Love Poems by sandman

Volume 9

"Close your eyes- And give me your hand- Can you feel my heart beating- Do you understand- Do you feel the same- Or am I only dreaming! This first verse of Debbie Gibson’s song is what has given me the inspiration to write the following........."



Dear Max,

I told myself a year ago-that this love of ours
must end- Little did I realize- My broken heart
would never mend!

Your destiny determined that- To another you
belong- So with all the strength within me- I
I decided that you and I were wrong-

We have gone our separate ways since then -Or at
least I thought we did- But now I’ve come to ask
myself- Just who am I trying to kid-

I can’t live without you- I know now that this is
true- I just can’t walk away from- All that we’ve
been through!

For whenever you touch me- It all comes back-
every moment of our past- And the self control I
thought I had- Begins to leave me fast!

Now here we are together- We have a second
chance- Nothing stands between us now- Can
we rekindle our romance?

I pray I don’t regret- Not taking my own advice-
For this still un-mended heart of mine- Couldn’t
bear to lose you twice!


Second Chances

Dear Liz,

Once I held you to my chest- And promised you my
heart- Until someone came along and drove the two
of us apart!

It was never my intention- For me to go astray-
Something strange came over me- To make me
behave that way!

But I never meant to hurt you Darling- I hope you
understand-“Destiny” got in our way- And things
got out of hand!

A “destiny” that was manufactured- by someone with
a scheme- Created for a purpose- To fulfill their own
selfish dream!

We must never again under estimate- The powers that
exist- That will try to come between us- These “powers”
we must resist!

They’re evil and deceptive- And they will try to interfere-
But what they do not comprehend is that- True love will

For there is nothing that is stronger- Than the way I feel
for you- What ever you may think of me- Please know
that this is true!

You have been shot at, Jumped off of bridges- Deceived by
Nesedo all for me- We’ve both learned to not believe at times
in everything we see!

You sacrificed your happiness- At times when you knew you
must- You purged yourself to make us safe- and sacrificed
my trust!

You stood by me at times- When no other person ever
would- Sometimes I’m sure you asked yourself- If you
really should!

To you I make this promise now- That everything I
do- My every breath and heartbeat - My love will be
for you!

I can’t go on without you- I dare not even to pretend-
My love for you is like a circle- With no beginning or
no end!

So few times are second chances found- Liz, now I under-
stand- I will never break your heart again- If once again
you’ll take my hand-


Once a King

At one time he was a King-
On a world beyond the moon-
And someday I will be his bride-
I hope it's someday soon!

I have loved him always-
For he brings to me such joy-
Not but for his royalty-
Because to me he's just a boy!

A boy whom I have faith in-
Who will love and honor me-
Why would he have come so far-
If it wasn't destiny?

Once he was a king-
Who came here from afar-
In search of his only soul mate-
He would navigate the stars!

On a little planet far away-
He found his pride and joy-
He who was once a king-
But to me he's just a boy!

Oh how much I love him-
This king whom few have seen-
Now if I were to marry him-
Would that make me a queen?

I don't care for titles much-
To me they just annoy-
I'd just rather think of us-
As this girl who loves a boy!

For that I would settle-
We don't need a throne-
To love one another is enough-
Just that, and that alone-

And he'd give up his kingdom-
He'd renounce it just for me-
Tell me how much more noble-
Could any suitor be?

So to this boy I would say I do-
And wear his wedding ring-
I'd never leave the side of him-
This boy who was once a king!


Angels Tears

When I look into the evening sky-I can see the
tears that angels cry-Spread across the black of
night-These little specks of heavenly light!

God takes those drops that from heaven burst- and turns
them into diamonds first- Then hurls them into apace and
time-for our eyes to see, both yours and mine!

Why would the angels cry you say? Perhaps when
they see love go astray-The way that ours has gone
of late- Maybe they weep for our ill fate!

They have seen something that was meant to be- Like
the love God gave to you and me- Turn from warm sweet
tender bliss- To separate lives and loneliness!

Help me stop those angels tears- By eliminating all our
fears- Of being "different" you and I- We can take the
past and let it die!

Start anew with love untold- By promises to have and
hold- And never ever put asunder - This Godsend spell
we've been put under!

And ask God to leave those stars we see- As a beautiful reminder
for you and me- That the angels tears in times gone past- helped
mend a love that was made to last!

(from before).
......Can you find a reason Liz?
Somewhere in your heart-
Do you feel the way I feel-
whenever we're apart?

I love you Liz with all my heart-
And I will to my dying day-
Just say you feel the same way too-
And my darling I will stay!!!!!!

~Max~ be continued..........

. Continued (from Liz)

Cry your name

If I were to call out to you-Would you hear me
from afar- And come to me with open arms-No
matter where you are?

Will neither time or distance- Mute my voice when
out I cry-Will the words I speak reach your ears
across the distant sky?

Will you promise that you'll run to me-Whether you
are near or far? Will this voice of mine echo-Through
the multitudes of stars?

Will you my darling soul mate- Be there when I call-
Can I count on you to pick me up- If ever I should
These are the thoughts I'm having now- that are passing
through my mind- And I can't bear to think that I will lose
you for all of time!

For me To think that you are leaving- To be gone forever
more- Is so much more than this poor heart can bear- Of
this I can be sure!

So we must find some way now- For us to make it right
again- To go back to where we started- Back to where
it all began!

You asking me to look at you- To look at you I must-
Deep into your eyes is where- I once looked and learned
to trust!

I want to look into those eyes again- Like when you healed
me on that day- And how you made me feel back then- I
want once again to feel that way!

So I am resolute in that- If this love of ours should end-
I shall spend my life in more misery- Than I could ever

For if you leave me now- My heart will never be the same-
And you won't be there to comfort me- Should I cry out
your name!

If we give up on each other now- Neither one will win-
And with you gone I'm sure that I can't go on- For I
Know that it's love I'm in!

So my darling Max, before you go- Please consider
this- My love for you has wavered not- And your
love I'll truly miss!


If Ever You Should Leave

If ever you should leave-
The sun shall fail to rise-
The moon would disappear-
From the velvet evening sky!

The stars would cease to twinkle-
In these chocolate eyes of mine-
And the beating of my heart-
Would surely stop, I'd find!

The love of life that I now know-
Would soon fail to exist-
It would fade into the sky-
Not unlike the morning mist!

This world contains no other-
To compare to you my sweet-
Only you could have been the one-
To sweep me off my feet!

And if I should find you gone-
one morning when I wake-
It would be the final straw-
For sure my heart would break!

So promise here and now your love-
And make my soul believe-
For it would truly break my heart-
If ever you should leave!


To love an alien

To ever love an alien-here's what you must do!
You'll wear your heart upon your sleeve- For
what he'll put you through!
He'll gaze into your eyes-like a puppy does a child-
And make you see this world of his- and leave you
all beguiled!

He'll often stand before you- Handsome, strong,
and tall- He'll raise you to the highest heights-
And then he'll let you fall!

He'll hold you in his strong, loving arms- and you'll
feel such a rush- Then he'll take your mind- and
turn it into mush!

He'll take you to the heavens- and sail the stars with
you- and you'll cherish every moment, of the love he
gives to you!

And then he'll come to you one day- so don't you be
surprised- When he turns into this monster- Right before
your very eyes!

You'll swear that you don't know him- And not love him
anymore- But then he brings white roses- and you fall just
like before!

And there you go, you're helpless- for he has this gift you
know! You're powerless to resist him- so you just go with
the flow!

You'll have ups and you'll have downs- trust these words
are true- The ups are truly heaven - the downs are like hell
that you'll go through!

Now you won't heed my warning- I know this for a fact-
I've been there, so I'm telling you - You'll have no choice
in how you'll act!

So if you choose to love an alien- Just keep these words
in mind- There are very few to pick from- All I ask is




Is this your dream or is it mine?
I don't know for sure-
And will it soon be over?
I wish right now it were!

The demons seem so real-
That are knocking at my door-
They've taken away everything-
That I once cherished and adored-

All that's Left for me right now-
is confusion and much pain-
And I am not really certain that-
My sanity I can sustain-

Michael has completely changed-
From what he was before-
Love has won him over-
And I don't know him anymore-

My sister has become a stranger-
Whom I hardly seem to know-
And with you my one and only love-
The space between us tends to grow-

Whatever has taken Alex from us-
Is now tearing us all apart-
And Its tendencies are evil-
Can't you feel it in your heart-

We had it all Liz, you and I-
We had the moon and stars-
All that we could ever hope for-
We could have had Liz, it was ours!

What has happened to us now?
What did we do wrong?
To lose the treasure that we had-
A love so true and strong?

This has got to be a dream-
None of it can be real-
No power on earth could take away-
The way for you I feel-

If this nightmare never ends-
I feel that you still must know-
That this love I have for only you-
Will never cease to grow!

And if I wake up tomorrow-
In some other time and space-
Just know this Liz, that in my heart-
No one could ever take your place!


I Know

I know you didn’t mean those things
you said when you were mad;
But still they cut so terribly-
and really hurt me bad!

You know me well enough by now
to realize that I’m the kind;
Who has to follow through with things
that lay heavy on my mind!

Bear with me for these moments Max
For I must see this through;
And I hope and pray that this will pass
without my losing the love of you!

I owe this to our friend you know-
and so I must persevere;
If I don’t, it will be adverse to me
and all that I hold dear!

Please understand that who I am,
makes me do what it is I do;
And love me for that reason Max
For I’d do this much times ten for you!

Love, Liz..........


Never will I understand-
why I let go of your hand;
That day I let you walk away-
when destiny got in our way!

Never will this aching heart
heal itself while we're apart;
And never will I ever find-
a way to ease my troubled mind!

I never knew that there could be
someone out there like you for me;
And then I went and let you go-
Did I not think I'd miss you so?

Did I never stop to think-
how deep into despair I'd sink?
How nothing could ever take the place-
of that loving smile upon your face!

Would never there a day go by-
when I wouldn't lay in bed and cry?
And wonder why it had to be
that you could lose your love for me!

I never once considered the cost
in pain of your sweet love when lost!
But now in sleepless nights I find-
Those relentless thoughts upon my mind!

The love I lost when you said goodbye-
left me with the question why?
And if I your love once more don't win-
I surely will NEVER love again!

Could another ever take your place?
Or your memory from my mind erase?
Could she, my feelings for you sever?
I shall not hesitate to say, no! Never!!!


Walk in the World For Me

Weep not for me oh my friends
for my time here has now past;
You see, for I have been called home-
To be with my creator now at last!

I have lived a life that’s full
although not so very long-
and miss me though you may
you must promise to stay strong!

I’m counting on you Liz,
for you’re the strongest of the rest;
Isabel will depend on you
so do your very best-

to comfort her as you would me
for she will need you now;
Though I know it will be hard
as a friend, I know you will somehow!

Maria, oh my dear Maria
I’ll surely miss you so;
You bring sunshine with you,
everywhere you go!

Your quirky little humor
brought laughter to my heart;
I knew I’d love you as a friend
right from the very start!
Michael you are different
in so many, many ways;
A soldier so in focus-
with never time to play!

So much you dread exposure-
that your life you fear to share;
With the one who really cares the most
Standing right beside you there!

Take the time to know her-
Let her come into your heart;
Embrace the wonder of Maria-
Once you do, you’ll never part!

Max, I know that you’re the healer,
But it’s too late for me-
I’ve gone over to the other side,
So I think it’s meant to be!

Save your healing powers
for those who need it most;
I think you know who that is
the one to whom your heart plays host!

I’ve seen so much more than others
As through this world we trod
and now it’s time for me to go
and see the face of God!

I’m leaving here with few regrets
for so much I was blessed to see;
so shed few tears as you say goodbye-
but walk in the world for me!


Heart of Mine

I wish that there was a such a place
Where you and I could Just embrace-
Where I could tell you of all the times
your love has warmed this heart of mine!

Where never there is dark of night
Where forever I can hold you tight!
Where sunshine makes the shadows dance,
and time was created just for our romance!

I wish that there was such a place
where I could just adore your face
and tell you every single minute
that my life‘s so happy with you in it!

But there’s not such place right now-
and things have changed for us somehow;
We’ve been drawn apart by some strange force-
and both our lives are on a different course!

I wish that there was just more time
for me to share this heart of mine;
With you, the one mate of my soul-
The one who came along and made me whole!

I wish that to us, time was kinder-
but I’ve been suddenly given a harsh reminder;
That I have memories of a different past
That are catching up to me at last!

And I’m torn between then and now-
Something that I must resolve somehow;
But in my mind I have little doubt-
that somehow you and I will work it out!

No matter what now you hear me say,
or what you see me do I pray-
Please believe that what I said was true
It’s you Liz...I want to be with you!!

For I still believe that you and me
Were given something meant to be;
And someday soon, if fate is kind
I’ll bring back to you this heart of mine!

"With a backward glance I see her there,
a tear upon her cheek. Tho' hard I try
the words won't come as I try to speak!

I force a smile and with a wink, I turn and
walk away. Knowing that perhaps this will
end the US we are today!

As I place the crystal in its port, I feel my
aching heart- Broken at the thought of knowing
that forever we must part!

For the time has come that I must go and try to
right a wrong- And If and when I do return, she
surely will be gone!

The sparkle in her eyes are gone, for in them now
are only fear- And I wish that I could once again take
and hold her near!

For all the future that we would know, I'm going
to end today- All the happiness that we might share,
I'm going to take away!

Looking down from the granolith, she looks so small
but strong- And I realize just how much I had and how
much my heart so longs,

For this to only be a dream, and I will soon awake-
To find her resting in my arms, and her love again
to take!

But life has brought us to this point, where we must
take away- Our tomorrows and forever for the sake
of yesterday !

So farewell my love, I must go now-I'll see you on the
other side. And perhaps if not, remember Liz ,in my
soul you shall reside!"

"Please forgive me darling if I don't look up,
for I can't bear to watch you leave- As I miss you so
already, and my heart begins to grieve!"

I touch the glass where your hand rests, and your
warmth I still can feel- So strong yet is the feeling
but than again it's so surreal !

For we've been through this so many times, I feel
that it's a dream- And though to you it's only once
I wish that I could scream!

"DO IT RIGHT this time my love! You MUST stop
loving me- Or we must go through this all again,
Oh Max can't you see!

We've done this several times before, but the future
stays the same- For you can't fall out of love with me,
so our ill destiny remains!

You MUST come up with some kind of plan, this
cycle you must end! For only I know that you have
failed, as we go through this once again!

There must be a reason that only I can see- For
every time that you leave like this, you keep coming
back to me!

Perhaps this is our destiny, how eternal love
exists! It never can be broken but continues
to resist!

No one can undo it, no matter how they try-
For if they ever thought they could, they'd
be living in a lie!

Maybe there will come a day, when you remain
right here with me- And let the future play it's
part in our final destiny"!!!

End of Time

I’d have no regrets if tomorrow never came-
for I have had the blessing of you calling
out my name!
I could take it all in stride, If this would be
the end of time-For I have known the pleasure
of calling your love mine!
You have been the essence, of this life that I have lived- And there’s nothing more of value-
nothing anyone could give!
Than what I have received from you, in just
so little time- For I have had it all my love, by
having your love as mine!
And it will last forever, even when we’re gone-
For something as sweet and precious as this
is destined to live on!
So if tomorrow never comes, I’m just happy that
today your heart was mine! And I can claim that
our love lasted, until the end of time!


I have never had a shadow of doubt
in the love of Max and Liz-
Because true love burns like an eternal flame,
and that's the way it is!

The promos take us to places
that we don't know are true!
Sometimes they mislead us!
Forsaking me and you!

Dreamers are the strongest of the shipper clans-
And we have to stick together every way we can!
Twenty seconds of a promo-
doesn't mean a thing-
Cos' the powers that be just like to keep
us dreamers on a string!

We know the couple that we cherish
have a love too strong to die-
They can't break our faith this way,
no matter how hard they try!

So hang in guys, don't be afraid,
of what they throw our way-
Although it looks so dark right
now We WILL have our day!

Like I said in the beginning,
"true love is like an eternal flame"
and even when there's doubt-
No matter what the obstacles,
it never shall burn out!!!

I believe in true love, honest unselfish and pure!

3 Wishes

If you could have three wishes-
What would you wish for?
Would you wish for health and wealth
Or would you wish for more?

I would wish for the happiness
that our Max & Liz once had-
to return to them the way it was
before things got so bad!

That would be my first wish
and if it did come true-
then I’d be happy once again
How about the rest of you?

Then I’d wish for season three
(if they have one planned)-
To be more like season one
so this guy could understand-

Just what it was that got Jason K
(who created this great show)
to show us all he’s a “Dreamer” too
And set our hearts aglow!

So with these two wishes in the bag,
which I think are quite “delicious”
I’d rub my magic lamp again,
and wish for three more wishes!!!

I’d spend them all on my dear sweet Liz
Cos’ I think she deserves a break-
For all of the stuff that she’s been forced
by herself to undertake!

She’s fallen victim to a “forbidden love 
and us dreamers must all concur-
For all that she’s been put through
Just how can we not love her?

She has shown us just how far she’d go
if asked to prove her love is true-
at an age so young and burden so great
she's shown her strength to me and you!

She sets a great example 
to everyone she knows-
and every week we share her life
our feelings for her grow!

And if I were bestowed three wishes
I would let them all be hers-
For thanks to her my cup overflows
So please take them Liz, they’re yours