Love Poems by sandman

Volume 4

"The Beauty of the Night"

I often go outside at night
gazing into the evening sky ~
in a blanket of black velvet,
you in all your splendor catch my eye!

Like an angel you present yourself,
to those who stop to stare ~
and all the others that surround you,
their presence hardly noticed there!

Your noble violet beauty,
is so pleasant to the eye ~
how in all my consciousness,
could I ever pass you by!

You possess the beauty,
that only God creates ~
and not to any other,
would you ever propitiate!

You often have to stand alone,
for your convictions take you there ~
if necessity commands you to,
as though you didn't care!

But I know different of you now,
my beauty of the night ~
For there is so much more to you,
than just a beam of light!

The evening sky is yours alone,
to do with what you will ~
and when the horizon beckons you,
your memory lingers with me still!

In sheer anticipation,
I wait for your return ~
as the vision of your beauty,
in my memory still burns!

For you remind me of my lady love,
to whom my heart is true~
who I am proud to say,
feels the same way that I do!

And as the evening sky is to Venus!
Thus my heart is to her call ~
For she's the one who lights my way,
because we're soul mates after all!


“All I want for Christmas”

All I want for Christmas,
Is the love that we once knew ~
The warm and tender one,
that once existed between me and you!

I would like to have it back,
all of the good days and the bad ~
Just being there beside you,
sharing all that we once had!

I’d go right back to the beginning,
and endure the fright and the pain ~
just to look into those warm
and loving eyes of yours again!

To feel the soothing, healing power,
of the love you had for me ~
and be safe and protected in your arms,
the way it used to be!

To have you climb up to my balcony,
and to hold me oh, so tight ~
To tell me that you had to come,
just to say goodnight!

To have you look at me again,
with a smile upon your face ~
one wink, one kiss, one little hug,
would be my saving grace ~!

We lost that all somehow my love,
somewhere along the way ~
what has come between us now,
has led our love astray!

Now all I want for Christmas
is to have it back again ~
the way it was for you and me
when we first began!

The eraser room visits at school,
stolen kisses every chance we got ~
Those are the times my darling,
I really miss a lot!

So Santa if you have a gift for me,
there upon your sleigh ~
I hope that it’s the love I’ve lost
somewhere along the way!

Because all I want for Christmas,
is what I had before ~
The love of that someone special,
whom I cherish and adore!



I don’t pretend to know all the things,
that make you what you are!
I just have to go on faith sometimes!
and right now I must go far!

Of all of the powers that I possess,
there is one I wish I had ~
That would be the one to help
me know why you’re so sad!

It seems that you have found a way,
to somehow shut me out ~
It’s as though you are deliberately
trying to make me have my doubts!

So helplessly I must stand here,
and watch you as you cry ~
And it does no good for me to ask,
for you won’t tell me why!

I believe that what we have,
is wonderful and true ~
And what ever you are troubled by
I want to help you through!

What it was that came between us,
this thing you keep inside ~
hurts me, to see it hurting you,
this thing that you must hide!

But if you want, I’ll just step back,
and let you have your way ~
I’ll be your friend, if that’s your wish,
but just here me when I say-

When things turn right for us again
please trust these words are true ~
I’ll be coming for YOU Liz,
because I believe in you!


"One Voice"

There are times I lack the ability,
to face the pearls of the day~
when threatened by an adversary,
I must somehow find a way-

to muster up the courage and,
to take the situation then in hand~
I now have found a way to do this,
and I've come to understand!

The ability to do this tho',
comes simply not by choice~
but it's more of a special gift~
For I can hear one single voice!

From the one who's come to know me,
The one who shares my soul
The one who is my equal~
The one who makes me whole!

Calling to me softly,
from somewhere deep within~
I need but only close my eyes,
and I suddenly begin-

to hear her sweet voice calling,
and making me aware~
That wherever I may be,
her spirit too is there!

Filling me with courage,
and to try compassion first~
in resolving situations,
making better out of worse!

For that is what she's taught me,
compassion, truth, and love~
that there are better resolutions made,
with an olive branch and a dove!

When shadows in my spirit,
hide the path that lights my way~
the answer lies right here within,
for that single voice will say-

"Wherever you may be!
What ever you may do!
Just think of me my darling,
and I'll be there with you"!

Others have a special phrase,
a mantra of their choice~
but I can simply shut my eyes,
and in my mind I hear One voice!

This makes me who, and what I am,
and makes my heart and soul rejoice-
for whatever may come between us,
I will always hear her voice!


"I'd rather hear a lie"

An awful lot of good came out of that trip to
New York City! For one thing certain, I found
the way the "dupes" live, isn't very pretty!

I'm glad Our pods were placed near our
little Roswell town. I'm glad that the Evans
were kind enough to keep what they had found!

I'm glad that my life came along the same time
as yours. I'm glad I got to meet and fall in love with
you of course!

I'm happy for the year of joy that you have
given to me!
I'm happy for the new found boy, that you
brought out in me!
I'm grateful for just knowing that someone
like you could care!
I'm grateful for the tender moments
that you and I once shared!

I feel that you have become an integral part
of me! And I don't quite understand just yet,
that what you know, you keep from me!
There's something in your eyes, that tells me
something's wrong! You're fighting with yourself
and even though you're strong- You're getting
weaker with each moment, and your heart needs
some repose. For there's no anger in your sentiment,
Just confusion I suppose!

You're not really like this girl that you're trying to be!
It's obvious to all of us. It's very plain to see!
This thing you hide is taking you, to places
you don't want to go! And yet you're powerless to stop
because this something that you know-
Controls your life as well as mine and you must
see it through! I sense this in your aura, because
I've become a part of you!

While healing you that day, there's something
we exchanged! Something That I gave you!
I never did explain! It was better for you not
to know, for your safety was at stake!
And I had to protect you with whatever
it would take!

But the worst of it is over now I truly do believe!
With our friendship on the mend, I'm trying not to grieve-
We have to put the past behind us, and try to move ahead!
I must forget the things I heard and saw that night,
and look toward the future instead!

But for the first time since we renewed our friendship,
still I 'll go to bed and cry!
When I asked the question about you and Kyle,
for this one time, I'd rather have heard a lie!


Lunch time in the quad

"With their lunches in their hand-
Here they come across the quad,
What a motley crew this is,
My little anti-alien squad!"

"Here comes my loving sister!
First one to take her place!
She sits here at my left side,
so we don't sit face to face!"

"Things have come between us,
Now it's not like it was before-
Every time I look toward her,
her eyes turn toward the floor!"

"Seems like ever since her birthday,
things haven't been the same-
Is it Isabel, or is it Vilandra?
I don't even know her name!"

"She's accompanied by Tess!
And they've become close friends!
They share some kind of bond!
But that isn't where it ends!"

"Tess has become an integral part of us,
this, my "previous existence" wife-
For beyond a shadow of a doubt,
we all owe her our lives!"

"Next to arrive is Michael,
He's my second in command!
With some resentment on his face,
He will sit at my right hand!"

"Then here comes Alex Whitman!
Now a soldier he is not-
But I would trust my life to him,
without a second thought!"

"Here she comes, our dear Maria!
And as usual scantily clad!
and with a few funny comments-
somehow make happy out of sad!"

"She is more than just "Maria"
she's a loyal, noble friend-
when called upon to do her part,
She's a trooper to the end"

"I'll treasure these few seconds,
of her sweet and bubbly charm-
and watch all the others smile,
as she makes the moment warm!"

"For I know what's in store for me,
as I glance up at the door!
The once, center of my universe,
comes gliding across the floor!"

"My treasure, my love of life,
now the last one to arrive-
the one that I existed for,
the one for whom I came alive!"

"Suddenly Now a cloud of despair,
Swipes Maria's joy away!
In just two seconds makes it feel,
as far away as yesterday!"

"Liz looks at Michael sitting there,
as her and I remember that-
just one short single year ago,
That's where she, my soul mate sat!"

Still it overwhelmes me yet,
The sunlight shimmering in her hair-
That majestic essence of her aura,
as tho' an angel were standing there!

"Now with a darting awkward glance,
she sits across from me!
Trying hard for our eyes not to meet,
takes her place uncomfortably!"

"The recent past has been too full,
of deception, secrecy, and lies!
For the ones I loved and trusted most,
won't even look me in the eyes!"

"All that's left is half of them!
There's Maria, Alex, and Tess-
What has happened to us now?
How has this become such a mess!"

"I'm suddenly glad I got here first,
and had a bite of lunch-
For suddenly I have no appetite,
as I glance around this bunch!"

"To whom I can rely on,
anymore I'm not really sure-
but looking across the table,
my heart begins to stir!"

"This hold that she has over me,
that strong signal I recieve-
keeps telling me no matter what,
I must have faith and still believe!"

"There must be a good reason,
that she's keeping us apart!
I know it in my mind,
and I feel it in my heart!"

"Someday I'll get the answer,
of what changed her so much!
Once again I'll hold her close to me,
Once again our lips will touch!"

a despondent ~Max~


I’m not really one to give advice,
my dear, especially to you!
For it’s hard for anyone to conceive
just what it is you must be going through!

But if I were to give you any,
Liz, if I were you-
I’d have to tell him something,
so this is what I would do-

I would take him by the hand,
and walk to a place we both knew-
that’s what I would do Liz,
and that’s what you should too!

Perhaps that old radio tower,
where you and he once slept-
Wrapped tightly in each others arms
and each other warm, you kept!

That was monumental Liz,
I’m sure that you’ll agree-
That will bring back memories,
of better times for you and he!

From your pocket take a strawberry,
and place it in his hand-
a symbol of your love for him-
he will surely understand!

Hold his face within your hands,
and stare straight into his eyes-
Say- “Max this is me talking now,”
“no more deception, no more lies”

“Once not too long ago,
you came to me and asked-
ME, to trust and have faith in YOU,
which to me then was quite a task!”

“I had that faith, Max, and I held on,
Held on with all of my might!”
“and finally when the truth came out-
I found that you were right!”

“Now comes a time when you must show,
how much faith you have in me!”
“Look through my eyes and into my heart-
Max, and you will surely seesee

!” “The way I feel about you,
hasn’t changed, not one degree!”
But to be together now Max-
would be bad for you and me!”

I know things Max, things I cannot share-
although I wish with all my heart I could!”
“I got to see the future Max!
And our future wasn’t good!”

“I have a chance to change that Max!
and change it now I must!”
“Follow your heart now my darling Max-
And show that In me you trust!”

“What I have done TO us now, is FOR us Max!”
“Someday you will see!”
“We want a happy ending Max,
And I’m sure that there will be!”

“I love you Max, with all my heart,
and your love for me you must now show!”
“Because, For us to have a future, my love,
Right now, you must let me go!”

Take his hand Liz, and with his finger,
wipe a tear from off your cheek-
Say-”Max, here is the honesty,and sincerity
that you seek!”

“This is all that I can give you now,
as symbols of my love for you!”
“A strawberry and a teardrop,
to prove my love is true!” ...sandman...

"I Will Comfort You"

I'm your sandman Liz,
I've come to help you sleep!
While you count the sheep I brought,
I'll count the tears you weep!

Just know that I am here for you,
and try to understand-
I will love and comfort you,
in any way I can!

I know what fate has place on you,
is so awful much to bear-
for one as warm and sweet as you,
it doesn't seem quite fair!

You gaze upon his picture,
that you hold against your heart-
the only comfort that you can find,
these times that you're apart!

He has a picture too my dear,
planted deep within his mind-
one of his only true soul mate,
that he had to leave behind!

You told him what he needed,
when he came to you tonight-
something he'll take with him,
and now he will be all right!

"The granolith is powerful" you said,
"Don't let it fall into the wrong hands"!
He'll take that message with him now,
and come to understand!

You know something you cannot share,
He will now come to realize-
He knows that you've been forewarned,
he could see it in your eyes!

Don't you fret my darling Liz,
for he'll be coming back to you!
For even times like these cannot,
undo a love this true!

Although fate has given you,
this hard and bitter pill-
these are times that make the "sweet" times,
even sweeter still!

So cry you tears of sorrow now!
But try to understand-
Soon there will be times of joy
and they're right around the bend!

So until that day comes for you,
although I'm just one man-
Dear Liz I 'm here to comfort you,
in any way I can!

...Sandman...You're my "Dream Girl" Liz!

Simple Reasoning

You ask her for a reason
for what she’s done to you-
and I can see in your eyes that,
you can’t believe it’s true!

You know that she’s not like that!
She would never do such a thing!
Without having a perfect reason-
and it leaves you wondering-

Something is now controlling
the one that you love so!
Something has taken hold of her,
and now it won’t let go!

Some powerful force has caused her,
to deceive you in such a way!
to make you mad and spite her-
and lose your faith in her today!

You just cannot imagine
her in bed with someone else!
That’s beyond your comprehension
you try to tell yourself!

But with your own eyes you saw it-
in plain and open sight!
there’s no way she could deny-
what it was you saw that night!

Then something deep inside you,
won’t let you believe it’s true-
There’s no way that this love of yours,
could ever do this to you!

There’s some not so simple explanation,
waiting there for you!
You must continue to believe in her-
For she must be going through-

something she has to keep to herself,
and when the time is right-
She’ll have an explanation,
but it may not be tonight!

Remember once there was a time,
when it was you who asked of her-
to have a large amount of faith in you,
of this you will concur!

there were reasons for what you did,
that she could not foresee-
and that was not so long ago,
you must admit to me!

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt!
that she’s not that kind of girl!
For there’s none other like her Max,
not in this whole wide world!


If I could turn back time,
I think I would change the past~
I never had a chance to think,
It happened oh so fast!

Just what is it you would change,
if there was a way you could?
What would you make different Liz~
How could it do us any good?

“If I had it all to do over!
Max I think I would!
I’d give you back your life
if I only could!”
“That fateful day you came to me,
your gifted hand you placed-
upon that mortal wound of mine
and suddenly erased-
All of your future dreams
all the thing you planned-
They all went up in smoke that day-
Max don’t you understand?”
When you gave me back my life,
you traded yours for mine!
I’d like to change that Max!
If I could go back in time!

“Listen to me-my darling Liz,
When I came to you that day-
That is when my life began!
I wouldn’t want it any other way!
I have watched you from a distance
for many, many years!
And to never have you know me,
was my greatest fear!”
“When I placed my hand upon you,
for me that was the start-
For I not only gave you back your life,
I gave to you my heart!”
“Neither of us asked for ,
what now we’re going through~
but to take away all that we are now,
Liz, you just could not do!”

But look at what it’s caused you Max~,
Look what I’ve done to you!
was it really worth all of what-
you now are going through?
I have given you nothing,
to compare to what you’ve given me-
I would like to repay you Max-
my darling can’t you see!
You would have been much better off-
without me in your life~
All that I have given you-
is misery and strife!
So if I had it to do all over,
and I truly wish I could-
When you told me “I must look at you”
I don’t think that I would!

Liz, don’t break my heart like this,
you must know how much I care~
To have you think this way at all,
Is more than I can bear!
Fate has brought me here to you,
from a far and distant star~
It’s fate that has control of us,
and makes us what we are!
We’ve bonded souls that day my love,
and matter not what we must go through~
I wouldn’t want to have a life,
without a me and you!
Liz, the day that I knelt over you,
that’s when my life began~
So please don’t ever let me
hear you make that wish again!

" Hope for the future"

I gaze in your direction
once again your eyes meet mine-
The longing I feel gets stronger
but I just can't seem to find-

the words to fit my feelings
just what to you I'd like to say-
for I fear that you'll reject me,
and turn again and walk away!

So I lower my eyes and turn my glance
away from you my sweet-
and stand there like a little child,
just staring at my feet!

I wish I had the courage
to just walk up to you and say
exactly what my reasons were
for driving you away!

but too much is at stake right now
and to tell you would be wrong!
I must continue this deception,
somehow I must stay strong!

To confess that what I'd done,
was simply for the best-
Would pose a danger to you now,
you and all the rest!

I'm going to think of something though!
Some way to ease your pain!
Maybe tell you just enough,
so you'll trust me once again!

That's the most that I can hope for now,
is to win your trust once more-
It will take a while to make
it like it was before!

But I feel better just being near you,
and just to receive that awkward glance-
gives me hope that in future times
, we'll get a second chance!
We belong to each other!
our future is sealed by fate-
and when I'm sure the time is right,
I shall not hesitate-

To run into your open arms,
where I know that I belong-
I've always known that darling,
I've felt it all along!

I'll wait for you forever,
if forever is what it takes!
no matter how much I suffer!
No matter how my heart breaks!

For my main concern is your safety
, and until I get a chance-
to tell you why I deceived you,
I'll have to thrive on just your glance!