Love Poems by sandman

Volume 7

"The Vigil"

"Somewhere before"

It may sound strange to others
but to me it seems so real-
It's the way we've come together
and the way it makes me feel.

Tho' the "ship" that brought me to you
came from a far and distant shore -
Something deep inside of me
tells me we've met somewhere before!

There's something in your essence
that is too familiar to be new -
a sense, a scent, a feeling,
that when we're close, I get from you!

I feel as though I'm part of you
in some natural way it seems-
Like what air is to the sky,
or how a river forms from streams!

Perhaps it's from a lifetime past
or some warp in time and space-
But I feel as though I've known you
in some other time and place!

I believe we were together
somewhere once before-
but where or when that happened
I'm really not quite sure!

Is it possible that's what soul mates are?
remnants of some past life?
Could you have known me in another time?
Could you at one time have been my wife?

From the first time I laid eyes on you
I just couldn't help but stare -
Even then, something told me
That I know you from somewhere.

For years I watched you from the shadows
While trying hard to find a clue -
but couldn't make rhyme or reason
of what attracted me to you!

Sure, you're kind, and sweet and beautiful
that, everyone can see -
At age six I saw the attraction but
that's not what stirred the heart in me!

The feelings ran much deeper
for even then I knew -
I never could find happiness,
unless it was with you!

So, although I came from somewhere else-
to this, there must be something more -
because something deep inside of me
tells me we've met somewhere before!

I hurt so bad inside
As I watch you from afar-
and I'm so dispondent lately
not knowing how you are-

Every detail of our lives
we once used to share-
And every moment spent apart
were moments of despair.

Now I watch you from a distance
as I did when we were young-
What has happened to us my darling?
Was it something I've done wrong?

I can't bear it as I watch you
when you flirt with other guys-
you look so happy and contented
as I watch through tear filled eyes.

When remembering those happier times
in bygone days I see-
when it was I who made you smile
when your heart belonged to me.

But for now those days are over
I must accept things as they are-
and still maintain this vigil
as I watch over you from afar.

And hope our love was strong enough
to overshadow this time of doubt-
and that the spark that once ignited it
will never flicker and burn out!


Just Breathe Shallow

Liz, it seems like that is all I’ve done
since I can’t remember when-
And sometimes I even hold my breath
to see you in his arms again.

I was hoping to see a glimmer
just a fleeting glimmer is all I ask-
Jeez, you guys give me some hope
that can’t be such a such a task!

This “breathing shallow” is giving me
a sense of hopelessness I fear-
Max, just put your arm around her waist,
and for one moment pull her near!

She, (I) need to see just a little sign
that there’s still something there-
A look, a smile, a little nudge
to show that you still care.

Every episode now I wait
“breathing shallow” as you say-
thinking that, “alright-enough already
this will be the day.”

And then Liz, again I see you sitting there
with so much on your mind-
I know what it is that bothers you
It’s what you two have left behind!

I watch Michael and Maria
as their relationship they renew
they seem to be so happy now
and I want that for you!

They were meant to be a pair
just as much as you!-
And I know you won’t find happiness
until the day you do!

“Breathing shallow” has become a part
of my every day routine-
And I fear it will remain so
until my king once again
holds close his queen!


I let you walk away from me
when you said it was my destiny-
That to another I belong
and for me to be with you was wrong.

suddenly our love had lost it’s name
and the darkness of the night became
the realm in which my heart would dwell
from the secrets that you kept so well-

But there’s a part of me that can’t let go-
and it’s futile for me to try, I know-
You say in time I will forget you then
and get on with my life again.

But my life cannot be fulfilled-
until this pain within is stilled-
And you know this as well as I
for I can see it in your eyes!

Oh Liz, how I regret the day-
that I just let you walk away-
I never should have let you go
as each day passes by I know-

My heart will never beat the same-
as when I heard you speak my name-
In tender loving moments shared-
when once my love, for me you cared.

My destiny is to be with you
and I think that you feel this way too-
no matter what you do or say
you just can’t make that go away!

This ache you feel within your heart
won’t stop as long as we’re apart.
No matter what you try to do
the pain will always be with you!

So don’t deny us any longer-
for our love is only getting stronger-
Deep in your heart you know it’s true
that I was meant to be with you!

If God didn’t make us what we are,
why would he have made me come this far-
to be with the one for whom I was meant
Liz, this love of ours was heaven sent!

I love you more and more each day-
and I just can’t let you slip away-
It wasn’t meant to be like this.
I’ve known it from since first we kissed.

I let you walk away from me-
when you said it was my destiny-
But I love you Liz please understand-
Don’t let your fingers slip through my hands!

love always-


Somehow the love that we once knew
has now grown dark and cold -
concealed by misconceptions
and by secrets left untold.

When we once walked in sunshine
t’was then our hearts were over filled
now we find ourselves in shadows
and our future unfullfilled.

I shall never lose these feelings
that I have for you my dear-
even though we two have parted
in my heart you’re always near.

For when darkness befalls the earth
do all of the shadows disappear?
Or are they really always there
companions faithful and sincere.

They simply hide themselves in darkness
in the still quiet heart of the night
and await the warm glow of the sunshine
to come into the light.

My love is waiting here for you-
like the shadows in the night-
And when once more the sun shines for us
then again I’ll hold you tight!

and as I watch the shadows
chase the light across my wall
in a never ending persuit-
again in love with you I fall.

For I too in my ruthless chase
will try to make you mine-
but unlike the shadows chasing light
I will prevail in time!

For now or fifty years from now
the same will still be true-
My destiny is with you, Liz
I want to be with you!
with love-


Dear Liz

On a very special day like this
made for those who love and care-
if I had one moment to spend with you
this I’d like to share!

Although you belong to someone else
as well I know you should -
Still I would like to say to you
If there were some way I could.

I think that you’re the essence
of what every girl should be -
and your nature and your beauty
has lit a fire in me.

I see love in every thing you do in every move and every word -
There’s this music in your aura
the sweetest ever heard!

You’re ‘special’ and you should know it
you should be told that every day -
And I for one would do it
if there only was some way!

But I live in a real world
and yours is, just not so-
so I can only watch and wish
like someone else we know!

If I were him and in his shoes
I wouldn’t let another moment pass me by
without climbing to your balcony
and giving you a thousand reasons why -

we should always be together
in our bodies and our minds -
for a truer love than what we have
no one could ever find!

But I’m not him so he must do what he’s compelled to do -
Still I’m sure that on this day
his thoughts are all of you!

So as your friend in the real world
I can only hope and pray -
the love that you and he once shared
will come to you again someday!

Because I want to see you happy,
that’s the most important thing you see?
and if you are, then I’ll be too,
for you mean that much to me!

When love’s allowed to die

My mind is reeling from the sight
and thought of seeing you-
the way I’ve seen you lately
and the things I’ve seen you do!

It seems as though your intentions
are to drive my love away -
for in the very beginning
I never thought there’d be a way.

But lately your behavior
in the weeks that have gone by -
are leading me to wonder,
why your love for me has died!

Is it something I have done
that has led your heart astray?
Was it my wrongdoing Liz
that took your love away?

Come, take me by the hand my love
and walk with me a while -
tell me what you’re thinking
and why, me you’ve beguiled !

I have questions left unanswered
as to why this came to be -
what could have happened to us
to make you lose your love for me?

The way that It began for us
made me feel so sure -
that this was our true destiny
for it was so sweet and pure.

Nothing could come between us
when our love first began-
and why that all has changed,
I just don’t understand.

So take my hand my darling
and tell me no more lies
share with me the reason
why this love of ours must die!

Our hearts belong together
For it’s written in the stars -
Just look into the evening sky
every one of them are ours!

I pledged my love to you
beneath each and every one
and each of them bore witness
to our love when it had begun.

For it to end in this way
all of our past would be a lie
all of it would be in vain
if our love’s allowed to die!

So just explain your reason
you owe it to the stars and I
why would you turn away from us
and allow this love of ours to die?



for haniczka (my “Mary Poppins”)

The world in which we live
with its borders and its walls
these confining three dimensions
and its strict rules most of all-

keeps a love like that of ours
from reaching its true height
contained by laws of physics
and words like ‘”wrong or right”!

But here in other dimensions
where there’s no depth or height
where spirits soar with no restraint
and there’s no day or night-

Our souls are free to mingle
and fulfill dreams of every kind
no boundaries claim our bodies,
and no rules control our minds!

Here we can love unconditionally
with no others making rules
where fate and destiny are words
“down there” are lived by fools!

Up here our hearts are free
to do with as we will-
We owe nothing to no one
and the winds of time stand still!

The endless realm in here abodes
our every hope and dream
not ever heard by lonely heart
its painful anguished scream!

We are free to love each other here
where restraints of earth don’t dwell
and I can give my self to you-
with love filled heart so swelled -

Where the sweetness of the moment
is all that now exists -
and with no consequence apparent
just how could one resist!

Could there really be such a place
for our spirits to combine?
To mingle in the throes of love
Through an endless span of time?

I wish the world could always be
as it is to me right now -
but something stirs inside me
that says it can’t somehow!

Tho’ I would like to remain here
where our true love reigns supreme
I must now awaken-
awaken from this dream!


“Forget Her”

I don’t know her problem
for she won’t confess
and I have no idea
not even a guess.

But she thinks I’ll forget her
could she be anymore wrong
could I ever give up
these feelings so strong?

She tells me to leave her
that it would be better
but I know it’s not possible
for me just to forget her!

I demanded an explanation
but one, she never said
then I found them together
one night in her bed!

I could have fried him
like slices of bacon-
but more than likely
his side she’d have taken-

I couldn’t believe it
I still don’t I must say
but this pain in my heart
just won’t go away!

How could she do this
to the love we once had?
and still want to be friends
like I shouldn't be mad !

She’s so complicated
I knew that from the start-
but that is what started
this fire in my heart!

I needed to know her
much more than I did-
this pretty young girl
and the woman she hid.

I’m not mad any longer
I’m just hurt inside
I know it’s not anger
and I know it’s not pride!

I know that I love her
just as much now-
as I did once before
and I have to somehow-

Convince her that she must
look deep into her heart-
and fix this problem
that keeps us apart!

Above anything else
most important to me
is her happiness always
oh, why can’t she see-

the wreck she has made
of this kind loving heart
that has always loved her
right from the start!

She says to forget her
like an option that is
I thought you knew me
better than that Liz!

There’s only one love
in this heart of mine-
and if I have to I’ll wait
until the end of all time!

All that I want now
is what we once had-
could it be possible
she thought it was bad?

It’s so hard for me now
to just be her friend-
I wish that we could
start all over again!

What I would do different
I don’t really know-
but I sure would like to
give it a go!

Cause this really sucks
and I really mean it-
and I’m getting silly
so I’d better just quit!!!!!

Max and sandman

“A special love”

I think that we were ready
when this true love came along ~
I know- that I knew “it was you”
when my heart sang out it’s song.

No other soul could ever make
this one of mine rejoice ~
when in my hands I held your face
then I knew YOU had no choice.

Call it kismet, call it fate,
call it what you will ~
whatever word would best describe
our destiny fulfilled.

I just don’t think others realize
how much you mean to me ~
really now, how could they,
there’s no way that they can see-

The flashes that occur to us
whenever we embrace-
and take us from this humdrum world
to a much higher place!

Could that be why they doubt us
and throw obstacles in our way?
could they think that earthly problems
would lead our love astray?

What we have is so very special
for it was created in the stars
and perhaps this world’s not ready
for a love as sweet as ours!

No other love in history
can be compared to that of ours -
for, could one have traveled further
than I, to where you are!

Could this universe we live in
with it’s multitudes of stars
be only big enough
for one love such as ours?


“A Rainy Day in Roswell”

Another day the sun won’t shine
in this, my little Roswell town -
As I look out my bedroom window
at the rain that’s coming down.

It seems so lonely on these days
when there’s nothing else to do -
but watch puddles form on my patio
and think of all my times with you.

I watch the patter of the raindrops
as they splash against my window pain -
each one vying for my attention
as they whisper out your name.

Gently they caress the glass
and then they slowly disappear -
as tho’ saddened by their failure
to get their message to my ear.

“He’s the one that you adore”
“He’s the one you need”-
“He’s the one you must be with
“Go, don’t hasten at your speed.

“Run to him, don’t hesitate
another moment more”-
“There’s no other to take his place
of this you can be sure.”
“Every moment that you waste
is another moment lost”-
“Look at all of the yesterdays
that it’s already cost.”

“The time is drawing near for you
to either keep or let him go”-
“Buried deep within your heart,
your choice you surely know.”

“You never will see sunshine
unless you are with him”-
And the clouds will then stop crying
when you’re in his arms again!”

“For you know it will continue
to rain inside your heart”-
and there’s no chance that it will stop
as long as you’re apart!”

It’s really kind of funny
how smart the rain can be
by paying close attention
it has come to make me see-

Perhaps I should take the advice
this message they convey -
These tiny drops of wisdom
on this rainy Roswell day!


“Sweet surrender”

I’m sure there’ll come a day
that I must be prepared -
to give in to these thoughts,-
of all of the love we’ve shared.

Turn my back on caution
and follow my heart’s call -
It’s eventually going to happen
because, I do love him after all!

I really must admit,
that I am at a loss -
for I find I must be near him
no matter what the cost.

There are things in life
that are truly worth the price -
so one has to go and do it
without ever thinking twice.

Yes, there’s danger in our future
but if that’s our destiny -
then I’ll go through it with him
for it’s with him that I must be!

I’m sure to lose my innocence
but headlong I must proceed -
for he’s the one I’ve chosen
or has fate chose him for me?

I am aware there’s no defense
for these conditions I’ve been rendered -
and with all my will now lost,
I will someday, submit to sweet surrender!


We are the Dreamers”

Once upon a time
in a small hometown cafe-
a beautiful young girl fell victim
to a bullet gone astray.

A debonair fellow student
whom she barely knew-
knelt over her and whispered,
“I’ve come to rescue you!”

“Just look into my eyes,” he said
“and everything will be all right” -
as millions of us witnessed
a magic moment on that night!

The beginning of a love affair
that was the envy of us all -
came into existence then
and all of us would fall!

We all looked into his eyes and saw
what called him to her side -
his soul mate was in jeopardy
and no longer could he hide.

Head over heels we fell
into a warm and sweet abyss -
as we watched our two young lovers
share their first romantic kiss.

E-mersed in their relationship,
emerged a group of gentle souls
encouraged by this couple
with each tender kiss they stole.

We call ourselves the “Dreamers”
and there are quite a few -
Some have been here since the conception
and some of us are new!

All with this in common,
our Love for Max and Liz -
and the romance we believe in
because that’s how true love is!

We know it and we show it
in the talent that we share -
posting poems and pictures
and our fanart everywhere.

We’re proud of what we are
and what we stand for too-
I’m a proud and faithful dreamer
and I’m also proud of you!!!


“My dear young Liz”

I took the liberty of writing this
in your private journal book
hoping someday you’d find it
when you open it to look!

at important things you’ve written
from your memories of the past ~
the things that you most cherish
that in your heart you hold fast!

I wanted you to know that
I have loved you from the first
and we lived and loved each other
through the better and the worse!

I’ve fought a thousand battles,
most with you right by my side
but the one I fear the most my wife
is one from which I cannot hide!

For I must incorporate your help
and the thing that I most fear ~
is that I fail in my quest
before I disappear!

If all goes well and as I planned,
my mission here is to-
change what is to become of us
which is for the best for you ~

I can’t bear the thought of losing you
or leaving you behind ~
For in all the years I’ve loved you
that was furthest from my mind!

But for the world to lose you
would be the greater sin
and the war that we are waging now,
we surely cannot win.

So freely I have come here
and I have to set you free ~
For you’ll be in grave danger
if your future is with me!

And I would give my life tenfold
if that is what need be~
For you to have a future,
even if it’s not with me!

So if your journal is in your hands
and this all worked out somehow
your broken heart will mend someday
and me..well I must leave you now..

Just remember Liz, I loved you more
than you could ever know ~
But loving you meant losing you
and I HAD to let you go!

Your future husband Max
October 30, 2014

“The wonders of the world”

Beckoned by the wanderlust
that swells within your heart-
Makes me fear the worst my love
that soon we two shall part!

The world is full of wonders
and they are calling out to you-
it does no good to fight the urge
because there’s nothing you can do!

It’s time for you go out there
and do things on your own-
some things happen in your life
that you must go through alone!

I will fight this urge I have
to keep you here with me-
because I know for you to grow
there are things that you must see!

Although within, I get this feeling
that we’ll be losing a part of us-
But loving you means letting go
and faith in our love I trust!

You’ll come home a different person
much wiser and self assured-
tell of all of the things you’ve seen
and things that you have heard!

And I’ll be waiting here for you
with loving arms unfurled-
for you to fall into my love
MY- - wonder of the world!


“Choices of the Heart”

It’s too bad that one can’t have
everything that they desire-
I guess one human heart can
only fuel just so many fires ~

It seems like it’s only possible
to make just so many plans come true
there’s so much that I want to do
and still be here with you!

All the things I want to do in life
I simply can not do.
For fate it seems won’t let me have
my cake and eat it too!

We reach a crossroads in our life
when we hear that inner voice
to pick what it is we most desire
and we have to make a choice!

But choosing doesn’t come that easy
looking at what we’ve been through-
I’ve always thought that fate and time
would make all our dreams come true!

We could always do together
the things we’d most desire-
a partnership, just you and me,
we would just let things transpire!

But what transpired was not our choice
things for us now have changed-
There are things that you must do
and I must do the same!

Although we will be parting
our feelings will still remain
for what I carry in my heart
will never ever change!

It matters not that we’re apart
for any certain length of time
your soul is now and will always be
the only one true mate of mine!