Love Poems by sandman

Volume 8


A lot of things have happened Liz to put
this fear in me-I know nothing of myself
my sweet- I have no history!

I only know I came here so many years
ago -With Isabel and Michael,
and that is ALL I know!

How and why we're here no one has yet
to tell-of all that came we three are left
as from the sky we fell!
Just what it is I'm made of-I've yet to
understand-And it was you to whom
I went - when I first held out my hand!

You know how much I love you Liz- Please
believe it's true- If indeed there is a heart
inside of me- It beats for only you!

We've come so far so fast my love-maybe
too fast I'm afraid-And something deep inside
of me-feels there's a price that will be paid!

For when you saw Michael laying there-I could
see the fear in you- If I should suffer that same
fate, you'd not know what to do!

I might live forever, or not another day- I know
not when or how my time will come! I only
know today!

I know today I love you and will forever more-
But you and I are "different" Liz and this we
must explore!

I must know for certain, That I will be here to
love you ever more! I can't make you love ME
Liz, Until I can be sure!

We must take a step backwards now- and ourselves
we must restrain- For I would rather live without you
than to put you through that pain!

Good bye ...Liz

Liz's Prayer

Oh Creator of the universe, I lift my eyes to thee-
and stand in awesome wonder at the beauty that
I see! 

There are puffy clouds of white, on a blanket of
azure blue- That the daytime sky displays for me-
created just by you!
The same sky at night is different- For I can see 
beyond the blue- Far out into where you do your
work-To the stars, some old, ,some new! 

You know that the night sky is my favorite though,
because there's more for me to see! For you're the 
one responsible for putting the scientist in me! 

You gave me an interest in the stars, and now it's
plain to see- That why you did is apparent now-
You have a plan for me! 

And I begin to realize why -For all that there is out 
there-You sent this King right here to me, his life
and love to share! 

To me Elizabeth Parker, a little small town girl-
You sent someone special here from a far and
distant world! 

Once upon a time in a life he lived before-It
appeared he was lost forever, in a grave and 
hopeless war! 

He's a strong and mighty warrior- but he has a
weakness too- Although good at heart and 
compassionate, he has disbelief in you! 

I can feel that you have sent him here, to give him 
one more chance. And putting him in the cafe that day-
was more than mere circumstance! 

You brought the two of us together, in your very
special way. For reasons of your own, just who
saved who that day? 

For I feel now that my purpose, in this your master
plan- Is through true love and inspiration, I will
bring to you this man- 

Whom you find to be worthy of your forgiving way-
To have another chance with you, and I'll do my part

For I now love him almost as much as you -I'm
sure you know it's so- Through me and what I show
him- you, he will come to know! 

We've both been given chances now, to start our 
lives anew- Cast together not by fate, but through
the love of you! 

Thank you God for sending him and giving me his
love- A love so pure and sweet, and sanctioned from

For of all of the beauty of the universe that I have yet
to see- All pales when by compared to the one who's
love is shared by me! 

And Father I will do my part- This I swear I'll do-
By your grace and through my faith, I will
bring him home to you! 


Not unlike the withered stem
of the dormant rose-lying patiently 
in wait beneath it's mantle of a blanket 
of frozen white-for the warmth of spring
to coax the life forces within to bring forth
the bud and then the bloom, and finally
the blossom and to proudly announce to
all the world-The beautiful miracle of its
own creation- 

So did lie the unborn seed of love within
its place of birth, my heart- patiently awaiting
the arrival of you, my sweet warmth of spring-
To ignite the life forces within me and bring forth
in all of its splendor, first the bud, and then the bloom,
and finally the blossom of that now endearing feeling
of true and everlasting love- Announcing to the world
the beautiful miracle that we two have created! 
But our creation, unlike that of the beauty 
of the rose-Will never wither and go dormant,
but shall live throughout eternity! 

Heart and Soul

I have always loved you- with all my heart and soul.
And to find a way to win your heart- has always
been my goal-

Then came that fateful day, when no longer could
I hide- Because what you needed, I was blessed 
with - So I ran to your side!

But what happened in those moments- was not just
because I loved you so- But for the world to lose
such a treasure, I couldn’t let you go!

For it’s you who makes the sun rise! And why else 
would flowers bloom? Who else could make the sky 
so blue? For what purpose would there be a moon?

I just couldn’t let that happen- For I believed this to 
be true. There would be no world without you! So just 
what else could I do?

When you came to love me too, my world was then 
complete- For all in life I needed, You placed there 
at my feet!

Then, something came between us - Something I’ve
yet to comprehend- For suddenly you’re telling me-
This love of ours must end!

Now I must forget - everything that we once were!
Everything that I live for - What most makes my 
heart stir!

And everything I’ve tried so far somehow seems to
lack-What it takes to change your mind so I can 
win you back!

So here we are in limbo-back just to being “friends”
And all that we had, has now been lost. Can this be
how it ends?

What ever happens next between us, darling this
you have to know- I love you now as I always have-
With all my heart and soul!!!


A moment to remember

A mysterious dark haired man
from some exotic place-
Suddenly appeared from nowhere,
With a smile upon his face.

His hand held out before him
asking for a chance-
To have me as his partner
for one romantic dance!

How could I resist him,.
with those amber eyes aglow-
Just how should I react to him
I really did not know!

It has been so long now
Since he’s held me in his arms-
That I almost had forgotten
How it felt so snug and warm!

I wondered if he could feel
how my hand was shaking so-
as I took hold of his so tightly 
as if to never let it go!

He gently held me to his chest
and put his arm around my waist-
bringing back memories of kisses
that I could almost taste!

And at that very moment 
I had lost all self control-
Suddenly I wanted just-
to pour out my heart and soul!

To tell him how much I love him
And what it was I had to do!
But I got this eerie feeling
that he somehow already knew!

For as my eyes met his
he had this look upon his face-
That he had just been with me
in another time and place!

He said he had a vision
that he and I were wed-
and I suddenly got dizzy
as the image filled my head-

For I could see it too!
but not for the first time.
And all of it came back again
those memories to my mind.

If I could turn back time
And make things as they were-
I wouldn’t hesitate moment more
of that you can be sure!

If I could trade the times we had,
with the life I’m living now-
I’d trade a minute for a lifetime
If I only could somehow!

I’ll lose myself into his eyes
and then I shall pretend
that this moment will last forever
and this dance will never end!

For my heart and soul are lost to him
They are gone without a trace-
Stolen by that dark haired man
From some exotic place!


To be in Love

When do we know when our adolescence ends,
and our maturity begins? Just when is it that we know- 
it is love that we are in?

Do we get any kind of signal, or a warning of some
kind? When we become adults and leave our
childhood behind?

I find I have these feelings, that I’ve never felt before!
And they started when I became aware of you!
This I know for sure!

This “explosion” in my heart came to me one day.
Not long after you had saved my life and took my
pain away!

It’s as though you’ve cast some kind of spell on me, 
so warm but yet so strong! And now suddenly it 
seems like I have known you all along!

How could this have happened? Could it be some 
kind of plan? And who is it’s composer?
I just don’t understand!

I have lived such a simple life. My direction always 
known. Be kind to others, good in school, and reap 
the seeds that I have sown!

And now you come along. So valiant, strong and tall.
And disrupt all the plans I have, as in love with you
I fall!

Now for just one brief moment, my life is filled with
bliss. As one night upon my balcony, so tenderly
we kissed!

Why couldn’t it just have stayed like that? I would 
have never asked for more! I would trade all the wealth
of Midas, just to have you and be poor!

But it seems that he who made this plan-has other
thoughts for you and me- Something rather ominous from
what I now can see!

For the happiness that once was mine, is now a used to be-
And all that’s left is deception and lies and lack of

If someone is in control of this, and I know that 
there must be. I’d like to know just who it is! 
Because it surely isn’t me!

Maybe this is what love is, irrational, foolhardy
and blind! It twists you into little knots, and plays
tricks with your mind!

So if this is what it’s like to be in love, I guess I 
have it bad! Cos I recon when I ponder it, it’s the
best worse time I’ve ever had!


At times when it seems most dismal-
You are always there-
With warm words of encouragement
For us "Dreamers" all to share!

You always give us hope,
with every thread you start-
Because what it is you write,
comes straight from your heart! 

The way you feel for Max & Liz
is pure, and sweet, and true-
but most of all it tells us,
of the love inside of you!

You love this thread of Dreamers-
It's rather plain to see-
So I'll tell you girl, in my book,
You're number one to me.

While lost in this pith of dreamer darkness,
that lately we must roam-
You cast that beam of light dear PROVENCE,
that we can follow home!


My Darling Max,

This is another one of those letters that I will probably never send, but keep here within my journal under my bed . It is the only way I can feel that we are still connected somehow!

In just one short year, one sixteenth of my life, you have become my source of inspiration, my love for life, and all that I ever hope to have or to become! Now I find myself cast into a position where I must give you back! Back to the one to which you belong! I have always considered myself to be a strong person with direction and stability in my life, and yet, I am bewildered by emotion and weakened by the strain of losing all that I have become!

I read somewhere in the past, a poem describing how you can never expect to see the beauty of both summer and winter simultaneously! You can never see “a beautiful rose growing in the snow.” At this time I find the phrase quite comparable to the relationship that we once hoped to share!

I must find within myself the strength to resume all that I once was before my life was so drastically changed on that fateful day when you came to me with your precious gift.

You, being the beautiful person that you are, followed your heart on that day and became the one most important thing in my life! Together we learned how beautiful love can be. How wonderful life can be! How much we belonged to each other, connected by our entire souls! And I find it difficult to accept the fact that a love such as the one we shared, could be spent in just a single year! What a powerful force it took to penetrate and break an otherwise timeless, endless, unselfish romance! A force that I truly would never have believed could possibly exist! But it does! And it did! And the worse part of all of this, is that I had to be a part of that force! I find it too difficult to relive that experience, so I won’t go into detail. Except to tell you that it was the darkest moment of my life!

Now I find that I must live with this secret! One I must keep from you my darling, to protect you from yourself! It is a burden that I will take with me to my grave if needed, for the love that I feel for you is eternal and true! Your destiny is most important and your destiny, my love, is my destiny! I will learn to live with it somehow!

Our love, like “Roses growing in the snow” is an “impossible love” they say! We must give up all of our dreams and aspirations for the sake of others! We are “different” you and I! But then you and I share a “different kind of love” And when I sleep I dream visions of just how beautiful it would be to see brilliant red roses growing out of a fresh fallen blanket of snow! It is the way I feel about my love for you that gives me that vision! But alas, these are two things that I may never in my life see come to be! But still I dream!

And someday when the future looks brighter,
and what I’ve done you understand,
You’ll come to me again,
and take me by the hand.

We’ll marry in the winter time,
when the ground is snowy white-
and show all of the disbelievers,
they were wrong, and we were right!

How true love transcends all obstacles
how a love like ours can bloom and grow~
if well nurtured and well cared for~
how a rose can grow in snow!

....your ~Liz~

Come away with me

Max to Liz,
“Would you care to take a ride
with me aboard my mighty ship?
I guarantee you’ll be amazed
at the beauty of this trip!

As we pass the moon, we’ll make a wish
and then refuel on Mars-
Before we test the depths of space-
on our way to distant stars!

The beauty of the universe
will be at our command-
The planets and the comets
we’ll get to see first hand!

We’ll see a million wonders
through the window as we look-
the kind we’ve only seen before-
Through pictures in a book!

The Granolith will take us
any where we care to roam!
and I can get to show to you
the place that I called home!

We can leave the confines of this earth
and sail across the sea of space-
Just climb aboard, we’ll disappear
and never leave a trace!

I can show you things and places
you never imagined there could be-
You’ve just to take my hand
and sail away with me!

Our “ship” will take us places
where no one else has ever trod-
Just you and I together Liz,
we’ll sail across the face of God.”

Liz to Max,
“I’d love to sail away with you
Any place you’d care to go-
For it’s with you I want to be-
my darling don’t you know?

For if you’re going somewhere,
I want to go there too-
Even across the universe-
I will go with you!

And as we pass the moon,
I’ll make that wish with you-
But just the fact that we’re together
means mine already has come true!

But I’ve seen the universe my love
So it will be no big surprise-
for every time you hold me,
I can see it in your eyes!

But take me on the Granolith
and my dream will have come true-
For I shall surely be in heaven-
If I sail away with you!

Take me on your ship my sweet.
To that far and distant shore-
And we’ll sail across the heavens,
Where only angels have flown before!”

End Of The World

There's nothing I can do-
For of this I cannot speak-
There's nowhere I can go
For the answers that I seek!

And I must keep a distance
From the one for whom I'm meant-
In order to keep us safe-
Was the message that he sent!

He came from somewhere out there
aboard the Granolith-
With news about our future
that we must change forthwith!

So not thinking at the moment
Of the problems I'd create
I proceeded with a plan
and didn't even hesitate!

If I had only contemplated
what was for me in store-
I would have considered other ways.
I would have thought about it more.

He was everything I needed
to make my life fulfilled-
But then he came to me that day,
and said we'd all be killed-

If I couldn't stop his love for me
the world we knew would end-
that we would all be lost
Him and me and all our friends!

To save him and all the others
a sacrifice I had to make-
I had to make him think
that his love I did forsake!

How painful was that moment?
I really can't describe-
for in all the time that's passed-
it still will not subside.

I doubt that the pain will ever fade-
for it's too deep within my heart-
Because what I had to do for us
has just driven us apart!

but I must persist and keep my head
For there's far too much at stake-
I must deceive the one I love,
tho' I fear his heart I'll break!

I pray someday the tide will turn
and fate will treat me kind-
and return to me the time I've lost
and the love I've left behind!

I want it back, every minute
that he and I once knew!
I want a chance to make up for
all the pain I've put him through!

Please God, give me that chance
if you're truly somewhere there above-
Give back to me the one I've lost.
Give me back my love!

What I must do I must do for love
But not for a moment will I pretend-
That in doing so the world won't know
That in my heart MY world will end!


Before we end this dance

While I watched the other couples
as cheek to cheek they danced-
I couldn't help but wonder
why fate ended our romance?

Why could there not have been
more time for you and me?
why is it we must suffer so?
when it's so plain to see-

That what we had was special
when it had first begun-
for I knew right there and then-
you'd be the only one!

You not only gave me life that day
you made my life worthwhile-
and being in this town with you,
well, the memories make me smile!

Memories that I must have alone-
to keep here in my mind!
as I watch the others dancing
while I remain here behind!

Then when I looked up and saw you-
with your hand held out to me-
A feeling of such happiness
welled up inside of me!

I could feel my poor heart beating
down to my finger tips-
And I just couldn't help myself
as a smile came to my lips.

You took me in your arms again
as you've done so many times before-
and gazed into my eyes-
while we danced across the floor!

Right then I felt a strange sensation
Like I've never felt before-
As though the secret I was keeping,
Was no secret anymore!

The expression that you were showing
from just the touching of my hand-
gave me the impression
that somehow you understand!

I feel somehow the connection
that only you and I seem to share-
has again revealed my soul to you,
and you've become aware-

Of what I have been hiding
for oh so long a time?
Is this how you're supposed to find-
What I've been keeping in my mind?

Some kind of telepathic message
sent from heart to heart?
Is this the moment we've awaited?
Is it time for a new start?

But still I fear the obvious
and that's what worries me.
I'm not sure the danger's over yet.
Not sure it's time for you to see!

For with our future not apparent
and I'm not sure of what's in store-
My biggest fear right now is that
I can't refuse you any more!

But I can resist no longer
There's no more that I can do-
And even at the risk of death
My heart cries out for you!

So right here and now my darling-
I'm going to take the chance-
I want you to know the truth my love,
before we end this dance!


"When in love with you I fell"

I'm not sure when it started! For it's really hard to tell-
I can't say exactly, when in love with you I fell!
Perhaps maybe it happened when you pulled me from death's door-
When you were kneeling over me, as I lay there on the floor-

Or maybe it was later! When I saw into your heart-
When in your hands you held my face- Perhaps that was the start!

Or could this all have started, when I asked you why?
to keep your secret from all the rest, you didn't just
let me die! You made a choice right then and there!
You never even thought it through- You had a chance
to just walk away- That's all you had to do!

But I think it might have happened, when I posed that
question to you! Remember when I asked you why?
You simply answered..."It was you"!

I felt a warm sensation, come over me that day-
You took your place within my heart, I really have to say!
And then the thought of losing you, because your secret
was revealed- I was compelled to stop you- It was then
I knew my fate was sealed!

Even though we're "different", I had to change your mind-
Because the danger we were facing was of the lesser kind!
The real danger I was fearing - was losing a love so true-
Because I also knew back then and there,
my darling.....IT WAS YOU!!!

So when exactly did I fall? I cannot say for sure-
I only know with all my heart, I'll love you ever more!
And my darling I will never ask, any more from you-
but that you give your heart to me, and love me that way too!


"In your hands”

It feels so soft and warm!
Your hand inside of mine -
And I can feel your heart beat-
With our fingers thus in twined!

I can feel your pulse
beating through your fingertips.
surrendering a secret
guarded by closed lips!

I get this rush of images
going through my head-
Of you and me embracing-
As though we’d just been wed.

What would make me see that?
Was it some weird kind of sign?
Was it a flash I got from you?
Or is it something in my mind?

What are your thoughts right now?
Are you focusing on me?
Is there something you’re concealing-
that you’re afraid of telling me?

I get this strange sensation-
While holding you so near.
Something I’ve never felt before.
A sense of urgent fear.

It’s not something you’re afraid of.
it’s more like what you fear for me-
Something you can’t share right now-
Something I’m not supposed to see.

I can feel your hand touch my soul
begging for my trust and faith-
telling me with unspoken words
that you want to keep me safe!

It’s alright my darling Liz,
I’m beginning to understand-
Keep your secret safe for now.
Our fate is in your hands!



Oh Liz how good it feels
to hold you in my arms again -
This moment takes me back
to where this love of ours began.

How I wish I had the powers
to make this moment last -
holding you so close to me
as I did once in the past!

To Feel the beating of your heart
as it's pressed so close to mine-
If I were given just one wish-
I'd freeze the hands of time.

I could hold you close against me
and this dance would last forever-
and I wouldn't have to let you go
until the end of never!

But these are only wishes
of a lonely desperate heart-
and soon this moment will be over
and once again we'll have to part!

For time keeps moving on
So I no longer can pretend
that the music will not stop
and that soon this dance will end!

I must accept the fact that now
although we're standing toe to toe
as I look into those big brown eyes
the time will come I must let go!

I can only hope and pray that
fate gives me one more chance-
to hold you tightly in my arms
as once more again we dance!!!