Love Poems by sandman

Volume 6


The gossiping thunder of a summer storm
passes my transgression from cloud to cloud-
ďShe lied to him-she lied to himĒ
Oh must it be so loud.

The telltale winds break the silence
and pardon leaves from all the trees-
ďshe lied- she lied they whisper,
and then she set him free.Ē

The raindrops create ripples
upon a once still water pond
the rings grow much more rapidly
as from their source they become less fond.

Growing larger slowly
as they pass across the pool-
carrying their message
of the fate of this poor fool!

Finally the water, once still,
is still no more-
and the story of my fate
is cast from shore to shore.

ďShe lied, She lied,
tell all you know she liedĒ
Oh donít they understand my reasons
and how ache inside?

Maybe someday the winds of time
will pass along the word-
once they know the purpose
of the lie that they have heard.

The thunder will send the message
for all the world to know-
the reason for my lying
was because I love him so!

The waters on the still pond
will then return to rest-
once they find my purpose
was only for the best.

The sun will shine again for me
in future times I know-
Storms like these must come sometimes
or what we are will cease to grow!

The way Iím feeling now
will surely fade away-
as truth in future times prevails
and the guilt is gone away!

~Liz Parker~


The danger of loving somebody too much
is that there may come a day
when you long for their touch~

And theyíre too far away to hear when you call,
and you fear for some reason
out of love they may fall~

To him it must seem that I just have grown cold
in reality all hell would break loose
if my secret I told~

I must stay with my mindset and keep us apart
but itís so hard for this girl
who once followed her heart~

Losing him may be the price I must pay
And its not easy to watch the love
of ones life slip away~

ďFor better or worse, until death do us partĒ
These are the words now
that are breaking my heart~

To my love, these words I may not get to speak
and Iím dying inside
for thatís all that I seek~

Is fate so unkind that it would just throw away
what it had created
when it sent you that day?

How could it just tease me by giving me you
and then make me come to you
and say that weíre through?

I donít know our future, just what Iíve been told
I just know that now,
you, I canít ďhave and holdĒ

But this I do know, that my heart will be broken
If I were to lose you
and these words left unspoken~

ďTo love and to honorĒ is what I want most
with all of our loved ones
proposing a toast~

That for ever this bond may never be broken
and we love and live by
these words that weíve spoken!

Will this ever happen? Will this ever come true?
or will I have to spend
my whole life without you?

I canít go on without you no matter how hard I try,
and if soon you donít hold me
I surely will die!

For the sorrow of parting is far fromďsweetĒ
and cold fills my heart
where once I felt heat~

This canít last much longer, this being apart
I have gone much too long
with this pain in my heart!

Now, I may have to live with the lack of your touch
but I guess there is danger
in loving somebody so much!

~Liz Parker~

Dear Liz,

When youíre prepared to love again
let me be the first in line ~
when you decide to give your heart
remember, you still hold mine!

For I have never let you go
and I guess I never will!
But that will be my cross to bear
and it will always be until-

You realize that what we had
was what you needed all along ~
someone whoíll always be there
with a love for you so strong-

That nothing you could ever do
would make me ever stray ~
The faith Iíll always have in you
will never ever go away!

The love that God gave me for you
took many years to build ~
and one day only by his grace
my dreams were all fulfilled!

Now there will never be a day
that I donít cherish you ~
worship and protect you,
no matter what you do!

So when the time is right for you
and your fears are left behind ~
and youíre prepared to love again
let me be the first in line!


Heís not your type

Donít even consider him my dear,
for heís not the one for you ~
Ya, he walked through the door last night
and flashed those eyes of his at you!

But he does that to all the girls
so donít get involved with him ~
leave him for the other girls,
whose pickens are more slim!

You deserve much more than that,
Iím sure that youíll agree ~
when you start to think more clearly Liz
Iím sure that this youíll see!

Thereís only one love in this life for you,
and you know just who that is ~
Heís the one whoís always on your mind
So donít go bottom fishing Liz!

This guy is trouble I can see
just by the way he flirts around ~
I donít want you hurt by him
and thatís where youíll be bound!

Donít spend yourself on what will fail
you have so much more to give ~
than what he will appreciate
you have so much life to live!

Your soul mate is out there waiting
so patiently for you to come ~
if this love of yours is spilling out,
go out and give him some!

He will wait for you forever
if you say it must be so ~
You neednít have to tell him why Liz,
Heís Max...Heíll always know!


Living in the shadow

We walked together in sunshine once
but that seems now so long ago ~
and time passed by so quickly then
but now it goes so slow!

The hours seemed like minutes
because we were so happy then ~
and now each minute seems a lifetime
and I canít remember when-

The shadows didnít haunt me
of the love that we once knew ~
even in the dark , theyíre there
these visions of me and you!

Laughing, dancing, kissing,
holding you close to me ~
Those warm and tender moments.
And now illusions are all I see!

In daytime they are shadows
at night they turn to dreams ~
when love gets lost there is no rest
or so to me it seems!

How long will getting over you
take this heart of mine?
Will it ever get to heal
or will I go through time-

living in the shadow
of what we used to be ~
I am hopelessly in love with you,
oh my darling canít you see!

What ever now becomes of us,
what ever that may be ~
there will never be another love
dear Liz, like you for me!


ďCome fly with meĒ

Oh my love come fly with me
on the wings of a nightingale ~
take my hand in yours my sweet
and oíer land and sea weíll sail!

Weíll fly to places warm and bright
where cold and darkness never dwell ~
where I can hold you close to me
and cherish you as well!

To a place where only love exists
and thereís no room for pain ~
a place where only kindness
is allowed there to remain!

Oh my love come fly with me
on the wings of a nightingale ~
profess your love to me my sweet
and mine, shall you not fail!

I feel this need to be with you
for only you will do ~
to fill this void I feel inside,
to share this love so true!

Take your place within my heart
reserved here just for thee~
come and share the wonder
of this love inside of me!

I will pledge my life to you
accept it ,with strings attached ~
for I believe that by destiny
we were by heaven matched!

Let no other win your heart
or mine will surely fail!
Oh my love come fly with me
on the wings of a nightingale ~

ďThe Story of UsĒ

There was magic in the air
the day you came my way ~
we triumphed over tragedy
is what Iíd have to say!

Love has many ways to find
itís match you must agree ~
for we were meant to be-
my darling, canít you see!

What brought me to the Crashdown
on that dreadful, fateful day
Why was I in that corner booth
when that bullet came your way?

Call it luck, or call it fate
call it what you will ~
I think it was our destiny
that had to be fulfilled!

There are stories told of love
that fill the pages of many books ~
but ours is far more special
for compare just what it took!

Two souls have come together
from galaxies apart ~
For light years I have traveled
to come and win your heart!

You could read ten thousand pages
in just as many books ~
and never find our kind of love
no matter where you look!

Our love transcends the universe
you must admit thatís rare ~
Our chemistry is complex
when it by others you compare!

What we have, we have together
and sometimes it is ominous ~
we share the hardships, and the love-
A true love story- -The love story of US!


ďMy weaker sideĒ

Lately I have shown my weaker side,
which donít have much appeal ~
but I think that I must tell you Liz,
exactly how I feel!

These doubts in me youíre having
truly brings me pain ~
And itís hard for me to live like this,
My strength I canít sustain!

I lay here in a sleepless state,
with these visions in my head ~
baffled by your complexity,
and why you went to him instead ~

It was hard for me to comprehend,
the way that you behaved ~
So I gave you back your gift to me,
(the one you had engraved)!

That Liz, was my weaker side,
I really must confess ~
I regret now my behavior,
for I did it out of stress!

For all of the gifts youíve given me,
your smile, your kiss, your heart ~
The unconditional love youíve shown,
right from the very start!

The memories of those linger on,
and probably will forever more ~
For you donít forget your first love,
The one whom you adore!

I could never part with those gifts Liz,
but to strike back at what youíd done ~
I had to return some gift you gave,
so I gave you back the smallest one!

It was a childish gesture Iíll admit,
and selfish to the end ~
for it just gave me a reason,
to be near you once again!

See Liz, even we have weaknesses,
they compliment our strengths ~
they are hard to control sometimes,
so we go to extreme lengths!

But we have our passions too my love,
from experience, you know thatís true ~
and I find that my strongest weakness,
is this love that I have for you!

I donít know where weíll go from here,
I guess we let our fate take itís course ~
But thereís one thing that Iím sure of,
and that is LOVE is a stronger force!

And if you canít love me anymore,
well then I guess weíll just be friends ~
but just know this Liz forever more,
my love for you will never end!


ďSomething inside of meĒ

I never felt special by any means,
Iím just a simple small town girl ~
Then one day all of that changed,
When you came into my world!

Something inside of me came to life,
something I had never felt before ~
Suddenly all the important things,
werenít that important anymore!

I thought my life had direction,
For I had planned it all so well~
I was in control, set all my goals,
and as far as I could tell-

I could not think of anyone,
that would come into my heart ~
and put my life in shambles,
and tear my plans apart!

But then suddenly you came along,
and my fate was in you hands ~
With a gentle touch and loving eyes,
you changed all of my plans!

Suddenly my whole world changed,
but then not for the worse ~
This oh so structured world of mine,
began to rotate in reverse!

As you knelt over me that day,
and I gazed into your eyes ~
I saw my entire future there,
and somehow was not surprised-

I could feel I found my soul mate then,
and the me I thought I knew ~
had suddenly become a stranger,
as the love inside me grew!

And somehow now I canít imagine,
the me that I once knew ~
living in this new world of mine,
without the likes of you!

Thereís something deep inside of me,
that somehow knowing you has changed ~
Even though I canít, I wouldnít trade it now,
for the one youíve re-arranged!

Now I find I like the new me better,
than I did the one of old ~
because the world the new me lives in,
is by far no where near as cold!

I donít make plans as far ahead,
as once I used to do ~
For the present is more important now,
and being close to you!

Thereís one thing that I plan to do,
that Iím planning far ahead ~
That is to share with you the reason,
for all of these tears Iíve had to shed!

For if we remained together now,
the war that soon begins ~
You would lose to the evil ones,
the ones who shed their skins!

It was you, my future husband,
who came to me in the night ~
and told me what would lie ahead,
if we didnít make things right!

And so for us to have a future,
like the one that we once planned ~
we must remain apart for now,
but I knew that you wouldnít understand!

For your love for me is much too strong,
for anything to interfere ~
So I had to take it upon myself,
but now the thing I fear-

Is that I might have gone too far
by deceiving you that way ~
and you may lose your faith in me,
but you wonít is what I pray!

Something deep inside of me,
tells me that what we have ~
is far too strong for it to die
in this I must believe!

So Iíll place this letter in my drawer,
among all the others placed in there ~
until the time is safe for me-
to come to you and share-

the secret Iíve been keeping,
and pray that my heart wonít burst ~
before itís safe to give this to you,
for this one Iíll give you first!


ĒThe OathĒ

My darling Liz,

What has happened to us my love?
somehow it seems weíve lost our way ~
never did we have any doubt,
that our love was here to stay!

Once you walked beside me,
with your fingers laced in mine ~
we pledged our never ending love,
would last throughout all time!

But now here we stand today,
distressed and torn apart ~
by something you have hidden,
somewhere deep within your heart!

For reasons that you canít explain,
youíve taken back your love for me ~
and left me broken hearted,
for no reason that I can see!

You think that I can get over you,
and just simply say goodbye ~
Well thereís no way I can do that,
thereís no use for me to even try!

We shared a love so warm and deep,
and I gave my heart and soul to you ~
How can I bring you back to me?
There must be something I can do!

Until youíre problem you resolve,
Iíll have faith that your love is true ~
So I make this solumn oath my love,
I shall be waiting here for you!


A journal entry

The one I love has eyes of gold,
when the light strikes them just right
And they sparkle ever so brightly,
like a billion stars in the sky at night!

But lately theyíve lost their luster,
and I fear that Iím to blame ~
For all that he thinks Iíve done to him,
when heís near I feel such shame!

I can hardly meet his glance these days,
the way Iím feeling now ~
and I hope and pray the day will come,
when this will all work out somehow.

I canít go on this way much longer,
for I shall die of loneliness I fear ~
I wonder just how many times one
can cry, before running out of tears?

I donít deserve his loyalty,
for his in me is so strong ~
His faith in me though patched in spots,
heís clung to all along!

I hope and pray with all of my heart,
to someday regain his trust!
When the time is right and his futureís safe,
to me this is a must!

This must happen soon I pray
so I can rest this poor heart of mine ~
For if I could change the future with my tears alone,
it would have changed a million times!

Some day I hope I will go to him,
and rekindle this love ours ~
So once again I can look into his eyes of gold,
and see those billion stars!

Iím Liz Parker and itís January 12th

ďThe fire within meĒ

Ever since that day he came,
and placed his hand on you ~
and healed you with his magic touch,
I found my faith in love renewed!

When you looked into his golden eyes,
and saw buried deep in there ~
a love so pure and wholesome,
that it, I felt the need to share!

The story of your romance,
unselfish, pure and true ~
a timeless, endless love affair,
I feel through him and you!

But Liz, itís you that I am drawn to,
because youíre so compassionate and kind ~
the most perfect muse for a poet,
that one could ever find!
Problems just seem to find you,
although you donít seek them ~
but this unique love of yours,
brings them time and time again!

A fire burns inside of me,
when I share these times with you ~
A need to express to others,
what it is youíre going through!

A flame that you ignited,
seems to burn within me Liz ~
a fire that YOU created,
and I donít know what it is!

But I take your joy and tragedies
and in a little time ~
I must share them with the dreamers,
as I turn them into rhyme!

Thoí now you arenít having happy times,
You will be blessed someday, youíll see ~
I know the things that plague you now,
will soon work out well for you and he!

Iíll go through this with you Liz,
Because I pledge myself to thee ~
For itís the beautiful person that you are,
that fuels the fire inside of me!


ďThe Flame within meĒ

Ever since that day you came,
and placed your hand on me
a strange and wonderful feeling
now dwells inside of me!

I looked into your golden eyes,
and saw buried deep in there ~
a love so pure and wholesome,
that I felt the need to share!

A flame that you ignited,
seems to burn within my heart ~
a fire that YOU created,
because I felt it start!

When darkness comes into my life,
your true love brings me light ~
and when the world is cold to me,
its warmth makes all things right!

No doubt we have our problems now,
but in time they will subside!
because the love we share is strong,
and in it we shall abide!

I Know the things that plague us now,
will all work out for you and me ~
for youíre the fuel that feeds the flame,
that burns inside of me!


ďThe one who walks beside meĒ

The one who walks beside me,
has the most warm and gentle heart
that one could ever imagine,
and I knew right from the start -

that she would be the one and only
person to fulfill my destiny ~
wherever it may take me ,
or what ever it might be!

I knew that she must be there
and always be at my side !
for whenever in her presence
my soul I cannot hide!

I feel that she is part of me,
the best part I must admit !
Sheís taught me how to persevere,
and never ever quit!

For all of the things sheís given me
I thank the lord above ~
But most of all Iím thankful,
Because she taught me how to love!

"Love is patient,love is kind,
It does not envy,it does not boast,
it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs
. Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects,always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.
LOVE NEVER FAILS............ "

from 1 Corinthians 13

Liz-"I hate this. I hate that we can't even be around each other.
Long before we kissed, we were friends.
We talked. We laughed.
I don't understand why we just can't go back to that."

You think that itís possible

I .....donít want you to hate me!

Do you think that's possible?
for me to hate you?
My God Liz just think of all
of what weíve been through!

Look into my eyes Liz,
tell me what do you see?
how could you possibly
think that of me?

I have never -not loved you!
not for even one minute!
My hearts full of love for you!
thereís no room for hate in it!

I loved you before
you even knew I existed ~
I came to you when my mind
thought I should have resisted!

I loved you too much
to let you die even then!
In fact when I started
I donít remember even when!

Our hearts led the way
to where we are now ~
And though mine is breaking,
Iíll get through it somehow!

But hate you my darling?
strike that thought from your mind
How possibly could I?,
I.........I just need some time!

"Unsent letters"

Dear Max,
I don't know why I write these notes,
I just feel better when I do~
I know that there isn't any chance,
that I can send them off to you!

I just imagine that in some mystic way,
these messages come across to you ~
and thru' some special connection,
you can feel what I'm going through!

I just sit here and write them,
and then put them in the drawer ~
because fate to me is so unkind,
so there they'll stay forever more!

I know that you think I'm awful,
for what you think I did that night ~
You think that I've deceived you,
and I wish with all of my might-

that I could tell the truth to you,
but I just can't you see ~
the truth would be the end of us,
and all that we could be!

You don't like me too much now,
much to my regret ~
I just don't want you to hate me,
for I just couldn't live with that!

I know it's hard to just be friends,
after all that we've gone through ~
my love, I wish we could be more,
I'm hurting just as much as you!

It's for your love that I exist,
and I pray with all of my might ~
that someday soon this all will end,
and once again you'll hold me tight!

I just don't want you to hate me,
it hurts so much to think you do ~
for I could never love another,
Max, my heart belongs to only you!

So I'm going to take this letter now
and put it with the rest ~
into this dresser drawer of mine,
because for's for the best!

with all my love....

Dear Liz,
I'm writing you another letter,
that I know I'll never send ~
But I somehow feel closer to you,
when I write these notes and pretend-

that we are still together,
like once it used to be ~
walking hand in hand
you in love with me!

Like braided rope our souls entwined,
together forever more ~
Isn't that what we once pledged?
To "cherish and adore?

Nothing mattered to me than,
except your sweet caress ~
My destiny was of no concern,
and the danger even less!

Everything I lived for
was just the tender kiss ~
from you my darling soul mate,
that now is what I miss!

There's something in your aura,
something I detect ~
Something keeping you from me,
that your afraid of I suspect!

Something that you alone must fix,
and there's no way that I can help ~
Some kind of power controlling you,
you must defeat yourself!

You are strong Liz, stronger now,
than you ever were before!
I have faith in you my darling,
and will forever more!

Love forever,

"The face in my mirror"

I look in my mirror
and what do I see,
The face of a stranger
looking back at me ~

The person once standing there,
brushing her hair,
lives here no longer,
she's left in dispair!

She's given much more
to the world than it knows,
and it's taking it's toll,
it's beginning to show!

Her fate is depressing
but she must wear a mask,
appearing to be happy
and it's becoming a task!

She gave up her happiness
all in one day,
for destiny beckoned
and took it away!

True love existed
just one time for her,
and then it was gone
like it never occured!

But leaving a scar
on her tender young heart ~
for on no uncertain terms
from him she must part!

So to give him his freedom
this price she must pay ~
she must turn her back to him
and just walk away!

So I look in my mirror
at this helpless young girl ~
whose little shoulders carry
the weight of the world!

And I pray that her fate
will be changed in some way ~
so the face I once looked at
will come back here someday!