Love Poems by sandman

Volume 5


In the evening when I go to bed
and finally sleep does come ~
I have these visions of a strange place,
perhaps it’s where I‘m from!

I see purple skies with sulfur clouds,
and forests of trees that glow at night ~
with fruit of gold that hangs from them,
it’s quite and awesome sight!

I see two giant suns of amber hue,
chasing each other across the sky ~
playfully creating double shadows,
which is sure to catch your eye!

There are five mile high mountains,
with the top peaks chopped off flat ~
The snow appears to be of silver,
can you just imagine that?

With these never ending rivers,
flowing through valleys oh! so wide ~
it’s quite impossible for anyone,
to see across to the other side!

The rivers flow to silky lakes
of beautiful crimson red ~
as tho’ by some strange phenomena,
into which a hundred billion roses bled!

Timid “dolphin” like creatures frolicking,
break through the surface in enormous pods ~
and then climb out onto the shoreline,
onto the coal black sand they trod!

Chasing away blue birdlike creatures,
like curious puppies they love to play ~
With Music like sounds they communicate,
until all of the “birds” have flown away!

Suddenly like a turquoise cloud,
the birdlike creatures have their turn ~
then back into the crimson water,
the “dolphins” do return!

How beautiful this world must be,
I wonder if it’s really real?
Do I just imagine what “home” is like?
Or do I have the power to feel -

Was My essance impregnated with history,
of where I once came from?
Was I given a mental encyclopedia,
of what was once my home?

Is out there in the great beyond,
a place like that waiting there for me?
or do I just imagine all of this?
Is it just some kind of fantasy?

For as beautiful as all of it is,
these visions that in sleep I see ~
The most beautiful one of all,
when I awake is what most sturrs me!

For on my dresser is an 8X10
that snaps me back to reality ~
A glossy picture of my darling Liz,
is the first thing that I see!

A message on the wind

Far across the miles,
I heard my soul mate call ~
not by way of telephone,
it was not like that at all!

I had a mystic feeling
when danger came my way ~
I thought it was my imagination,
at first, I have to say!

But persistently it hounded me,
until my attention it finally got ~
I glanced toward where it came from,
and standing on that spot -

a vision most impossible,
almost swept me off my feet~
the image of my darling Liz,
was standing in the street!

Traffic was passing through her,
like she wasn’t really there ~
but I couldn’t take my eyes off her,
As I walked toward her and stared!

She beckoned to me frantically,
but I couldn’t hear a sound ~
until the silence was suddenly broken,
by something crashing to the ground!

Right where I was standing,
not two short seconds ago ~
My darling Liz sent a message to me,
telepathically, to let me know-

that death was knocking at my door
and would have certainly come in,
had not my precious soul mate,
sent her message on the wind!

inspired by this animation from cosmicdream**

The four M’s

Magical, Mystical, Mythological
Not too scientific I must say ~
so when I heard words like these,
I would usually turn and walk away!

But then one day my beliefs,
were suddenly put up to the test ~
For here, two inches below my ribs,
is where a bullet came to rest!

And then kneeling over me,
much to my surprise,
an angel was there asking me
to look into his eyes!

Instantly the shock and pain
began to go away!
Was it Magic, myth,or mystical?
All three I’d have to say!

Now these are three of the four
M’s now that fill my heart ~
The fourth is the most important,
For it’s become the biggest part -

Of what I believe in today,
for It’s why I’m here today in fact ~
The fourth “M” that fills my life??
I’m sure you know by now...IT’S MAX!!!


How far would you go

Just how far would you go,
to find your love so true?
How far would you travel,
to be with the one meant for you?

Would you go to right next door,
to find the one who fills your dreams?
the one and only person,
for which each atom of you screams?

Would you come down off the mountain,
to the valley far below ~
to find that special someone,
who’d make your love bloom and grow?

Would you cross a raging river,
if you knew on the other side ~
was someone waiting for you,
with whom you could abide?

Would you walk across a desert,
over scorching, burning sand ~
to find that certain someone,
and take them by the hand?

Would you sail across an ocean,
vast, and deep and wide ~
If the one you’d love forever,
was waiting on the other side?

It was a sort of ocean,
over which I had to come ~
an endless sea of nothingness,
to find my special one!

My loving, doting mother,
had enough foresight ~
to send me on a journey,
through never ending night!

In a ship that sailed the stars,
with a fresh and new rebirth ~
she bid me fond fare-well,
and sent me here to earth!

Because in a mothers heart,
is the ability to know ~
That sometimes greater distances,
you often have to go!

To find the one who’s right,
and bring the kind of love as true ~
as the one who raised and nurtured,
and often carried you!

Then for thirty six years I lay there,
in a kind of suspended state!
For she wasn’t even born yet,
So until then I had to wait!

All that I have been through,
and how long I had to wait ~
just make it even more special,
for I have my perfect mate!

And if I were required,
to go back to where I began ~
I wouldn’t hesitate a moment,
to go through it all again ~

So if you ever question me,
I wish for you to know ~
I’d cross the universe for her,
That’s how far I’d go!


To be with you

I won't ask you anymore,
about what I saw that night ~
what I do know is all in all,
something just isn't right!

You say what you and Kyle did,
was because he was there for you ~
I just can't see that happening Liz,
That just isn't you!

I know you- like I know myself,
and your virtues are too strong ~
you have too many principals,
to do something so wrong!

You don't react on impulse,
like you want me to think you do ~
so no matter what you tell me now,
I won't believe it's true!

I have this feeling that what you hide,
Is for my benefit ~
and I'll find out just what it is,
before I'll ever quit!

We've come too far you and I,
to have us end up like this ~
I'll keep sifting through our past,
for something I must have missed!

But even if someday I find,
that what you say is true ~
there's nothing you could ever do
to stop me from loving you!

I don't know why but I know It's true ~
and deep down in my heart I know,
that I was meant to be with you!

So you might think that you're fooling me,
and I'll go on letting you think that you are ~
but for me to give you up this easily?
No Liz....I've traveled much too far!

This universe wasn't big enough,
to keep me from finding you ~
so nothing that happens here and now,
could bring an end to a love this true!


Where have all the dreamers gone?

Where have all of the 'dreamers gone?
all the ones of old ~
Have they moved on to slower threads?
Has "Cherishing grown cold?

Where have all of the 'Dreamers' gone?
have they moved to another place?
Have they grown tired of two threads a day?
Are we moving at to fast a pace?

Where have all of the 'Dreamers' gone?
Do you think they might come back?
I miss their talented posts in here!
It's now something that this thread lacks!

I'm posting this memorial,
of dreamers old and new!
Just to say I'm sorry that you've left,
and how much I love and miss you!

Maybe if we slow it down,
some of them may return,
Until that time, In memorium
my heart shall ever yearn-

for the days of old when they came in,
for more than just for a quick hello ~
and to share their beautiful stuff with us,
instead of going to a place more mellow!


Dear Liz,

The face that launched a thousand ships,
would pale if by compared-
to the one I gaze upon
in you my lady fair!

To try to put it into words,
the beauty you possess ~
leaves me at a loss I fear
For I can’t, I must confess!

But still I must try to convey,
the wonder that I see ~
I burst with pride in the fact that you
are standing next to me!

For you have chosen me over all
of the men who seek your charms ~
I’m the one most fortunate,
to hold you in my arms!

My one and only wish in life
was fulfilled the day you came ~
so blessed I feel when I hear you say
that you too, feel the same!

For me to live without you now
would be impossible you see ~
I haven’t any doubt at all,
there’d be nothing left for me!

As I look into your eyes,
I can see my whole future there ~
every single moment of it,
with you I want to share!

Friendships come and friendships go,
and this to us is no surprise~
But when we were paired my fate was sealed
and I came to realize-

you only get one soul mate,
And for them you have to wait ~
Because YOU don’t get to choose them,
they're already placed there in your fate!

God made you for me,

or was it the other way around?

Either way the joy remains,
for my happiness abounds!

If a face could launch a thousand ships-
your Armada I would command~
for of any quest you chose for me,
none could be too grand!

I”d sail into the darkest night,
on a wild and raging sea ~
Without even asking why
if it you asked of me!

Because it is now as it was always,
there’s nothing I wouldn’t do ~
for you and your love my darling,
Because,- - - - I believe in you!

graphics by Redhawk


The Miracle

A miracle by definition is,
“a supernatural event
due to divine intervention”
as though by heaven sent!

To see one happen in your life,
you’d be quite fortunate indeed ~
But to have one happen TO you,
you’d unfortunately have to need!

I’ve had one given to me,
and this one has a face ~
this miracle I now possess,
came across endless time and space!

Oh yes I believe in miracles,
I’ve been blessed with one somehow ~
and I thank God for him every day,
for, he’s climbing through my window now!

As I look into his hazel eyes,
they’re like windows to a soul ~
of the purest, kindest, warmest heart,
that one could ever know!

For me to share this kind of love,
with one so pure and true ~
I felt the life he saved that day
was starting out brand new!

I’m aware that things do happen,
that sometimes cannot be explained ~
but the results from them occurring,
are always better that remain!

And just what was it that I have done,
to have been given such a prize?
To have one of his true miracles
standing here gazing into my eyes!

I’ve watched my “living miracle”
heal the wounded and the ill ~
and think how could this happen,
if it wasn’t in God’s will!

But he says He don’t believe in you,
even with the gifts you’ve given him!
How can I convince him,
that In him you are within?

I’m blessed, for him you’ve given me,
and I swear that this is true!
God, by all of the faith you’ve given me,
I’ll deliver him to you!

Because of you

When I ran up to heal you,
You think I gave you life that day ~
But I really have to tell you,
I think it went the other way!

My whole life was hidden
before you came to me ~
You’re the one who caused me,
to come out from behind the “tree”!

Because of you I found life to be
something beautiful and bright ~
You brought the sun into my life!
You have shown to me the light!

Back then no one could ever know,
the secret that I bore ~
But when I saw you laying there,
it didn’t matter anymore!

I could no longer hide the gift I had,
when your life was at hand ~
I somehow knew deep in my heart,
that you would understand!

I couldn’t let the world lose
this person that I knew ~
to be it’s brightest angel,
for I saw that in you!

So before you speak of gratitude,
I wish to tell you this!
I wouldn’t trade one minute
for I would not want to miss-

any of those memories
we’ve had along the way ~
For without you I wouldn’t be
the man I am today!

So believe me when tell you,
for every word is true ~
Everything I am today,
is all because of you!



Again I had to come to you,
simply as a friend ~
Liz it's getting hard for me,
to continue to pretend!

The feelings that I have for you,
get stronger every day ~
How much longer do you think,
you can keep pushing me away?

I keep thinking of the times,
I held you to my heart ~
We promised one another,
we would never be apart!

Through endless sleepless nights,
I try so hard to comprehend ~
What has happened to my soul mate,
to make you want to end-

This special thing that we once had,
just what was it that I've done ~
To drive away your treasured love,
my one and only one!

I beg you, tell me Liz,
What is it I must do?
For there could never be another,
to take the place of you!

So some day soon I have to say,
this friendship thing must end ~
I promised once I'd come for you,
but it wont be as a "friend"!


animation by redhaw
Fear Everybody has a fear of something,
Not excluding me ~
I have a fear of certain things,
like things I cannot see!

I cannot see into tomorrow,
and what’s waiting for me there ~
I don’t like not knowing,
and that sometimes makes me scared!

I feared the dark as a little child,
and had to sleep with a light ~
Now the dark isn’t what causes me
to lay awake at night!
My fear of death was heightened,
on a balmy autumn day ~
when while two men were fighting,
a stray bullet came my way!

I feared my life was ending,
when up to me you ran ~
but by the grace of God,
That’s when my life began!

I thought you were and angel,
and I wasn’t far from wrong!
Because all you did was touch me ~
and my pain and fear was gone!

From that moment on I loved you,
but I feared you didn’t care ~
you said it would be dangerous,
for my love with you to share!

Still I couldn’t help myself,
I knew we were meant to be ~
I feared that if I lost you,
I would die of misery!
Now I hold you near me,
each and every day ~
and listen to your promise,
that you’ll never go away!

The happiness I’ve known,
just to be with you!
makes me fear my heart will burst,
from this love of ours so true!

Now an unforseen problem
causes me to say goodbye ~
and I fear the worst will happen,
if I ever tell you why!

I fear that I will lose your love
before this crisis ends ~
For after all you meant to me,
all we now can be are friends!

But my biggest fear of all,
and this one reigns supreme ~
I fear that I’ll wake up and find,
that you were just a dream!

for 6throck

It's Impossible

It’s impossible for me to express in words,
the love I feel for him! For the words haven’t
been invented, for what I feel within!

Is it possible for the ocean to exist without
the rivers flow? Is it possible for the mountains
streams, to exist without the winters snow?

Is it possible for the summer flowers in the
meadows wild to grow ~ without the winds and rain
of spring, to help their seeds to sow?

Is it possible to hide the sun, if clouds
do not exist ~ could I ever deny him of my love?
Could I possibly resist?

Is it possible for me to lie to him, without him
seeing through ~ this shallow masquerade I wear
while my eyes reveal what’s true?

Is it possible to deny my love, when near
him I must be ~ when there is no other choice
for me, because, near him I MUST be!

It’s impossible for me to keep, my thoughts from
the one who knows me best ~ For he’s the other
half of me, and for that I have been blessed!

So when the oceans fill themselves, without the
rivers flow! And mountain streams can meander,
without the winters snow!

And the meadows find a way to flower, without
springs wind and rain ~ Then maybe I can find
the words that my love for him explains!


Keeping the Faith

While remembering the past,
and how good it was back then ~
The tender moments we cherished,
Back when they first began!

The ultimate sacrifice Max had made,
when he healed his Liz that day ~
The fear that Liz expressed at first,
and how soon it went away!

How quickly they became attached,
both by heart and soul ~
How when they were apart,
neither one felt whole!

When she thought that he was leaving,
for fear of being caught !
Her world collapsed around her,
she was so distrought!

When Grandma Claudia passed away,
and Kyles friends obsessed ~
Battered and bruised, still he came,
when by Liz he was addressed!

It was Max, Liz chose to lean on,
in her time of need ~
And Liz would be HIS strength,
If in doubt he couldn't lead!

Now comes a time there might be doubt,
in our beloved pair ~
Troubles plague them more and more
, but that chemistry's still there!

There are times that we lose hope,
that together they can be ~
We have to watch time after time,
and share their misery!

But Dreamers are as Dreamers do,
and our faith we'd always keep ~
Because every fibre of our being,
knows what these two have is deep!

So every time a doubt is cast,
upon our loving pair ~
let us keep the faith my friends,
because that spark is always there!

We can see it in his eyes,
we know it's always in her heart ~
We can see the pain and sorrow,
that they feel when they're apart!

They have something special,
and they share it all with us ~
we shall not desert them,
no matter how ominous!

When comes the time of joy we seek,
our two will reunite ~
The pendulum swings back the other way,
our world will once again be right!

For there's only one Liz Parker,
And to Max no one can compare!
There’s no greater love in this universe,
than the one our dream couple shares

End of Innocence

Sometimes love will take you,
to places you shouldn't go ~
Following your heart sometimes,
before you even know-

the consequences you must face,
for the things that you have done ~
can be more than you bargained for,
but once love has begun-

You cast all caution to the wind,
your emotions make you blind ~
you submit to certain feelings,
you can't help yourself, you find!

Your feelings draw you ever closer,
to the one who makes you dwell ~
into the sublime and never ending,
somewhere between heaven and hell!

Your conscience bids you caution,
your heart says go ahead ~
Your conscience never lies to you,
but you follow your heart instead!

Then there you are in trouble deep,
you now must pay the cost ~
you went too far for love this time,
now your innocence is lost!

You ran to her and healed her,
and saved her life that day ~
so now and ever after,
there's a price you'll have to pay!

Your life of adolescence,
is all but in the past ~
Today is the beginning, Max,
You'll have to grow up fast!

She will be right there with you!
Because you stole hers too!
This is the end of innocence!
Both for her and you!

The way you cherish and protect her!
How she watches over and cares for you!
Makes it obvious to us,
that what you have is true!

So as a jury of your peers,
we unanimously agree ~
We the Dreamers find you both guilty,
of LOVE in the first degree!

Candle on the Water

True love is like the ocean,
It's so vast, deep, and wide-
and we who set sail upon it,
scarce can see to the other side!

Often setting sail into,
her calm and peaceful realm-
with confidence and vigor,
our hearts are at the helm!

With no anticipation,
of storms along the way-
we point the bow toward the horizon,
on a calm and sunny day!

But storms are bound to come along,
and our reference points get lost-
we can no longer navigate by the stars alone,
as on an angry sea we're tossed!

The daylight turns to darkness,
and we can't see far ahead ~
adrift on open waters,
with a compass that's gone dead!

Desperately we tack our way,
through angry waves of foam ~
Searching for a beacon,
A light to follow home!

Yes true love IS like an ocean,
with different temperaments!
We tend to lose our way sometimes!
Our point of reference!

A single beam of light we seek
in troubled times like these-
A "candle on the water,"
to put our minds at ease!

When times like these do happen,
And they happen to the best!
That is when I count on you,
for my doubts you to arrest!

for you're my beacon darling!
That guides me through the night!
My "candle on the water!"
My single point of light ~


The Tears I Hide

As I lay here again tonight
failing to fall asleep ~
I can't simply do as others do-
Just start counting sheep.

I've already failed at that,
and it's not that I haven't tried ~
I just find it easier,
to count the tears I've cried!

It's better for me to shed my tears,
in the dark the way I do!
So In the day while you are near,
I don't cry in front of you!

I mustn't let you see them fall,
for if I do I fear-
That I'll submit to you my love,
when you try to draw me near!

And I just can't let that happen!
I must keep up this disguise!
I can't even look toward you,
for fear you'll see it in my eyes!

I can't love you anymore!
At least that's what I'm told ~
I have to give you up!
To you I must be cold!

I'm being forced to sacrifice
the only love I'll ever know ~
Just turn my back and walk away
from the one that I love so!

So I'll keep inside the way I feel,
but I really must confess ~
Although I can't love you anymore,
I'll never love you any less!