you and you alone! There is nothing that

she can do for him that will ever change that!
She will someday realize that. So we must face
the fact that she will be in his presence and it
will hurt, but you are strong. You are jealous
of how she can do these things while you must
sit back and helplessly watch, but even while
she healed him, his eyes and thoughts were on you.

Oh Liz can't you see how his heart is breaking?
How his spirit has been depleted? How he longs
for just a signal from you that you will accept
the conditions that have arisen? Nothing
between he and you have changed as far as he
is concerned. Can't you see that he is putting
your relationship with each other even before
the danger that he is in?

Go to him Liz! Tell him how you really feel!
He needs that! He needs you! We need you
to be with him! It's right! It's meant to be!
Please Liz, Make it right again!!!
She may be able to heal his wounds,
but only YOU can mend his heart!!

Dearest Liz;

There's someone out there who needs you
I think you know of whom I speak-
And you're afraid that if you let him in,
it will only make him weak!

Consider for a moment Liz,
the opposite is true-
that possibly the strength in him,
emanates through you!

I think you know already,
the answer is pretty clear-
that both of you are miserable,
it looks quite obvious from here!

What you both have been through,
has bonded you as one-
one summer spent apart,
can't undo what that has done!

Go to him and show him
that your love for him is true!
He needs you more than ever now,
for he draws his strength from you-

By his side is where you belong,
it's where you're meant to be-
and tho' it's unbeknown to you-
you are part of the history-

of a world out there somewhere,
among those many stars-
in a distant galaxy
so far away from ours.

The fate of Millions of his subjects,
may depend on what you do-
Liz, your destiny is calling,
you have to see it through!

His people anxiously await,
for those who'll set them free-
To this quest he must be true,
so Liz dear can't you see-

the crossing of your paths
was nothing less than fate,
for a "people" you don't even know
you will help emancipate!

And the king of millions who are waiting
whom he has never seen-
he someday will return to them,
and bring to them a queen!

So go to him my darling Liz,
for you know what you must do-
go stand beside your soulmate,
your destiny is awaiting you!


Thank you lord for giving me
the strength to make it through today-
only you and I know how many times,
I wanted to turn and run away-

before he saw through that thin disguise
that I tried so hard to wear-
the pain and hurt that was on his face
I could hardly stand to bear!

I must remain strong though my heart so aches
for whom with I was meant to be-
and through this thin facade,
I feared he would surely see!

I knew this first encounter
would be difficult for me-
but I can't tie him down right now
, these are times he must be free!

He doesn't need to be burdened,
with lifes little quirks and quakes,
to survive, he must stay focused,
no matter what it takes.

So I must stand aside and let him have
the freedom that he needs
stay in control of my emotions
he mustn't see how my heart grieves-

How I want to die every time he passes,
and I can't reach out and touch his hand-
how hard it is to hold myself back,
how difficult it is to pretend-

that the love inside me has been extinguished,
when in reality it burns so hot-
How much I love and care for him,
but have him I can not!

If ever comes a time,
when together we can be-
I'll truly give my heart to him,
for all eternity! Amen


Well we only have three days left to dwell on the past!
It was indeed a roller coaster ride to say the least!
We had an emotional high when we watched Max
heal our little Liz at the Crashdown the day she was
hit by that stray bullet.

We watched a romance build between our darling
couple by way of gratitude, protectivness,loyalty,
and emotion on the part of Liz. While Max, through
feelings that were dwelling in him for ten years or more,
knowing that Liz was the one and only person that he
would ever be happy with, had no choice but to interfere
with fate when it called upon his beloved, risking all that
he was to save her!

We shared sorrow with Liz as she lost her beloved
grandma.We watched as Max comforted her in his
own special way! We watched her as she risked
friendships to protect his identity and the pain
that she felt by doing so!

We shared their hardships and their
joy as their relationship blossomed into a full fledged
romance that we all wish we could experience!
We watched them as they learned how to protect
and care for each other in a fashion even they at times
couldn't comprehend!

We witnessed unimaginable self sacrifice for
one another several times over, which drew us
even more in love with their love!

And in finale, we watched the most extreme
sacrifice of all. Ones own happiness for the
sake of the other! There can be no better
greater love than that!

Thank you Liz Parker and Max Evans for
giving us what we all desire in life! Compassion,
True love, loyalty, friendship, and the beauty of
life itself.

And the amazing thing is that it we learned
it from two kids in the little town of